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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Finding old photographs

This is my passport picture from 2000.  I took this in one of those booths in Liverpool Street where you can pick the one you like best.  I wish you had that option with all photos!  Daisy did hers at the same time.  She looked just like Emma Peel.

Readers of my blog will know that I've been doing a life laundry for the past few weeks.  I've found tons of things I thought I'd lost which is brilliant.

I don't have many photographs of myself.  My ex boyfriend accidentally burnt our warehouse flat down in the mid-Nineties.  He came home from a night out and decided to sleep upstairs with a candle burning.  A rug that was hanging on the wall caught fire, followed by the asbestos roof!  By the time I turned up the only thing that was left was the walls, bed and sofa springs and a huge pool of melted plastic where the record collection once was.  All the photo albums had obviously gone and I've never made another since.

Luckily my boyfriend was fine although he did have to come down the fire exit wearing just a T shirt and no pants.  Apparently there was quite a crowd gathered!  Lots of people that were walking through Shoreditch on their way home from parties came to have a look.

I bought a camera after that and lent it to one of my friends who promptly lost it at the airport.  I didn't buy another one for a long time.  Yesterday I found a packet of random photographs of varying quality that I haven't seen for years.

All we used to do then was work, party and dress up... dressing up featured heavily as you can see.  There were loads more great parties but hardly anyone remembered to take pictures.  We were too busy doing other things.

My friend Sophie Williams and I at her husband's photography show, 1998

My friend Derry and I.  Derry used to be in the band EMF - remember them?

Giles and Nathan Wilkins the morning after a party in about 1998.  I remember an ice cream van pulled up outside so of course we had to have one

No idea when this was.  Me, David Waddington, Frans Burrows and Giles wearing random hats and pulling very odd faces

Silver mesh hat by Stephen Jones.  I think I lent it to someone and never got it back

Me and Oz (Oliver Milburn).  We all used to go round to Daisy, Jo and Nicole's cottage in Columbia Road after whatever party on a Friday night and plot up there for the entire weekend, dressing up and getting up to all sorts.  I know this was a Sunday afternoon and we were still going...

Me and Oz.  I'm wearing feather Mickey Mouse ears with a veil and a huge Seventies nylon dress we found in a cupboard earlier that day along with a kaftan type number Oz found in the same bag

The veil has black spots on, that's not my face

Nicole and Daisy

Oz, me and Nicole.  I still have the nurses uniform that Nicole's wearing

Nicole was studying costume design at the London College of Fashion at the time and she disappeared upstairs and came back down on the Sunday night wearing this!  In case you hadn't sussed it, she's a strawberry pavlova!

This definitely wins the prize of best outfit of the weekend

A mad polaroid of me in 2000 at an after party at my house

I'm definitely off my head in this one

Not a lot of sleeping went on back then, there was far too much to do and no one wanted to miss anything.  I'm definitely making up for it now!  Tonight I'm staying in typing up an interview I've done and catching up on everyone's blogs.  I'm such an old nana these days!

Have a wonderful evening xxx