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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Credit Crunch Skincare

Having been described as "being able to spend money in an empty room", I know hanging onto it has never been my forte.

In the last few months I've had less money than usual. With the ongoing credit munch I've really tried to economise where I can.

Gone are the days when I took a taxi to M&S at the Angel, left it waiting outside (I know, it sounds shocking to me now too!) and flew round the store "Supermarket Sweep" styley, putting whatever I liked in my trolley, never knowing how much the bill would be.

I was always in such a rush, I didn't even notice 2 for 1 offers. My girlfriend took me to Tesco recently. I
never go to Tesco. Until now. I still won't buy their fruit and veg, they always taste of nothing. They are however, excellent for all cleaning products, washing liquid and conditioner, dishwasher stuff, loo roll, boxes of tissues and the like. I was surprised when I got to the till and my £100 bill was reduced to £75 with all the savings I'd made. A total anathema for me. I was very impressed.

I believe looking after your skin is very important, especially as you get older. There have been countless times I've fallen into bed with a full face of make-up after a 'very late night', but I rarely do now. I always try to take it off and put some sort of unguent on my face and eyes.

I've been testing 'less expensive' skincare - I'm delighted to say with excellent results. I'd like to share my discoveries with you.

Firstly, make up remover wipes. Much quicker and easier to deal with than other regimes I've followed, especially when you've had a 'very late night'.

My favourites are Simple Age Resisting wipes "KEY Ingredient - Green Tea" Sorry! I'm taking the piss now. I wish it was as simple as a bit of Green Tea...

You can check on to see if there are any deals to be had before you shop. I did and bought ten packs for the price of five. They are normally around £3.00 for a pack of 25. Tesco and Boots seem to always have offers on these and other Simple facial wipes (all very good) £4 for 2 packs.

I found out of all the wipes I tried these were wetter, cleansed really well and left your skin feeling very soft.

I've been told that using a serum is
absolutely essential, far more important and effective than just moisturiser. Apply your serum(s) and then a moisturiser on top to seal it in.

I have three favourites, mostly I just slather on a bit of each. Always remember to put it on your neck and decolletage too. (I must remember to find the accent key on my Mac)

A great deal has been written about No.7's Protect and Perfect, namely that the active ingredient retinol has been proven to work. It caused an enormous hoo har with people queuing at Boots to get their hands on it. They recently brought out Protect and Perfect Intense. I asked the lady at the counter what the difference was and she told me Intense was stronger and for people who already had lines. I'm extremely lucky not to have too many lines
yet. I decided I'd rather work on prevention than cure and by buying the stronger one I was getting more bang for my bucks.

I noticed a marked difference in my skin after less than a week. At the moment there is a marvellous 3 for 2 deal on at Boots. Every time you buy anything they also give you a £5 off voucher so you just go back and do the same again. I did it twice, so for just under £70 I had six bottles of it! Less than I've spent on one product. I now have three more vouchers which I shall use to buy more to give as Christmas presents. No. 7 Protect and Perfect Intense £19.75

Their Protect and Perfect Eye cream is excellent too. My only gripe is I wish they'd put it in an easier to use tube rather than a pot. Protect and Perfect Eye Cream £16.50

My other essential buys are from The Body Shop (a place I haven't frequented since I had a penchant for their White Musk range in my teens). These serums were very highly recommended by a girlfriend who knows her onions.

Quite frankly I was amazed with the results. After three days friends saying "you look
really well, what have you been doing?". I swear it was the amount of Vitamin C I'd been slapping on every night. And a little in the morning. It really brightened up my (rather sallow) complexion. Pop out and get yourselves some Vitamin C Skin Boost Serum, a bargain at £12.50

Vitamin C and Vitamin E work brilliantly together so I these both together. I really like this serum. Vitamin E Moisture Serum, £12.50.

This works. It contains Retinol A complex and hyaluronic acid, renowned ingredients used by dermatologists. It feels like a more expensive cream. Use over the serum(s). It's SPF 18 so I'd advise a good tinted moisturiser or foundation with a higher factor on top. Available at Boots or Vichy approved pharmacies. Vichy Lift Activ Retinol HA £25.50

For an even more budget buy - more Body Shop. This cream has a great consistency. I find the night cream a little heavy so stick to this one. Great for smothering on before getting your beauty sleep. Vitamin E Moisture Cream £8.80

The Actor has had a try of all of these creams and likes them. I'm always trying to put something on his face, which he doesn't like but is good natured about it most of the time. Perfect for boys and girls.

I hope this was helpful xx

All available online at

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