Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Polly Borland, pictures I love and some more hoods

Photography © Polly Borland and used with her kind permission
Alison Goldfrapp

This is one of my favourite pictures.  I think it's beautiful and I love Polly's glittery backgrounds.  Alison is wearing a red hooded cloak by Mrs Jones which sort of follows on from yesterday's post.

Polly Borland is a fantastic photographer and always breaks new ground.  I did a piece about Polly HERE.  Polly's work is as I've said before "simplistic, truthful, sometimes disturbing, often sexual but always humorous".  Polly's latest exhibition Smudge is at the Other Criteria gallery in London W1 until 7th April 2011, do check it out if you get the chance.  There's also a book to accompany it with a foreward by Nick Cave.  Details HERE.

Photographer unknown
Monica Bellucci

Photography by Irving Penn
The fabulous Wilhelmina Cooper, 1964

My budget version £8 from ASOS from a few weeks ago

Cher in sequins

And I love everything in this picture of Twiggy

And now for something random.  I've had this picture knocking around on my desktop for ages

Dolores Del Rio

Isn't this a brilliant picture?  And her leopard hat is fabulous.  I'd love to go to a fancy dress in this!  Maybe with something more catsuit-like at the bottom.  

I love leopard print but I've never thought it suited me, I've always thought I looked a bit too Bet Lynch in it.  After seeing a furry leopard hat on Penny Dreadful Vintage I looked on Ebay and bought this faux fur trapper hat for £6 at Christmas.  I wish it had ears on it like Margaret's.  

This is hardly my most successful look but I think it's quite funny on and it will keep my ears warm when it's freezing.  I haven't actually been out of the house in it yet.

I've thrown a sheepskin stole over my pyjamas and cardigan to take a snap of it.  It wasn't quite working with the PJ's.  It's actually a PJ jumpsuit from M&S Autograph weekend - Ebay £8.99

I have lots more hats and odd bits and bobs that are inspired by old pictures - I shall blog those another day. 

I'm catching up on blog reading and TV tonight.  I have an almost full Sky+ and a list I probably won't get through - Masterchef, The Model Agency and Jamie's Dream School.  And although I know a lot of it's set up I still can't resist The Only Way is Essex.  It's compulsive viewing.  I really like Lydia, James (even though he's hopeless) and Mr Darcy.  And Kirk's quite hot, what do you think?

Hope you have a great evening xxx

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Come and get dressed up by Mrs Jones on Friday!

This Friday Mrs Jones is having a party and a sale at her fabulous studio in Clerkenwell.  If you fancy coming along please drop me a line.

I may be biased as Fee is my best friend but she is the most wonderful, talented and hilarious person you'll ever meet.  I love her to bits.

Do you fancy being dressed up in one of Fee's creations?

Lizzie, Vicky from The Drama Parlour and I will be there to help

And Betty the wire haired poodle will be there too of course.  She doesn't look like this at the moment as someone got a bit scissor happy down at the dog parlour

The studio is like something out of Mr Benn.  Anyone remember Mr Benn?

There are plenty of amazing outfits and accessories to try and on and also to buy.  There's everything from showpieces and costumes (there's a whole rail we call "Pop star's droppings") and lots of very wearable stuff.

Don't worry - there's something for every budget I promise

I don't think we'll be drinking much tea ; )

If you're not familiar with Fee's work she designed...

Kylie's amazing hooded catsuit

Fee and I used to go out wearing these...

And this gorgeous leather tracksuit (also in the Can't Get You Out Of My Head video)

Photography by Polly Borland
Lots of things for Alison Goldfrapp.  Being mad on hoods I love this red riding hood number

There are too many artists to list but here's a few more

She made this amazing cape and turban for Clare Maguire

And this brilliant headdress for Kirsty Almeida - her album is brilliant

Here's the lovely Florence in Mrs J

Tons of outfits for the Scissor Sisters.  I love Ana Matronic in this stunning kimono

This is something random she did for Rizla

She does boys too - Like The Killers and Brandon's famous feather shoulder jacket

Men are very welcome too.  Get yourself down boys!

And there's a roof terrace

I've blogged these before but here we are back in 2001 - the terrible twosome!  We need to get a new picture together.  Fee's son George tried on New Year's Eve but we looked like a couple of drunk Siamese twins so they were swiftly deleted!

And some very old polaroids of me looking miserable as sin.  I didn't like having my photo taken back then either.

Me wearing Mrs Jones silk Harley Davidson dress with leather collar, 2001

I wish she still made these

Mrs Jones silk Jim Morrison dress with leather collar, 2001

Taken in Fee's back garden in the dark...

Me in Mrs Jones Liberty peacock print silk kaftan jumpsuit, December 2010

2011 - a normal day at the office

I couldn't see a bloody thing through those glasses!  It was like tripping

This is one of my favourite pictures of Fee

We went to this exhibition about Shoreditch and the first thing we saw was this  picture blown up on the wall, it was massive.  It' Fee DJ'ing the mid Nineties.  Those were the days!

The guy said Fee could keep it after the exhibition finished.  We need to get onto that as it would be a lovely thing to keep and it doesn't photograph too well through glass.

One more thing... 

Please take a couple of minutes to watch Mrs Jones Showreel

There's loads more amazing videos that need to be added

Read my interview with my fabulous friend Mrs Jones here

Anyway, if you fancy popping in on Friday leave a comment or email me.
It'll be loads of fun xxx

Monday, 28 March 2011

Yet another sequin dress

Photography by Camilla Akrans
Eniko Mihalik

How fabulous is this red one?
I haven't found one like this on Ebay yet, but I live in hope

Photography by Terry Richardson
Daria Werbowy

Photography by Terry Richardson
Daria Werbowy

And I love this in gold, although I have a couple in gold already.  I don't know what it is but I keep buying really similar things.  I can't even blame it on my memory this time!  I suppose it's a case of knowing what shapes suit you. You have to admit these are very alike, the only saving grace is at least they're in different colours

Antik Batik bronze sequin dress

£70 on Ebay in 2008

Karen Millen gold and silver sequin dress

£120 on Ebay in 2009

Biba black and gold sequin dress

£40 on Ebay, January 2011

I quite like it backwards too

The first piece of new Biba I own

I thought it might go quite well with the sequin boots The Actor bought me in the Office sale for £20.  And so much easier to trot around in than a stiletto.
 Total cost of outfit = £60

My favourite is still this gold mini kaftan dress that my friend Jo Butler found in a charity shop for £5

Do you find yourself repeatedly buying similar things, or is it just me? xxx