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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Pearl Lowe's High Summer Collection for Peacocks

Photography by Kai Feng

"I've added accessories including some vintage inspired bags and vanity cases.  The collection has been inspired by a summer packed with visits to outdoor music events.  In my life fashion and music have always gone hand in hand, and in our family life has always centred on festivals.  Every dress has been designed to look equally fabulous at Glastonbury as it would at a summer evening at Kenwood, or even sat at work dreaming of the next weekend away"
Pearl Lowe

I'm almost fully recovered from last weekend's festival.  I don't think I've ever slept so much in my life!  These rather lovely designs by Pearl Lowe for Peacocks have caught my eye and would be perfect for any festival.  I wish I'd seen them before I went.

I have two Peacocks near me, one at Old Street which I pass most days and one at Dalston.  I think I'm going to pop in and have a little look this afternoon.  I like the fact the clothes don't show too much so there should be something in there for me, without making me look like mutton dressed as mutton!

The new high summer collection modeled by Pearl's daughter Daisy are really pretty and very reasonably priced.  The collection has just hit the stores starts at £18 with the most expensive dress being £40.  I like those prices!  Available in sizes 8-16.

Photography by Jam
Model - Daisy Lowe
Styled by Pearl Lowe
Shot in the grounds of Jnane Tamsna, Marrakech

Available online at

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Latitude Diary 2010

What a weekend!!  We have completely ruined ourselves, but an amazing time was had by all.  I am a complete mess and have managed to lose my voice.  I'm going to do this post and then I will have to go for a lie down yet again!! 

Friday night
After all my moaning about going to Latitude, miraculously I was fine as soon as we arrived.  We didn't get there until 9pm on Friday night as The Actor had a voiceover in London in the afternoon.  The Actor, Daisy Beaumont and I were the last ones there... as usual!  Everyone else had been there all day and had already set up their tents and got organised in the farthest corner of the field.

A large group of us had gone to celebrate our friend John Simm's 40th Birthday.  Some of our friends were performing at the festival so we'd all been given performer's wristbands and were camping in a special area... more of which later.

We had to put up our new bell tent for the first time, I've never put up a tent in my life but it was remarkably easy and somehow we managed it in half an hour.  The guy ropes part was a bit tricky as it was pitch black and we had to use a torch.  There was one zip we couldn't do up which connected half of the tent to the groundsheet but it was too much of a faff so we thought we'd work it out in the morning.

As we were finishing putting the tent up I heard a child talking in nearby tent  I said to The Actor "Oh God! we're not near any children are we?!" he said "Don't worry, I've got earplugs with me"  I said "Er... I don't think it's us that's going to be needing the earplugs!!"  And how right I was.

While we were putting up the tent we could hear Florence and the Machine loud and clear.  The main stage was a the opposite end of the park so they were the first of a long list of bands we managed to miss.

Our tent was lovely.  We took a double thickness queen size blow-up mattress, two duvets, four pillows and The Actor bought some tapestry floor cushions and a rug.  We had a tea light chandelier and two lanterns and a couple of little hanging lights.  It looked good the first night but I forgot to take any pictures of it.  I also took far too many clothes, make-up and general stuff so I was constantly rummaging around for things in the dark.  Every morning it looked like Beirut in there...

On Friday we had a bit of a wander around the site before ending up in the performers bar where we bumped into loads of people we know and then went to a really good party in the forest where we stayed all night.

I had said to The Actor before we arrived that I didn't want our tent turning into "the party tent".  Famous last words because of course it did... although I couldn't say much as it was me who invited everyone back!

We had a tiny pair of iPod speakers so we named it the "mouses disco" because you could barely hear it a foot away!  

It was hilarious back at the camp, although quite a few people went to bed.  We all thought we were being very quiet.  At some point in the morning we were confronted with a large group of really cross people from our campsite.  They were all rather irate as apparently our talking and laughing had kept them up most of the night and morning!!  I had to go out and apologise to them all.  They said there was constant laughing and shrieking coming from our corner of the site and the noise carried across the whole place... Oops!  We'd only been there one night and we'd already caused a kerfuffle.

Just before I went to bed there was a huge downpour and water came flooding into our tent.  We hadn't done the zip up on my side so it was just MY clothes that got wet.  Luckily it was hot for the rest of the weekend so everything dried out.

Later on on Saturday morning the camp site manager came to see us about the noise complaints.  Thankfully she was really nice and saw the funny side.  Instead of moving us they gave all the other people the option to move??  People were literally picking up their tents with all their stuff in and carrying them off!!

The fantastic Mr Allen

Apparently we had the record number of complaints in the history of the festival EVER.  Nice work.  Typical really!!  Before that Keith Allen had received the most complaints at last year's festival when he decided to start playing a full size drum kit he'd set up in his camp at 4am while people shouted out for him to shut up and he shouted back "Fuck off!  It's a FESTIVAL!!!"  We told Keith the next afternoon when we saw him and his lovely girlfriend Tamsin.  He thought it was very funny that we'd got in more trouble than he did.

On Saturday night we saw a bit of The XX who were brilliant and a Dub ska band called Gentleman's Dub Club who were also good (but not loud enough!).  The rest of the time we wandered about in search of dance music, stopping all over the place at different bars and tents.  There was a masked ball in the forest and we met some lovely girls in a portacabin by the literary tent - Lizzy, Lauren and Jaz who were doing face painting for the ball, we know some of the same people in London.  We made friends with them and lots of us had our faces painted and we went back in there a couple of times to see them.

My pictures aren't great.  When I actually remembered I had a camera I took a few snaps here and there but generally I forgot I had a camera which was helpful!

Millsy's bar in the woods was a life saver for a morning jug of Pimms.  After a large black coffee of course.

We did a lot of wandering about

At night we went to parties in the Faraway Forest

Latitude's spray painted sheep

Out come the laughing gas balloons

aka hippy crack

The lovely Jaz and Lizzy who painted our faces on Saturday night

Dancing around light up balls

The gorgeous Bea and Daisy

I'm looking rather worse for wear by this point

My bindi has fallen off

But Charlie got the short straw on the face painting and had to walk around looking like a tiger!  He did say to Lizzy who was painting his face "do whatever you like" while we laughed hysterically as they sponged bright orange paint onto his entire face...

The whole place was supposed to shut at 3am but the performers bar was so full they kept it open until 7am.  Of course we were in there all night.  Here's a picture of us doing the walk of shame on Sunday morning.  Anyone got an ambulance?

On Sunday we awoke to the sound of Tom Jones voice booming out.  He was singing stuff from his new album of er.... hymns (I could have lived without hearing that, frankly).  The Actor gave me five minutes to get ready.  I was covered in glitter and my hair looked like I'd been electrocuted.  I managed to scrape off most of the glitter and put on some sunglasses and a straw trilby before I was carted off to try and catch the end of Tom's set.

We managed to miss Tom so we went in search of a cooked breakfast.  We were too late and they'd stopped serving.  The Actor bought me an Irish coffee with a large Jameson's in instead!  Err, not quite what I had in mind!  A jug of Pimms at Millsy's bar then back to camp for a quick change.

Then off to see a play on Sunday afternoon which our friends Matt Flynn and Claire-Louise Cordwell were performing in.  Then catching up with everyone to see Midlake, The Coral and Charlotte Gainsbourg.  Still no bloody dance music!

Kate and John slept through us lot making a racket

Daisy and Kate, still looking fabulous on Sunday

The lovely Belinda Stewart-Wilson

Benny Wong giving us a few of his fantastic moves in the bedouin tent

Gorgeous Nav and Charlie who sensibly went to bed the previous night.  Their tent was SO small we referred to it only as "Tina's make-up bag" from then on as it was about the same size

We went to another party in the woods then the performers tent where we bumped into Jaz and Lizzy and took them all back to our camp.  Everyone brought any leftover alcohol they had knocking around. It was an absolutely hilarious night and day and they were all on top form.  I didn't stop laughing till we left.

At about 8am three security came to see us followed by a very pissed off American woman.  Most of us were inside the tent but a few were sitting outside on chairs and rugs.  Yet again we'd had more complaints about raucous laughter!  The main security lady was really cool and just told us to keep it down.

We were the last to leave the campsite at 6pm.  It was absolutely boiling on Sunday and we were on a serious go slow by then.  

We headed to the Little Chef for one of their Olympic Breakfasts.  We tried to go off menu but that caused too far too much confusion.  The breakfast almost finished us off, so the six of us left decided to book into a hotel nearby to save driving back to London.

Plus points about Latitude
It's really well organised
It's very clean and really green
The setting is beautiful
There are loads of showers with no queues and the loos are looked after really well
It's very cultural and great for children.  A lot of children had their parent's mobile number written in permanent marker pen on their arms in case they got lost, which I thought was a great idea
The performers bar - great staff and atmosphere and the only thing that stayed open after 3am

Minus points about Latitude
They should never have put us in a camp with people who want to sleep... I think it's camping in the the car park for us next time!
Not nearly enough dance music, we traipsed around for hours looking for the right music and only found it occasionally

The Swan at Southwold was fantastic.  Southwold is a beautiful place.  Off the the Red Lion pub for a couple of pints of their local Adnams for the boys, Bloody Mary's for me and a lot of crisps.

I tried to watch Big Brother with one eye open. We passed out at midnight.  The bed was a God send.  We woke up just in time for the hotel's fabulous breakfast.

Ali Laing in front of the lighthouse.  Ali is one of the most brilliant and hilariously funny people I know as is responsible for making me cry with laughter all weekend!

A walk along by the sea

I loved this house which overlooked the beach

Finally back in London.  My face hurts from laughing for nearly four days and I look a bit like this!!  Beautiful...

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Back at last

I'm back from Latitude at long last!  I am SO ridiculously tired I have to go and lie down.  Everytime I stand up I go a bit spinny.  I will blog about the festival tomorrow.

Can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs


Saturday, 17 July 2010

This is the way to get around a festival!

Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips getting across the crowd at Glasto.  My friend had one of these he used to put his hamster in.  It used to roll around the sitting room in it.

This is a scheduled post so who knows what I'm up to!!


Friday, 16 July 2010

I'm off to a festival... wish me luck!

Last year The Actor and thirty boys went to Latitude Festival in Southwold, Suffolk for our great friend Stuart Laing's stag weekend.  All the girls expressed an interest in going then, because of course we were excluded.

This year The Actor bought me a ticket.  I know I should have been grateful but I've not wanted to go from the second he told me.  I even said why doesn't he sell the ticket to one of his friends.  I feel bad but I'm just not into festivals at all anymore.  I've done my fair share... and then some.  I have had a face like a wet weekend every time it's mentioned.  And it looks like will be one!  This morning it was sunny, then it rained, then there were strong winds, then it was sunny etc etc.  

He has done everything he can think of to jolly me up about going.  The main issue I've moaned about is camping and the whole tent situation.  The last festival we went to together we hired a huge tipi, luckily we knew the guy so got it cheap, as per.  When I booked the tipi they asked if we'd like it furnished - the luxury tipis had rush matting, persian rugs, futons, cushions, tables, fairy lights and vases.  I laughed when I heard this.  Vases?  why would I want a vase at a festival?  Am I expecting a flower delivery or something?  I've only got a couple of vases in my house, let alone having or even needing them in a tipi.  Apparently the vases were purely decorative!  Hmmm.

The tipi was great, really big and very airy, apart from the fact we didn't actually see it until the last night of the festival when we ended up having a party in it.  When we finally went to sleep they were taking the tipi's down.  We managed to negotiate them leaving ours up and when we woke up again we were the only tipi left in the field.  Sleeping under canvas is massively preferable to sleeping under a nylon tent.  The Actor bought himself a pop-up nylon tent for Latitude last year at the last minute and there was only one colour left which he attractively describes as "bogey green."  He said he hated his tent so much he considered leaving it there.  He really was not selling the camping thing to me with that tent!

To cajole me into a better mood about the whole thing and to stop giving him ear ache about how much I hate camping, he has absolutely pulled all the stops out to please me and bought a four metre bell tent. Even I had to admit this didn't look quite so bad...

It's like a mini tipi

He bought a "luxury" queen size airbed for us too.  The tent is bigger than I thought it would be, although once all my clobber's in it...

And a tea light "chandelier"

This one is very Cath Kidston

He's bought a big rug too

I have to admit it looks rather good all lit up

The preparation has been like a military operation for him, if not for me.  I've had umpteen calls to discuss which duvets we should take, which pillows, whether I'm allowed to take a cashmere blanket (only one that folds to the size of a jumper apparently).  How many outfits I can take... Three outfit changes apparently.  Is that a day?  I doubt it somehow.  Does that include loungewear, waterproofs and all that?  Probably not.  Of course I'll slip a load of extra stuff in.

I've been my usual disorganised self.  I was still doing my washing at 3am this morning.  I probably won't take any of it but I like to have the choice.  The tumble has been going non-stop and I've had to put the heating on to dry the rest!

My hairdresser, the lovely session stylist Matthew Wade came round at 8.30am!! to give me one of his legendary blow dries.  My vague attempt at festival glamour.  They usually stay in for three days... when I'm in a house, not a field!

We were supposed to be leaving at 10am.  Then The Actor had a call from his agent, they wanted him to do a voiceover today.  All that rushing about and we now don't have to leave until 3pm!  It's very hard to pack for "changeable" weather.  I'm currently looking at a mound of clothes trying to work out how on earth I'm going to squeeze them into small-ish holdall... story of my life.

I'm going to have to liven up my attitude and have a good time.  Loads of good friends will be there so I'm sure it will be fun.  Three days just sounds SO long, especially in this weather.  Oh and I forgotten to mention I have VIP passes to Lovebox in Victoria Park which is on at exactly the same time as the festival we're going to... Grace Jones, Roxy Music and Dizzee Rascal, ten minutes from my house... Sigh.

Think of me in the pissing rain in a kagoule, waterproof trousers and wellies.  I shall look an absolute picture.  Not!!

Oh God!! Wish me luck!  I'm going to need it.

Have a wonderful weekend xxx

Monday, 5 July 2010

Festival weekend - Part one

The bar

I was late as usual.  Two hours late.  The words 'dog' and 'house' sprung to mind as The Actor was particularly disgruntled at having to listen to the Spain/Paraguay game on the car radio on the drive there.  He had envisaged all our friends at the party sitting on a river bank in the sun watching the game on a big screen.  The commentator unhelpfully kept banging on about what a legendary game it was and what amazing football was being played, whilst I tried to stare nonchalantly out of the window.  Luckily for me it turned out everyone at the party had got so mullered on the Friday night/Saturday daytime that no one had even remembered about the football!... Phew!

We arrived at the estate at in Warwickshire at about 9pm.  Just as we were about to pull into the drive we had a call from our friends to say can we bring four bags of ice for drinks later and more drinking water.  We turned around and went to two villages before we found anywhere you can buy drink.  We stopped and asked a few people, there was a lot of "Ooh not round here at this time of night"?? and as for ready made ice??  I went into an off license where the chap just looked at me blankly when I asked for Absolut or Stolichnaya vodka. They'd run out of Smirnoff which was on special offer at £7.99!  All they had was green apple Smirnoff... yuk, I had to buy some peculiar unheard of brand.  They didn't sell ice but I eventually found some at a petrol station, the man there had no clue what I was talking about when I asked for ice... It was like being in League of Gentleman or something! 

We arrived at the party and had to change by the car with a tiny hand held torch.  I had forgotten it was going to be cold.  Most people sensibly had jackets and fur coats on.  Not me, all I had with me was a silly blue marabou shrug.  It didn't exactly go with my Grecian dress, I could have brought something warm or white even!  I'm so unpractical!

The huge trees had been illuminated with coloured lights and the lake was lit with lanterns.  We quickly found our friends.  Many of them had been there since the night before.  Quite a few people had already gone for a 'lie down'.

The bar very soon turned into a dance floor.  Note the sleeping bag and fur coat.  It was freezing!

My wonderful friend Brooke Lyndon Stanford - who organised the festival for his Birthday

I love his head dress!  He clocked me straight on the cheekbone when he kissed me with that bolt on the side!  I forgot to actually ask him what he'd come as.

While I was together enough to remember I had a camera with me, I took a few snaps...

I loved Daren's space suit and monkey mask

My lovely friend Sam who made her outfit 'Summer' from a hanging basket, a steering wheel cover and lots flowers from the pound shop.  Most inventive!

Love the Barbie doll legs

There was a sofa, tables and chairs by the lake.  The Actor and I found a random bar along the waterside selling only real ale and mead.  I was given a mead??  Not a drink I've ever considered trying...

Then I went into a mad little house overlooking the lake.  It was like something out of Hansel and Gretel.  There were people crammed in dancing to disco tunes.  I bumped into my best friend Daisy dressed in boiler suit with glow sticks all over her and my friend Oz dressed as a baby was serving behind the bar.  I'd decided the mead was too strong for me so Oz put some ginger ale into it and it bizarrely turned into Pernod or something similar, not a good look.  The rest is a bit of a blur... We decided to go to the main stage to get warm

Past a giant inflatable pig

Here's the only shot of me on the camera; well a bit of me sitting on the ground by a straw bale with Daren.  I look like I could do with putting a brush through my bedraggled hair!  I've obviously given the camera away as I'm in the picture.  I'd been in and out of peoples camps having all sorts of different drinks and God knows what by this point...

Then I went into the marquee with the stage where The Egg had played live earlier on.  It's all a bit of a blur after that!

The rest of the day is a tad sketchy... The next thing I remember it was daylight and I was sitting in my friend Danny's camper van with a load of pals talking rubbish.  Sometime after a big group of us were lying by the lake in the sun.  Next my friend Caz and I decided to take a pedalo on the lake.  There were quite a few pedalos and boats we could use and various friends were bombing around, still wearing obscure bits of fancy dress. 

Later I remember getting a sausage bap and a cup of tea (I think someone's very grateful Cocker Spaniel ended up eating most of the sausage bap).  Next thing The Actor and I were lying under a tree trying to have a little sleep.  

There was talk of us actually putting our pop-up tent up, which I believe all you have to do is unzip it then peg it down.  It sounded pretty straightforward, even to me but we still didn't get round to it.  The thought of actually pitching the tent and sleeping in it was too much and The Actor hadn't had a drink all day so we got in the car to drive to the nearest hotel.  

I know I don't know why I even bother mentioning camping... What a cop out!!

We didn't like the look of any of the hotels nearby so we headed off down the M1...

Continued in Part two on the next post.