Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Where we finally go out

Photography by Dean Mouhtaropolous/Getty
The gates of Victoria Park in the snow - what a gorgeous picture

After nearly four days staying in watching films and stuffing our faces The Actor and I decided we'd better get out and go for a morning walk.  I've loved staying in but we're beginning to feel a bit unhealthy and rather fat - me not him - he never puts on a pound.

After having baths, me blow drying my hair and dressing head to toe in cream cashmere... I'd bought all this knitwear (something my wardrobe was lacking) with winter walks in mind, not that we actually go on many, but it's the thought that counts surely?  We finally left the house at... erm 2pm.  I pointed out we still had an hour and a half of daylight left...

The Regents Canal

First we went to Broadway Market where we stopped for an espresso then along the canal for a bit to Victoria Park where we had a quick stroll.

The bathing ponds at Victoria Park - I don't think I'll be going in somehow

Then off to Victoria Park village to buy a Birthday card.  We never go far without a stop off and The Actor was hungry so we popped into the Empress of India, a lovely place that serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.  It's owned by the same people as The Prince Arthur, our local that does the best Bloody Mary's, so we thought we'd give theirs a try.

The Empress of India in Lauriston Road

We had a couple of Bloody Mary's - very good but I had to add a bit of celery salt which was in my bag

Then we decided to stay and eat.  I like the red leather banquettes.

We shared a fish finger sandwich with tartare sauce, made with breaded fish fillets, not actual fish fingers as we'd first thought but very good and a Welsh rarebit which could have done with a lot more mustard, it definitely wasn't spicy enough.

Then we headed home and of course stopped off again at another pub The Hemingway in Victoria Park Road.

Where we had more Bloody Mary's (had to add more Tabasco) and some mulled cider which was delicious.  The mulled cider wasn't my idea but The Actor said tasted like "Christmas in a glass"... any excuse.

It was very Christmassy in there - not that you can see from my photography.  I've never understood blue fairy lights.  What's wrong with white?  Islington and Hackney had blue ones for a few years, they didn't look good and they've gone back to white this year.  I think the council must have got a deal on a job lot or something.

The Actor came out of the loo and said I had to check out the urinals!  Aren't they brilliant?

Back home for more TV.  I've Sky plussed so much I don't know how I'm ever going to catch up!

Have a lovely evening xxx


Simone said...

Those urinals are fantastic!!!

Loved reading about your Christmas - you two buy each other the best gifts, so lovely!!!

Love the sound of your walk first I thought you meant a trek across Hampstead Heath but your Bloody Mary hunt sounds so much more fun!! I've now been at home for 4 days, will have to go out tomorrow I think :) The longer I stay home, the more I love it!

Have watched so many films over this Christmas, it's been fab. I watched three in a row the other day and ended up with a crush on Gene Kelly LOL!!! I haven't seen some of his films since I was maybe 10 yrs old, who knew he was so handsome!!!!?

Can't wait to hear what you think about the WiiFit....I didn't think you were an exercise kind of girl - because you just don't look like to ever need to exercise! - so will be interested to hear your verdict on it!!

I need to get myself to the gym - which is literally only 3 mins away from me - and of which I am already a member, so no excuses!!

Finally, that IS a gorgeous photo of the park gates, I love it!

Hope you have a wonderful New Year in Norfolk :) xx

Simone said...

PS You are lucky that you have lovely sister in laws to buy you fab gifts - both my sister in laws were totaly witches, thankfully they are ex-SILs now!!

I bought my brother the Keith Richards autobiography and told I want to borrow it as soon as he's finished it :)

Smashingbird said...

Woooowww those urinals are hilarious! I have to say going out at 2pm was pretty good - I didn't go out until 7pm this evening for the first time since boxing day.....
It looks like you had a lovely christmas and some great gifts - how is the wii fit going? xxx

little augury said...

Christina, I want to feature you on my favorites for 2010 blog posts- I sent round an email to you yesterday-may have landed in the junk pile. let me know that it is ok and also to lift a picture or two for illustration- Gaye

Belle de Ville said...

Why do you keep showing me beautiful pictures of London. Now I'm going to want to travel there....

parisapartment said...

What a perfect day you had! Thanks for sharing that magic!

Splenderosa said...

The park gates are beautiful & give me such a strong feeling of being with you on your walking this afternoon. Funny, your cream cashmere...I think it sounds perfection. 2PM. An excellent time for me to leave my home for the 1st
time each day. I didn't need to see those urinals though.
Happy New Year to both of you!
Love, Me

Lya de Putti said...

I love the fact that you just happened to have celery salt in your handbag!

Vintage Vixen said...

Dear Christina, what a fabulously relaxing day you've both had. Those urinals are hilarious and the pubs look so cool yet traditional.
Blue lights are so vile, they are the lights of choice in our town centre and our poshest of neighbours all have them, too. They remind me of an operatuing theatre.
I managed the Royale Family, Charlie Brooker's 2010 Screenwipe and Benidorm Xmas special yesterday. I've got the attention span of a gnat at the mo so that was as challenging as it got. xxx

Make Do Style said...

You should be on the London Tourist board - they are missing a trick here. I always want to go to the places too after one of your posts!

Have you watched upstairs downstairs - it is divine, mainly the decorating! xx

MyStyle said...

LOL, those urinals are just so quirky and unique!! Sounds like a lovely stroll out to blow away the cobwebs and revitalise before cosying up again!! xx

Penny Dreadful said...

Sounds like my kind of walk, and I love that you keep celery salt in your bag, ha! The Empress of India looks great, and I'm with The Actor - love a bit of mulled cider. I haven't been out much either, but have to get up to the post office today. At least I've been working from home, so I am having a hot lunch and gazing out the window.

Reggie Darling said...

My apologies for not checking in with you before this. I have just spent the last half hour traversing your delightful blog, and I look forward to becoming a regular reader of it now that I have officially become a follower. Happy New Year to you and yours. Reggie

Helena Halme said...

I hate blue Christmas lights too - they've done in Hampstead this year - WHY?????

Those urinals are absolutely fab - must take Husband there just so that he can use them.

Helena xx

PS. Have a very Happy New Year! xx

SAMANTHA said...

Definitely agree.. white>blue fairy lights. And those are the best looking urinals I've seen.

That's Not My Age said...

Sounds fabulous - me & Mr TNMA love a good urban walk. The urinals are fantastic, love them.

Happy New Year!

sacramento said...

You must be the only person I know that carries celery salt in her purse...How fantastic and unique is that?????
We shall share a fantastic 2011, i AM SURE.

Marcie said...

So fun! I really wish I lived in London. It is so amazing.

I just received my first cashmere sweater this Christmas and LOVE IT! How did I ever go without?

xo M

Sarcastic Bastard said...

The urinals rock.

Rose C'est La Vie said...

Christina, naughty girl! Don't go walking in Victoria Park again without calling in on me. I'm a stone's throw away.

Rose C'est La Vie said...

Christina, naughty girl! Don't go walking in Victoria Park again without calling in on me. I'm a stone's throw away.