Thursday, 10 March 2011

In search of the perfect Turban

Photography by Edward Steichen
Gloria Swanson

I have a thing about turbans, not just turbans all sorts of hats and headdresses.  I've bought a few in my time but they've never been quite right.  Two rather horrid velour ones I bought last year are only good for wearing whilst taking off my make-up.  Turbans are great for making a dramatic statement and also covering up a bad hair day.  So, I'm still in search of the perfect turban.

I finally got my laptop back from the menders last Friday (I had to wait until I had the money to get it out - luckily they know me as it's been in there since the end of November!)  They've recovered my hard disc which contained 998,000 items!  Some pictures are missing sadly - there's a whole series of The Actor and my best friend Daisy having a gurning competition.  They are absolutely priceless and very funny.  I'm hoping one of my friends will have copies.

In the meantime I'm feeling a bit wordless today due to going out last night.  I can't do it like I used to!  There was a folder with a collection of turban pictures which I thought I'd share with you.

Photography by Edward Steichen
Pola Negri

Photography by Mario Testino
Kate Moss - more of a bandana but I love the picture

Lana Turner

Loretta Young

Joan Crawford

Elizabeth Taylor

Joan Collins

Faye Dunaway



Greta Garbo

Photography by David Bailey


Ali MacGraw

Gloria Swanson

Barbra Streisand

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier - I love this

Stylist Catherine Baba - I love her wardrobe

Sophia Loren

Chanel Iman

Not a colour I'd usually go for but I like it here

Black turban with vintage glasses from Patternity

Vintage Pucci

Satin at Prada

Wilhelmina Cooper

I like this multi coloured one


Princess Julia @ Pam Hogg 2010

Painting by Tamara de Lempicka
Le Turban

Wilhelmina Cooper

Sophia Loren

Beyonce - how amazing is this one?

Photography by David Bailey
Givenchy cobra turban and matching top, 1965

Wilhelmina Cooper

I can't get away from red

I love it with some faux fur - not sure this is faux

I'm rather taken with this vintage Elsa Shiaparelli silk velvet turban hat which is $122.  And the colour is lovely.  I can't really afford it but I could bump the water rates for a month!

From a slightly different angle

And this gold brocade one would be fun to try on

I like this vintage 50's cream turban

But of course I'm drawn to the red

These silk ones from Patra are £17.99.  I still like the red best out of this lot

Here's a blurry shot of me wearing my sequin turban headband from the V&A.  What do you think?  Do you like the Shiaparelli one?  Or the Patra ones?  And which colour?

I must catch up with everyone later.  I've missed my blog reading!
I hope you've had a great Thursday xxx


Splenderosa said...

It will take me an entire year to fully concentrate on all this. I got to Elizabeth Taylor and swooned...she will always always always be the world's most beautiful woman to me as she was famous during my coming-of-age process. Brilliant post, C. And, I'm taking the pic of you and printing it to put on my dressing table. Love, Marsha

Jessie said...

Wow, you found some great examples!!


MilaneseGAL said...

Hello Darling! The ES gold velvet turban is YOU forget the water bill, with a headpiece like that you will only using champagne anyway.....;)) Hugs ML
Ps love all of them however Sophia is always the greatest! But maybe I am a little partial. Saluti da Milano

Emma - Eating Diamonds said...

Oh I love a turban! I only own a couple but I'd love to expand my collection.

I feel so glam in a head wrap! x

Christine @ Fash n Chips said...

Wow I'm loving all these photos! I'm still hoping to find a perfect one myself, 'cause bad hairdays unfortunately happen way too often :) Thanks for the inspiration! X

Penny Dreadful said...

I love all of these images. I would buy a Patra one in red first, and then if you decide you love it perhaps go for the Schiaprelli. You don't want to spend that much if you discover that you like turbans best on other people, but don't like wearing them yourself. The Patra ones are a good price too, for silk. I like the red best too, shame they don't have bloder colours. They have a lovely cobalt one in Asos at the moment I am thinking about, but it is only polyester. I think Kate has already bought one xx

HOBAC said...

Vintage Shiap and you dither? You know it is going to look killer. Just get it.

Dash said...

Hi Christina, I have a turban thing too and have also spent years looking for a good one, I ordered one from Asos a few weeks ago, I think I sent you the link, it arrived and the fabric was truly awful, cheap and nasty, however the design and fit was good, I am now taking matters into my own hands, I have a friend down here who is the most amazing seamstress, that word does not begin to describe her talents she is an artisan. I have taken the turban to her and we are going to make our own versions, using beautiful fabrics, velvets and silks. Fee posted a while back about her favourite fabric shop, she posted a picture of the most beautiful peacock fabric, I think it was silk, I would love a turban made out of that. If this comes off and I am happy with the results I will send you one. In the meantime, I think you should bump the water rates and go for the Elsa Shiaparelli, it would look great on you.

dinoprincesschar said...

I'm having a bit of a hat 'thing' at the moment, but i'm not sure if / how that extends to turbans..
Then again, that red one you posted is rather lovely, adn I think you could definitely make it look fabulous! :)

Kitty said...

Of course I like the expensive silk velvet one best, ha! Would it be a good colour on you, though? And I wonder how much wear you'd get from it. Ok so I'll shut up now, I'm sounding like my mother!

Make Do Style said...

The trouble is like you I have a turban obsession so I say have 'em all!

They are a joy, I derive so much pleasure from them and my biggest regret is not buying a Prada one.

Have a great weekend


Misfits Vintage said...

Oh lord, Sophia can wear the shit out of a turban! Babs, Liz and Wilhelmina are also total turban experts.

Life's short Christina, get the turban! And then get someone with a decent camera to take some FABULOUS pics of you wearing it and post them here - thanks!

Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

all these glam turban are making want to buy,I have been looking for a vintage one for the longest.
love the blue Sophia Loren turban.

Anonymous said...

Get the red and the Shiaparelli! You can pull it off. JP XXX

La Dama said...

love your sequin turban..looking lovely amor,always nice to see you.

Vintage Vixen said...

Dear Christina! Great news about the laptop. I do love a turban and am the proud owner of one like the one Babs is rocking, only wish I looked as good as she did in it.
I'm always wary living in a predominately Asian area with the biggest Sikh temple in the West Midlands at the bottom of my road that the locals will think I'm taking the piss. Definately a look for lounging on the deck in the summer. xxx

Alison Cross said...

oh God, something's up with the mac - can see no pix. So cannot comment properly!!!! Great news that you got your laptop back - is there ANYTHING left of the original model or has EVERYTHING been replaced now.

I once saw a woman on the ferry from Lesbos to Athens in a kaftan who swathed herself effortlessly in a turban (without using a mirror!) as we approached Athens port. She was the most glamorous thing I've ever seen in real life - so I can see the attraction.

Is this something else I need to add to my list, behind the sequinned jacket?!

Ali x

Alex said...

I still adore that Ali McGraw photo although I'd perhaps class it as more of a headscarf than a turban. Semantics ahoy!

The Gloria Swanson photo is unbelievably beautiful - the older ones do appeal to me slightly more than the modern ones for some reason...

The Patra ones seem fairly reasonably priced so why not try one? I'd order one online myself but I have a massive head so always need to try hats and suchlike on before buying them :(

Sarcastic Bastard said...

You look good in the V&A turban. I couldn't pull that shit off, but you definitely can.

Love you lots. Have a great weekend!


Fanny Pinkleton said...

I'm swooning too. Love the Beyonce pic.

Anonymous said...

Get the Sciap. It's insanely beautiful. If you hate it, you can always sell it.

Smashingbird said...

I love that picture of Kate doing her best Biba look. I do like the Schiaparelli one, although the Patra in nude is quite lovely too.

YvonneSedition said...

I love turbans too, although I have to be having a 'feeling fearless' day to wear them, as they can attract attention. Have you seen this tutorial for doing them with a scarf? xx


you how much i love the turban, thanks for including me!

i'm wearing a net veil today, but thats another story...

love you xxxxxxxxxxx

sacramento said...

My dear Christina, I love them all. You always feel my life with beauty, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank you Guapa!!!

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-the red one is gorgeous and would look fabulous on you! Ali MacGraw looks totally divine, definitely my favourite here, she is one my style icons. Wishing you a lovely weekend and great news about your laptop too! xxx

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I used to love hats and never went to a wedding without one when I was younger, but now not so much. As for turbans, I didn't even like SP in one, so I am not a fan and would look more like Hilda Ogden than Joan Collins if I wore one!

Wildernesschic said...

That used to be my clubbing look when I was yes ..but anyway I used to wear a black one very smooth with a twisted gold scarf around it ..a la Rudolph Valentino .. I thought it was so cool.. until some idiot ripped it off xx
I like the gold velvet xx

Tish Jett said...

My dearest Christina, You could put a live animal on your head and you would be beautiful.

I have a special request for you. Would you please e-mail for the exciting details (!)

Hope you don't have the same rain we're having.

Is that an engagement ring that seems to present major competition for England's soon-to-be-princess?

You should address tiaras. I'm sure you would look divine in one.


L'age moyen said...

How wonderful to see all these curated turbans. I never thought I could wear one due to smallness of head but seeing the tiny Twiggy in one (not to compare oneself to Madam) makes me think it might be possible. Will need very strong eye makeup though. I think you need the Schiaparelli just because - plus the red Patra for the everyday affair.

IDLE said...

Loving this, I have always thought that women look effortlessly elegant and sophisticated in a turban. Matt xxx

Mrs P said...

My Nan had a gold rafia turban which I suppose was incredibly glamorous but just reminds me of old ladies with hairy cheeks dusted in lashings of powder. You look lovely in yours, and Sophia Loren rocks the look with those amazing eyes. x

Mademoiselle Slassi said...

Hello, I do have a thing for turbans too... and I make them.
If you are still in search for a turban, contact me. My advice for you would be to avoid a turban with some extra volume on the top (like the one you tried)but instead to have some volume on the side; and this is because of the shape of your face.
Great selection of turban picture and great blog by the way. Thanks for sharing.

Mademoiselle Slassi

Anonymous said...

Unknown is Siri Tollerod