Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Giles collaborates with Nine West. And meet Eek

Photography by Sølve Sundsbø
Giles in the latest issue of LOVE magazine sporting an Eek manicure

Last night I went to the press launch for a collaboration with Giles and Nine West.  Named "Shoelaborations" the latest tech-based capsule collection by Giles will be in stores in the Autumn.

Fred Allard, Nine West Creative Director, said, "Giles Deacon is a design visionary who has a unique aesthetic and whimsical irreverence that has shaped fashion today.  Together, we are creating a collection that explores technology-infused fashion with Giles' famous character, Eek, incorporated into the designs in unexpected ways."

This is Eek, a michievious mouse like character that Giles came up with a while back

Eek appeared on this shift dress from Giles AW06 collection

Eek appeared again in sequins for AW08

Nail queen Sophy Robson came up with the Eek manicure for the AW11 collection. Here's the lovely Ana Beatriz Barros modelling for Giles

Sophy Eek manicure.  Lots of people are asking for it

Eek features in Giles' jewellery collection along with Gizmo

Giles likes a cartoon eye

The launch was at the St Martin's Lane Hotel in Covent Garden

I love Philippe Stark's hotels and I've had a few mad nights in here and loads in The Sanderson.  When St Martin's Lane first opened, a group of us carried on after a party as my friend had a suite.  The next day my friend Hazel ordered one portion of scrambled eggs on toast "off menu" and it was £45!  I'll always remember that.  Note to self, never order room service "off menu".

They were showing the shoes in Bungalow 8, the members nightclub downstairs.  It was rather a good setting for the shoes, if not for my photography.  My friend recently went to Snoop Dogg's album launch at a strip club, Snoop gave a press conference sitting on a gold throne surrounded by pole dancers.

The girls from Nine West were lovely, they'd been there since 9am.  I arrived at 6.45pm.  It finished a 7pm and I just missed Giles who'd zipped off on his bike ten minutes previously.  He texted me but I missed it.  I still haven't got my iPhone fixed, I'm currently using a Nokia which I dropped so it's sellotaped together like an old grandad's pair of glasses.  Classy!

I had a glass of Champagne

Some grilled halloumi and chicken satay

Giles has designed a small capsule collection of shoes to take you "from breakfast time to bedtime" all at high street prices.  I keep banging on about the fact that none of my shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day and this could be the solution.  I've never known Giles design a sensible shoe before.

Bernadette pumps

Bernadette pumps in black cowskin

Layla in black suede with leather straps

Polly in black suede with leather straps

There's also a laptop case and an Eek USB on a chain

Here's a selection of Nine West's new collection for AW11, there's lots in the brochure that I really like

As always I'm drawn to something shiny

I love these

These changed colour when you stroked them

The clutches are good and the fur is faux

We were given goodie bags containing an Eek canvas and leather tote bag.

I went for a cup of tea with my friend Frances on the way home.  She took a couple of snaps of me.  I rarely post outfit pics because I can't seem to take them of myself.  I need to sort that out.  I was late and hadn't washed my hair.  I tried to smother it in dry shampoo but I just looked grey as it was too far gone, hence the turban.

So these are for two of my dearest blogging friends who are always asking me to post pictures instead of dressing Tallulah up - Sacramento and Sarah, these are for you.

I'm wearing
Sequin turban headband by Ophelie from the V&A £55
Marabou shoulder piece by Jasper Conran from Ebay £20
Black and silver star jacket by Ghost from Ebay £22
Silk vest by Joseph from Ebay £8
Faux sapphire and diamond panther bracelet from Ebay £15
Blouson trousers with buttoned ankles - very old Margiela
Sequin wedge ankle boots from Office Sale £25

I was supposed to be going to the launch of Lily Allen and Sarah Owen's new collection for Lucy in Disguise at Harvey Nichols tonight but I'm too late to go now which is a shame.

I'll have to go and see it very soon.  Hope you have a great night girls xxx

I have to finish some work then I'll stay in and be a couch potato instead.  And watch The Apprentice on Sky+.  I hope you have a lovely evening whatever you do xxx


Clairejustine said...

Great photo's love the shoes that change colour :)

MyStyle said...

Hi there-love the Layla boots and also the EEK sequin dress, what a cute character, it looks fabulous on all the different pieces!! Lovely to see you in an outfit post, looking lovely as ever and your headpiece is gorgeous!! xx


You look fabulous! I am in love with the 'layla' black suede boots!x

Belle de Ville said...

Giles is the best thing that ever happened to Nine West! I predict that his collection is going to do very well.
Shhh...don't tell anyone but I love the EEK jewelry.

Caroline, No. said...

God woman, you're gorgeous. LOVE the turban, still craving one of those since you posted it yonks ago!

Love the eek nails, I've seen a couple of ladies with those, wondered what they were! Need.


Vintage Vixen said...

Dear Christina! You look absolutely bloody amazing but you're right that head-on shot isn't like you at all. Gorgeous turban, boots and that Eek bag is fab.The manicure is fantastic.
Comfy shoes? The Polly ones are my favourite and all the Nine West stuff looks really good too especially that faux fur trimmed clutch.
I don't blame you for giving tonight a miss, The Apprentice was gripping.
Love you. xxx

Ms. Moon said...

And how would we know that the shoes change color when you stroke them? I'd stroke them too.
You look gorgeous. How well you pull it all together.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Phwoar!!!!! You are one hot chickie even with grubby locks!! I loved reading all your outfit details - so much fabulous stuff on eBay and you look gorgeous. Your new tote suits you - it's cheeky:)). I need the snakeskin and purple suede shoes - both in the same style and the colourful clutches are incredible!!!!!! I'm in love with Eek - the manicure looks great on Giles doesn't it? xoxoxoxo

Alex said...

Oh buggeration, I went out for dinner and forgot about the Apprentice! I have no hope of avoiding spoilers now so will have to watch it on catchup tomorrow knowing who got fired. Grrr.

So much stuff to talk about in this post. First up, hurrah for some outfit photos! You should get Frances round every day to play photographer.

I think I'm smitten with Eek. That sequinned dress is sensational and all the bags are so, so cute. I may have lost my heart slightly more to the huge fur bag with the cartoon eyes though. It'd be like having a pet monster!

As for the shoes, I think I want them all. The Layla boots are utterly gorgeous.

Misfits Vintage said...

Thanks Christina - it's SO lovely to see you! You look bloody gorgeous. I looked at those sequinned boots but they had sold out in my size!

I love the Polly shoes and the purple suedes - they are fabulous!

Sarah xxx

The Fashionable Traveler said...

Love the Layla boot! Do you know if the collection will be able in the US as well?

L'age moyen said...

It is nice to see you unleashed. Love the turban.

Kitty said...

Great to see a pic of all of you, woo hoo! But don't forget you're not supposed to be shopping, I hope you didn't buy any shoes!

Make Do Style said...

Love the turban of course - you do look different in second photo in a fab way. The Eek tote bag is totally Eek!

I missed apprentice last night I will watch this afternoon but I went to London Chat Show and met Mr Stuart Baggs ex Apprentice

Bourbon&Pearls said...

So much loveliness, I'm dazzled by all the shiny things and I love your style, you're so unique and Bibaesque.

mon sac by me said...

The Eek tote really great !

Vintage Sparkle said...

So jealous you were invited to the Lucy in Disguise launch, I read about it on Twitter. I've yet to make it to the store, I must make a trip to London especially. Love the turban, you look fab. Xx

Fashionistable said...

I was just thinking recently it would be gret if Giles did a collaboration with the high street and amazingly here it is. I love the clutch with the faux fur I would queue for that. Oh and the snake skin shoes too. Love the shots of you. It is great to see you in all your glory. If you would like to do a story give me a shout. Xxxx

Sarcastic Bastard said...

You are just fucking glamorous as hell. I'd have to look twice if I passed you in the street. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Giles looks great on the magazine cover. And I love his teeth ring so much.

I love you MORE though.

Peach Crush said...

awesome photos :) love the shoes! great blog :)
im your new follower i hope you'll follow me back :)

Smashingbird said...

Hi Christina, the shoes look fab - especially the ankle strap platforms! How great to see some pics of you too, absolutely stunning! xxx

Wildernesschic said...

At last managed to log in .. you look amazing ,, I love that head piece so much on you .. gorgeous ..
I love Giles collection . I adore the purple suede pair and the gold and taupe open ones just amazing .. I cant wait xx

Sage said...

The photos of you are I sit here in regulation jeans n long sleeve T I'm feeling decidedly underdressed ;) (and you could never look fat!)

The shoes are gorgeous, I wish I could wear heels again...up here the pavements are (get this) block paving! They literally KILL heels, or they kill you as you fall over when your stilettos get caught in the gaps.

Another brilliant blog xx

CameronPoe2409 said...

You look fabulous (and great ebay bargains too!) I need a pair of those Layla boots! xx

Pearl Westwood said...

Ok so now on my shopping list is an Eek USB and a clutch with tail!! This was the one press event I was proper disappointed I couldnt make - especially now I see the good bag. I will just have to move to London nothing happens up North!! You look fab in the turban xx

Alison Cross said...

Wayhay! A collaboration with the high Street - this could be the only way I get my paws on some Giles!!!

I love the EEK manicure. I may do mine with sticky on goggle eyes :-)

Ali xxx

Alison Cross said...
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P.Gaye Tapp & Little Augury said...

I do love your look- and you are so photogenic-you should never critique yourself so. Giles is such a talent and I adore sensible shoes-my favorite is that Bernadette in hide and the maryjane in snakeskin is great-I love those patterns and texture, always prefer that to leather. I even have a few I will suffer in!pgt

Looking Fab in your forties said...

You look gorgeous, very glam! Agree with you those shoes are gorgeous and I love all the ones with sequins on - naturally!

Penny Dreadful said...

I am so behind on blogs Christina, only a few days away and I'm lagging! You look fabulous, but I always hate how I look in photos too. I just put them up anyway nowadays because I'm the only one who cares. I love the Eek manicaures, they were in this months Marie Claire too xx

stevesmith said...

Really like it.. Thanks for sharing this collection..