Thursday, 7 July 2011

Glamour of the Gods exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery

Photography by Karl Struss
Gloria Swanson, 1919

Photography by Baron Adolph de Meyer
Mary Pickford, 1920

Photography by Nikolas Murray
Clara Bow, 1925

Photography by George Hurrell
Clark Gable and Joan Crawford, 1933

Photography by George Hurrell
Jean Harlow, 1933

Photography by George Hurrell
Marlene Dietrich, 1937

Photography by Gene Kornman
Rita Hayworth, 1939

Photography by Robert Coburn
Rita Hayworth, 1946

Photography by Lazlo Willinger
Marlene Dietrich, 1941

Photography by George Hurrell
Ann Sheridan, 1940

Photography by Ernest A Bachrach
Orson Welles, 1940

Photography by John Engstead
Marlon Brando, 1950

Photography by Ernest A Bachrach
Marilyn Monroe, 1952

Photography by Floyd McCarthy
James Dean, 1955

Photography by Clarence Sinclair Bull
Grace Kelly, 1956

Photography by Lazlo Willinger
Joan Collins, 1959

Photography by Ken Danvers
Elizabeth Taylor, 1959

Photography by George Hurrell
Veronica Lake, 1942

"More stars than in heaven"
Metro Goldwyn Mayer

During the Sixties one time English actor John Kobal began acquiring studio portraits from the golden age of Hollywood.  The pictures were considered worthless Hollywood ephemera at the time.  He formed the Kobal Collection an extraordinary archive of over 22,000 stills which captured the hugely important role of the photographer in creating and marketing the mystique of it's stars.

Glamour of the Gods runs from today until 23rd October at the National Portrait Gallery, London WC2.

I'm feeling rather wordless today, I can barely get anything together so I thought I'd indulge my love of vintage photography instead.  There's so much on at the moment that I'd love to see, I must make more effort.

Thank you so much for all your lovely messages.  I'll visit very soon, love, Christina xxx


Christine of Fash n Chips said...

Oh this looks amazing! I must visit :D x

Perdita said...

Oh yes, I'm definitely going to check this one out!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Christina:
What absolutely wonderful images. Black and white photography is just the best we always think. And, how well these glittering stars have been captured. Perfect!

Helena Halme said...

Daughter wants to see this as do I, so we'll try to find time between her travels to do it!

Helena xx

PS. Are you OK?

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I've just skimmed this post, as I can already tell I want to go it properly. Thanks for the heads up x

mon sac by me said...

Gorgeous !! Great selection !!! bravo !!

Penny Dreadful said...

Joan Collins is just neverendingly fabulous isn't she. I must get along to see this, hope you are well xx

Ms. Moon said...

The gods indeed.
And may I say that I wish you had the outfit which Gloria Swanson is wearing in that first post? I think you would look fabulous in it. My god, what clothing! Fit for the gods, indeed.

L'age moyen said...

I wish I could. This reminds me of an exhibit of Steichen photos with his favourite model ... can't remember her name but the same delicious glow to the photographs. This style hasn't come back in any way, shape or form. Too bad.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

That photo of Elizabeth Taylor has always taken my breath away. Amazing.

Fay said...

Elazabeth was exquiste wasnt she and I see Joan is still looking pretty good ! Love Fay xx

trashsparkle said...

ooh - thanks for doing this post, with all these gorgeous photos. I read about the exhibition yesterday, but wasn't on full-throttle to do anymore than half-heartedly think about posting with a link to it (would have just been the pics on the bbcnews site)

I read something about how the studios used to send out these kind of photos marked "copyright-free" - the photographers wouldn't have earned a bean for all this beautiful work.

I'd better wear something suitably glam for going to see these! x

Kitty said...

Such beautiful pics. Thinking of you.xx.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Gawd, I would give my left tit to see this exhibition!! But seeing it through your eyes is almost as good and I get to keep my pair of globes;)). I recently found out that Gable and Crawford had an ongoing "thing" for three decades - can you feel the electricity between them there?!!!!! I think Joan Collins is under-rated - she's was a deliciously gorgeous creature - I mean really look at that banging bod!! xoxo

Miss Peelpants said...

I can't wait to go and see this!!


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Hi, love. Glad you are back to posting. I missed you!

Oh, to look like Dietrich or Veronica Lake. What I wouldn't give.

Love you lots. Hope the Dads is holding up well. I have been thinking of you and he.


Looking Fab in your forties said...

They were all so beautiful. Shame we have to get old.

Young at Heart said...

am really looking forward to seeing this desperate need of a bit of glamour.....chin up....or not, maybe dive under the duvet with with a bar of salty Lindt chocolate (am officially addicted) and the TV remote!! xx

Smashingbird said...

Looks amazing, totally swooning over that James Dean pic. Hope you are well my lovely. xxx

Make Do Style said...

It is a MUST xx

Sage said...

oooh if I lived in London you'd never get me out of there.

The world today needs more of the old style glamour :)

Beautiful photos Christina

s xx

Theo Theroux said...

Wow. I thought Gloria Swanson was Isabella Blow.

Alex said...

Oh buggeration! I was meant to be going to the NPG when I was in London last week but we borrowed someone's pass and went to the Tower of London instead. Not that I didn't enjoy it, but I would have LOVED to have seen this exhibition and I'm not sure I'll be back whilst it's still on. Grrr.

La Dama said...

How very stunning fotos, I adore the Clark Gable and Joan Crawford image, such tenderness.

Hope you are keeping well.

Sidorela said...

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Edwin said...

That's a pleasure to look through all these pictures of famous people who came from the world of glamor. It is a rarity to have it in my collection now.

Yoanna said...

I was shocked to see these images! All of them are nice. I will definetly keep them up in my glamour collection! Many thanks!

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Hello Christina:
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And may I say that I wish you had the outfits which Gloria Swanson is dressed in in that first post? I think you would look incredible in it. My god, what clothing! Fit for the gods,

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Cafe24 Fashion Blog said...

Old pictures are great! :)