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Friday, 22 April 2011

Dinner with the de Havilland's

Yesterday I interviewed the fabulous Terry de Havilland and his gorgeous wife Liz.  What a wonderful couple they are.

Terry's shoes are works of art.  There's a jaw dropping collection of new and vintage de Havilland's at his studio.  I was like a kid in a sweet shop!  I could go absolutely mental in there!

It's going to take a while to put the interview together as I plan to use a lot of images and loads of archive stuff that's not been seen before.  Anyone who's interested in shoes (and rock 'n' roll!) is going to love it!

Here's a teeny sneak preview of one of my snaps - a pair of satin and Swarovski crystal shoes.  The Swarovski crystals have been hand done by Liz - amazing!  Unfortunately the camera doesn't capture how sparkly they really are.

These silk-screen printed Debbie Harry ones blew me away and check out the David Bowie platforms behind!  These are from a collaboration with photographer Mick Rock.

Vintage de Havilland's from 1974

Liz and I are going to trawl through forty years of images.  There's some totally fantastic stuff to come!  I'm so excited about this one!

I've been telling Liz and Terry about my friend Elaine's restaurant for a while now, they're both really into good food and it was their first time there.  Fee (Mrs Jones) joined us and we had a lovely evening and a lot of laughs.

We started with a round of Sipsmith gin and tonics, some of Elaine's fantastic olives and salted almonds. Then we were brought a plate of locally smoked salmon, homemade rye bread and a large caraffe of red wine.

We shared a ham hock terrine with homemade chutney and Secretts leaves which are picked that morning in Islington

Liz, Terry and Fee all went for the roasted pork belly (we'd smelt it cooking as soon as we walked in).  It came with puy lentils and chicory and orange salad.  I tasted some and it was delicious!  I could have eaten a whole plate of the crackling.

Just for the sake of having something different I chose the chargrilled chicken breast with red cabbage slaw, beetroot and pumpkin seeds which was perfect

We weren't going to have pudding but Elaine suggested we share a small selection and presented us with a giant meringue filled with tons whipped cream and topped with fresh passion fruit.  We all agreed it was the best meringue we'd ever had.  We'd already polished half of it off before I remembered to take a picture.

We also shared Elaine's legendary flourless chocolate cake with creme fraiche which melts in the mouth and baked cheesecake with prunes which was amazingly light.

When it came to ordering coffees Terry decided another drink would be more appropriate so ordered a bottle of Champagne instead!  He's not called The Rock 'n' Roll cobbler for nothing.  Even though we'd insisted on going Dutch, Terry wouldn't let the girls pay and sneaked off and paid the bill when we weren't looking.  What a gent he is!

I can't wait to finish the interview.  I'm going round to Liz and Terry's house soon for dinner.  I hear he's a mean cook!

Thank you guys for a fabulous afternoon and evening xxx

Fee and I went back to hers in West London where her son George was having a sleepover.  We made ourselves scarce and went up to the shed on the roof terrace with a bottle of vodka planning lots of mad new outfits like a couple of witches.  I woke up at midday in George's bed (he wasn't in it obviously, they were sleeping downstairs with the TV and the Playstation).  I'm back home now and I think Fee's coming over later on.  No doubt we'll be up to no good.  It is Bad Friday after all!

If I haven't been to visit you yet I will soon, I'm a little bit behind with commenting.  Hope you all had a fantastic day xxx