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Monday, 1 March 2010

Georgy Girl

My Sky+ has broken in the TV room so I'm reduced to watching television in the bedroom until the new HD box arrives.

This evening I watched Georgy Girl, a film I'd never seen all the way through. Lynn Redgrave is fantastic in the lead role as dowdy Georgy who shares a flat with the beautiful Charlotte Rampling and her boyfriend a very young and gorgeous Alan Bates.  I'd forgotten how handsome Alan Bates was! I recognised most of the settings in Maida Vale and really enjoyed the film which is a delightful, funny and quirky portrait of swinging London.

The Actor and I recently watched Alan Bates in Unnatural Pursuits which was shown on BBC4 as part of the Harold Pinter Season and made by the BBC in 1992. Written by Simon Gray and directed by his best friend Pinter it tells the semi-autobiographical tale of Hamish Partt an alcoholic writer.

Alan Bates looking gorgeous

We both absolutely loved it. Do check it out if you get a chance although I think at the moment it is only available on VHS.  Alan Bates is marvelous, it's a terrific piece of work and is well worth tracking down, if you still have a video player.  I keep mine just in case!

This was brilliant