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Friday, 8 April 2011

Private view - American Envy by Russell Young

I love this one...

Last night I went to the private view of Russell Young's newest exhibition American Envy at Mayfair's Scream gallery.

I'm a huge fan of Russell's work and it was great to meet him properly.  I've tried to take some photographs but it's impossible to capture how fabulous the diamond dust is in real life.  They're very sparkly and glittery but the camera can't pick up how stunning they really are.

American Envy features screen prints by the British artist, now based in America.  Using his secret diamond dust technique he adds a glittering sheen to iconic images from music, film and the media.  His latest exhibition includes prints of Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver juxtaposed by images representing the darker side of the American dream; the shattered windscreen of JFK's car, North American Indians and the TV shot by Elvis.

Russell Young

The lovely Jo Wood whose sons Jamie and Tyrone are directors of Scream gallery.

I only managed to get a couple of pictures as I was too busy chatting and sampling the delicious U'LUVKA vodka cocktails.  I saw lots of people including British Fashion Council chairman Harold Tillman, Sasha and Paloma Bailey, Gyunel Boateng, Annabel Neilsen, Donna Air, Basia Briggs, Francesca Hammerstein and Tyrone Wood.

Photography by Darren Gerrish
Francesca Hammerstein of The Box and Tyrone Wood

Photography by Darren Gerrish
Tyrone Wood, Russell Young and Jamie Wood

Photography by Darren Gerrish
Paloma and Sacha Bailey

It was a warm night and the crowd spilled onto the street

It's hard to choose a favourite but I really love the images of Clint Eastwood, Marilyn and Mick Jagger.  If you get a chance do go and see the exhibition. They're much more beautiful and dazzling in the flesh.

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I'm a bit behind on blogging this week so apologies if I haven't visited you yet, I will do.  My friends have come out of hibernation now the sun's out and I've been out every night so I'm a bit disco damaged now.  Have a great evening and let's hope it's still sunny tomorrow xxx