Thursday, 28 April 2011

I'm Tweeting the royal wedding live for LOVE magazine

I'm Tweeting the royal wedding tomorrow morning for LOVE magazine. My gorgeous friend Giles Deacon is keeping me company which will definitely be lots of fun.  I'm getting rather excited now, I do love a wedding and this one's going to be pretty amazing.

I've Sky plussed every Wills and Kate documentary this week, I shall have a look at those in a bit.  I've studied the guest list and I'm ready to go.

We're not going to the actual wedding, we shall be watching live from the comfort of my TV/hangover room above.  A few close friends will be joining us - Pablo Flack and David Waddington the owners of Bistrotheque, Hazel Robinson from Giles/House of Jazz and LOVE Fashion Editor Jean-Marc Masala.

As the wedding coverage starts at 8.30am I asked Giles if he wanted me to do some food.  Luckily he always picks easy things.  He asked for cocktail sausages and mini Scotch eggs.  We thought it would be funny to do something retro so I'm making a cheese and pineapple and cheese and cocktail onion hedgehog.  Does anyone remember those?  You wrap a large potato or a grapefruit in silver foil and stick cocktail sticks in it.  Then you put a face on it!  I told my best friend Spencer and he thought I was taking the piss.  He was born in 1979 so missed that delight of 1970's English party cuisine.  I don't think I've had one since the last big royal wedding in 1981 when I was twelve.

I bought some red tulips, Hazel's bought some white flowers and I was going to go to my local party shop and get some Union Jack bits and bobs, until the kind people at Anya Hindmarch sent us two of these lovely goodie bags.

Anya Hindmarch Royal Wedding goodie bag and some blue-ish hyacinths

The bags contain an Anya Hindmarch canvas tote bag, a flag, some red, white and blue heart-shaped confetti and a 'Kate and William Forever' tattoo.  Thanks girls!

I'm dying to see what everyone wears (especially Victoria Beckham who Giles is friends with) and of course the star of the show, Kate's dress!  Women's Wear Daily did a piece where they asked various designers to come up with a dress for her.  Here's a selection.

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel


Peter Copping at Nina Ricci

Angela Missoni for Missoni

Frida Giannini at Gucci

I would love the fabulously talented Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen to design the dress.  It would be by far the boldest and most brilliant choice.  I hear there are three dresses... we shall see.  It would be fantastic to see Kate in a McQueen creation.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

Designed by Sarah Burton for McQueen, 2011
I really hope Kate goes down the aisle wearing McQueen.  Rumours are the shoes are by Gina.

If anyone would like to make a comment during the wedding please follow us, email me or tweet me here...

Have a great time everyone and wishing Kate and William a wonderful day xxx


Christine said...

This is so cool Christina! I'll be on Twitter during the whole event as well, so I'll be sure to add thelovemagazine so I can read your tweets!

This Anya Hindmarch goodie bag looks so great btw, I love all the merchandise and even more because I can't get any of it here in Holland.

And if I had to pick a dress for Kate out of these sketches I'd go for the Valentino one, but like you I'm also hoping for a spectacular McQueen gown instead :D

Anyway, have fun tomorrow! XX

Christine said...

Btw my twitter is of course

Mrs. Exeter said...

Signed up to Love to follow your tweets :) I do like your Venetian mirror - I'm looking for something like that for my bathroom. Love the dresses too - think the Gucci gets my vote - see you tomorrow xxx

Sarcastic Bastard said...

You'll do a great job tweeting!

I will be with you in spirit, although, over here, it will be too early to be with you in spiritS. I'd can't show up drunk for work. Actually, probably nobody would notice.

AndyGlitter said...
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AndyGlitter said...

I'm so excited for the wedding and can hardly focus on any work today! I'm in Canada, and the coverage starts at 2am here, so I don't know if I'll get any sleep tonight. I'm picking up some Champagne and some food so I can also have a little party!

I'm now following LOVE on Twitter...can hardly wait for your commentary!


Dash said...

Sounds fabulous Christina I love scotch eggs and cocktail sausages and who can honestly say they don't like a cocktail hedgehog! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself, I can't wait to see the dress, I am really hoping it will be by Sarah Burton at McQueen, it would be great to see Kate in something cutting edge, we will have to wait and see, ooh can't wait.

L'age moyen said...

I'm with you on Sarah Burton for the dress - I must say I did like the Missoni and Gucci renditions. I'll sign up for your tweets but will probably view them post-mordem. Too early for me in this part of the world. Look forward to your commentary. Oh, yes, and I'm dying to know what VB will be wearing!

Jill said...

She has the lithe body for the Gucci. Should be interesting. Thanks for all of the comments the other day, chica!

Pearl Westwood said...

Sounds brilliant!! I heard today that Westminster has a rule book for wedding dresses, they have to be floor length and with sleeves! I bet Giles would have made an amazing weddign dress! Cant wait to see the dress, have fun with your hedgehog I used to love those we always had cheese with silver pickles and pineapple and hotdogs x

Emma - Eating Diamonds said...

I will be glued to it!

@emma_tweetz - follow! xx

Fashionistable said...

Ahh I am not on twitter, but am so looking forward to seeing THE dress. So was it not Giles who designed it then???? I saw an interview with ADR the other day with Tommy Ton for a Canadian TV show and she was wearing a wonderful dress by Giles, it was pink and had a sticking plaster pattern and an amazing skirt. He is great your friend Giles. I will think of you all sitting in your wonderful TV/hangover room. Loving the menu. I love a good wedding too. It is going to be great. Xxxx

Terri said...

I shall follow your tweets! Going to an early morning English breakfast myself--here in middle America.

Fay said...

Hi Christina fabulous Im supposed to be asleep too excited ill be going to the british Insttuite to watch on a huge screenn have lunch then zip back to watch it all again on the box I think she will have her hair down what do you think mmmm sweet dreams fay xxxlol ejoy tweeting

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I must be way behind the times. I discovered your heavenly blog via Misfits Vintage and I'm completely in love - love your attitude to life and your humour:)). It looks like you're well set up for the big event and of course who could forget those porcupine thingy's? hehehe xo

Kitty said...

Wedding hoopla has reached fever pitch here so I can hardly imagine what it's like there! I'd love to hang out in your tv room with you one day it looks so comfortable. Yes the green brooch is for sale, let me know if you want it.xx.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh my! This all sounds so exciting and can I say that the idea of having a TV, hangover room is the very best?
I remember when Charles and Diana got married and I made my babies watch it on TV because it was "just like a real fairy-tale." Well, that didn't turn out to be true, but I really do hope that these two get some much-deserved happiness.
Y'all have fun over there across the pond and we'll be watching when we get our bleary eyes open in the morning.
Kiss-kiss! YOU are royalty to me.

Lily Lemontree said...

Following LOVE now, can't wait for your live stream!!
And of course, I am beyond excited to see what the Princess-to-be has up her sartorial sleeve! McQueen would be lovely, wouldn't it but I have a slight feeling we will all be surprised tomorrow morning!

Tabitha said...

Can't wait to see what VB's wearing!
I'm stupidly excited. I feel teary already.
Oh and I'm up in Scotland - try to escape to the megalopolis of London whenever I can.

Of course the other big question is: what are you wearing today? Spill!

Pablo Leon de la Barra said...

chica, so excited about your wedding coverage, but more excited about the company and the menu! wish i was there, love from mexico! xx

Alison Cross said...

I spent HOURS making 24 patriotic cupcakes and I ate so much raw cake-mix that I went to bed last night feeling sick....

Now ironing my only summer dress and will be teetering off to the Garden Party at my friend's house for 10am. Wish I could follow your tweets while I'm there, but it's the Big Flat Screen Telly and *whisper* apparently some kind of involvement in a future Channel 4 show about the event.....

Ali x

MyStyle said...

Hi there-sounds like a fabulous day at yours, good luck with all the tweeting, its going to be an amazing day!! Can't wait to see Kates dress, its so exciting!! xx

Vintage Vixen said...

Dear Christina, I must admit I'm way more excited about seeing your cheese and pineapple hedgehog and what you wore rather than Kate's dress.
Have an absolutely brilliant day!
Love you. xxx

sacramento said...

I have just seen the wedding. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Fantastic sarah Burton´s dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhh Everywoman´s dream.
Enjoy the day my dear Christina.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Why couldn't she have worn dress like those McQueen creations?

La Dama said...

I loved her vintage Grace Kelly wedding dress.

Tee Chess said...

I watched the whole wedding event on Television because to me it was just like a real fairy tale. I loved the Valentino dress style the most but she was looking fabulous on the wedding day.
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