Friday, 29 April 2011

I make a hedgehog for the royal wedding

As part of our retro buffet I made a cheese and pineapple and cheese and cocktail onion hedgehog.  I waited until we'd watched the wedding as I wasn't organised enough before.  It's taken me bloody ages!  What a pallaver that was!  No wonder no one makes them anymore.

I bought Canadian mature cheddar even though I was told to buy "crap cheese" I ignored it.  I should have listened as the cheese I bought fell to bits once you tried to put a cocktail stick in it and I had to go to the corner shop and buy some rubber stuff, then I wouldn't let anyone eat it, I made them eat the good stuff instead.  He has maraschino cherries for his eyes and nose and googly eyes from one of Giles' labels.

We've decided to call him Giles.  I might try and make a pair of specs.  I'm trying to hide behind him as I haven't brushed my hair and I've been up since 7am!  Super early for me.  I normally only see 7am if I'm still up.

There were some great moments in the wedding.  I thought the service and the songs were a bit sombre.  I would have liked a bit more fun and a bit more ooomph personally, but that's just me.

I thought the dress was very elegant and beautiful.  I was expecting something more outrageous from McQueen but I can't fault it.  William (and Harry) looked very handsome in their uniforms.

Hope you've had a great day.  We've just said what a lovely day we've had and Pablo said "It has been lovely... apart from that wedding bit in the middle!" xxx


Fay said...

HI Christina wasnt it fun and fabulous love your hedgehog ENJOY fay xxxx

Alison Cross said...

I made cupcakes. It was not particularly successful. I should have gone for the retro hedgehog - yours looks fablas.

I loved Kate's frock, Pippa's frock and Camila's frock.

I have also decided to marry Prince Harry.

Loooooove you!

Ali x

Kitty said...

Giles looks fabulous, but what happened to the real one??

Simone said...

Love it!!! Quite a creation :)

I LOVED the wedding....cried through so much of it, surprised myself LOL!!!

Loved the dresses, the bride looked beautiful :)

Lovely to see everyone so happy and enjoying it all xx

Sarcastic Bastard said...

How cute. Yep, Giles needs specs.

I love you so!

Congrats on your new princess. She's a doll.

Lisa said...

That hedgehog is SO. CUTE. What did you make the base out of? I made one that was more like a cheeseball (after gaining inspiration from this little piece of heaven: but I like the space age look of yours!

Ms. Moon said...

And for the next wedding you can do a lovely Jello mold. Or perhaps- cheese fondue!
I'm with Ms. Bastard-Beloved. You guys have a lovely new princess. Or Duchess of Cambridge. We Americans can't seem to figure this stuff out.
Love from the USA!

MyStyle said...

Hi there-your hedgehog is very cute indeed, Giles won't last long!! Has been a fabulous day, very emotional and uplifting too xxx

Alex said...

Hasn't it been wonderful? I've thoroughly enjoyed myself today and it was totally worth the hours of late night baking last night and then getting up at 7am this morning!

sacramento said...

I love Giles. I must have some pineapple now.

CameronPoe2409 said...

I wasn't going to watch the wedding but I couldn't resist! My favourite bit was when they walked out of the Abbey together on stood in front of the public, they looked so happy. I love the hedgehog, buffets are the best form of food, hope someone made vol-u-vents! xx

T. said...

Haha, I love Giles! Loved the wedding too!

Misfits Vintage said...

That hedgehog is HUGE! What's under the foil??

You look pretty gorgeous to me - what's hat bit of off-the-shoulder glam were you wearing?

What do you think of Beatrice's antlers hat? It seems to be very polarising - it's either on bloggers' 'Best Hat' list or 'WTF' list.

Sarah xxx

Faux Fuchsia said...

Nice work with the hedgehog! It's retrolicious.

Please give me your thoughts on the York Princesses get ups. I thought Eugenie looked a bit wrong...

I actioned a comment pop up box as per your instructions.

Terri said...

Your hedgehog turned out beautifully. In the party I attended, the women seemed to prefer Harry.

Dash said...

Christina love Giles, I bet there wasn't a spike left on him after the party, hope you managed to let your hair down and have a few drinks after all your hard work tweeting.
I agree with you about the actual service, the music was definitely on the sombre side but there were some fabulous moments and Kate looked beautiful. Re FF's comment I don't know what was going on with Beatrice and Eugenie, Beatrice did not carry off her outfit at all.
Have a fabulous weekend.

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh Christina, Giles was a triumph! You did brilliantly and I loved what you wore, too. Well done for
Can't say I was blown away by Kate's dress, very safe and elegant but I suppose being a future queen she can't really go all Gypsy Wedding on us, more's the pity.
I've been trawling the net for pictures this morning and loved Nick Clegg's wife's outfit the most. xxx

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Oce we knew it was McQueen, i was expecting something with a "wow" factor!
How many times have I done the same thing by using good cheese! laudia loves Cheese and Pineapple and insisted I do them for her 18th!

Smashingbird said...

The hedgehog looked legendary.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Fay, yes it was lovely! Hope you're having a good weekend xx

Dear Ali, your cupcakes looked brilliant! I agree on the outfits. Haha! Hope I get an invite to the wedding! Love you too xx

Dear Kitty, the real Giles got off the plane from Italy and had a bad cold. We didn't want to catch it so we told him to go home to bed. He had one day before getting on another plane, poor thing! xx

Dear Simone, thank you! I loved it too, although I thought some of them looked a bit miserable. Kate looked beautiful and I think the dress was a big success. I loved the evening outfit too xx

Dear SB, I'd had a drink by then so couldn't be bothered cutting up bits of cardboard. I need to find the replica of Giles' specs that were used as an invitation to his show a couple of seasons ago. I love you very much my friend xx

Dear Lisa, I love the look of the smokey porcupine cheeseball! And what a brilliant name!

I used a pomelo which is like a big oval grapefruit. It seemed to the be the best sort of shape. Thanks for visiting, I will come and visit you too xx

Dear Ms Moon, ooh! I love a cheese fondue! I bought The Actor a Le Creuset fondue set when he came back from Switzerland. He kept going on about fondues. Needless to say it's still in the box. Much love to you xx

Dear Sharon, we didn't actually eat that one. I wouldn't let anyone eat rubber cheese. I made a plateful of the good cheese with pineapple and onions on the side which went in no time! Hope you're having a lovely weekend xx

Dear Alex, I really enjoyed myself. I'm sure your baking was wonderful xx

Dear Sacramento, I love pineapple and cheese together! I bought all sorts of metallic stars and things to jazz Giles up but I forgot to take them with me xx

Dear Claire, haha! no vol-a-vents but we had cocktail sausages and quails eggs which were lovely. You can't not watch the wedding, there were some gorgeous moments xx

Dear T, thank you! I must come and visit you xx

Dear Sarah, I used a large oval pomelo which is like a grapefruit.

I'm wearing a vintage top that Mrs Jones found. The best bit is the huge cuffs that button up the arm. I'm so crap about having pictures done!

I loved Beatrice's look, I thought it was daring and different. Very Isabella Blow xx

Dear FF, thank you! I thought Beatrice looked great. I thought Eugenie's was all wrong. It made her look bigger. I didn't like the contrast in fabrics, the oversized hips or the fussy hat.

Oh good, it'll be so much easier to comment and refer back to your posts now xx

Dear Terri, the boys I was with preferred Harry too! Especially in uniform ; ) xx

Dear Dash, I wouldn't let them eat it because the cheese was so awful. The plate I made separately was polished off in seconds though!

I thought Beatrice pulled all the stops out and it wasn't bad but Eugenie's didn't work, poor love.

I had such a good day and I definitely felt proud to be British. Great bit of PR for the royals too! Hope you've had a wonderful weekend xx

Dear Vix, ahh, thanks! I forgot the extra bits and the eyes were a bugger because nothing would stick to the tin foil. I had to shove the googly eyes in a couple of maraschino cherries.

I thought Nick Clegg's wife looked great too. Yes wouldn't the gypsy wedding thing have been hilarious!! I was expecting something more OTT but if you look at the details it's has the McQueen trade marks but in a much more understated way xx

Dear Mrs Fab, yes, I agree. I thought quite a few bits could have done with more wow factor. Charles and Di's wedding had it xx

Dear Becka, ahh bless you! Shame it didn't get eaten it ended up just getting it's picture taken! Hope you're good xx

La Dama said...

Your hedge hog is the cutest, your outfit was so pretty.

Tabitha said...

I saved the hedgehog to my iPhone, it's utterly brilliant and has just put me in the best mood!

quintessence said...

LOVE your hedgehog!! Simply fabulous. I loved her dress - I thought it suited her perfectly. I'm on serious blogosphere catch up. Wish I'd known you were tweeting for LOVE - I was on twitter as well!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Haaaaa "except for that wedding bit in the middle"!!!! I read about Kate's dress and had to believe the journos that it had a lace overlay, but it's only on seeing your pic above that I can actually SEE the lace detail. Dilemma: how does a bride get to showcase all the beautiful details in white/ivory without them fading into the dress? Hmmmmmmm ...

Wildernesschic said...

Oh I missed this one.. i loved your tweeting i was following and replying .. it was a lovely day .. everyone seemed to get into the spirit, I think it was much needed xx

Wildernesschic said...

Ps that is a lovely photo of you xx

Designer Dresses said...

It is definitely gorgeous and will look excellent on you..I must say that your are looking pretty...lovely. The dress is very beautiful.