Saturday, 11 December 2010

Vintage Christmas pictures

Diana Dors, 1955

Leslie Caron, 1952

Photography © Underwood & Underwood
Margaret O'Brien, 1943

Photograph © Bettman Collection
Ida Lupino and Santa, 1942

Photograph © Bettman Collection
Audrey Hepburn, 1952

Photograph © Bettman Collection
Ginger Rogers, 1950

Photograph © Bettman Collection
Boris Karloff and Ginger Rogers, 1932

Photograph © Bettman Collection
Claire Trevor, 1933

Photograph © Bettman Collection
Diana Dors, 1947

Jane Greer

Janet Leigh

Joan Crawford, 1925

Julie Christie, 1965

Photography by Owen Franken
Candice Bergen, 1975

Photography © Bettman Collection
Marilyn Monroe, 1951

Photograph © Bettman Collection
Shirley Temple, 1936

Photograph © Bettman Collection
Shirley Temple, 1936

Photograph © Bettman Collection
Anne Baxter, 1943

Photograph © Bettman Collection
Arlene Dahl, 1947

Photograph © John Springer Collection
Anne Jeffreys

Photograph © Bettman Collection
Mona Freeman

Photograph © Bettman Collection
Susan Hayward, 1950

Jayne Mansfield

Ann Margaret

Photography by Cecil Beaton
Bette Davis

Photograph © Bettman Collection
Spring Byington, 1954

Photograph © Hulton Archive
Lana Turner, 1955

Photograph © Hulton Archive
Anne Francis

Mary Martin, 1940
Larry Hagman aka J. R. Ewing's mum

Which one do you like best?
Have a wonderful Saturday xxx


Poodletrix said...

Mona Freeman gets my vote. Thank you Christina-this should inspire us all to make our own personalised Christmas cards! xxx

The Fashion Buzz said...

Really enjoyed looking at these pictures, thanks for sharing with us!

Ruby Tuesday said...
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West Hollywood Voyeur said...

Oooo La La!
I'm all about the Lana Turner one!

Simone said...


My mum and I used to watch so many old movies when I was young and KI feel like I haven't heard some of these names since then. When my parents first moved to London my Mum had a job as an usherette in the nighttime at the cinema in Clapham - she was also pregnant with me at the time and she swears thats where my love of old films comes from ;)

Just recovering with a large Baileys after Strictly and X-Factor. I felt quite sorry for Cher, I thought she was great tonight, there's something about her I find quite appealing - thought she was very gracious in defeat too. One Direction are SO bland!! Am voting for Pamela in Strictly though, she was fab tonight :) xx

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-these are just fabulous, love the black and white ones, especially Diana Dors and Julie Christie! Hope you're having a nice evening and a good weekend so far! xx

Alex said...

Oh I love a bit of vintage Christmas. I've got a white fake fur trimmed red dress in a box somewhere - I should dig it out and do a comedy photo shoot at some point. I doubt I can channel Mary Martin but I'll give it a go!

I think the Claire Trevor one is my favourite - am v. jealous of those legs!

showbizsean said...

Well, despite the glamour on show here my vote goes to Shirley Temple. The rest of the pics just look a bit awkward. What the hell is Marilyn Monroe doing? said...

Love it! Those photos are so much fun!

Make Do Style said...

Bette Davies gets my vote hands down and I'm still laughing at the Julie Christie one!! xx

MilaneseGAL said...

I loved Anne Margaret! And Audrey with Santa!
Great post, a lot of fun!
Baci M.

La Porta Màgica said...

I love this posts, and my favourite is Joan Crawford, jajaja



Smashingbird said...

Yep I'll take Ann Margret's outfit please.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Thank you for all your comments. I think my favourites are Joan Crawford, Claire Trevor and Ann Margret. Mary Martin's outfit is quite something! xx

Alison Cross said...

These are great fun - I looked at the MM one and thought 'what the HELL are you wearing?' and then realised that she was in a massive Christmas stocking!

Getting into the swing of Christmas?!

Ali x

little augury said...

heavens, you hit holiday gold! most disturbing- by far Marilyn as a stocking. Bettie Davis- very odd-Joan Crawford- most amusing. I think my 2 favs are Jayne Mansfield
& adorable Arlene Dahl-as a doll.xo to getting into the spirit very raucously!

That's Not My Age said...

Excellent photos - is that a gun in Joan Crawford's hand??

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Marilyn and Ann Margaret were doing some sexy, sexy, shit for the holidays, weren't they? Laugh.

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Ann Paradise said...

i love it!