Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Our Christmas

I have been in bed with The Actor for the last two days watching movies and lots of Christmas stuff I've recorded.  We haven't left the house since Boxing Day apart from to pop to the corner shop.  

The Actor arrived on the 23rd and we had a totally chilled out Christmas Eve.  We opened our presents at midnight which we've done for the last few years as we've been going to his sister's on Christmas Day since she had a baby.  There's something a bit more magical about sitting around the tree in the dark than doing it in the morning.

It looks like a lot of presents but everything we've bought for friends and family is under there too

We only bought two bottles of Champagne this year.  M&S pink Prosecco is delicious and only £14 for two bottles so we stocked up on that instead

I can't tell the difference anyway!

We said we'd take it easy and economise this year.  We both did compared to last year.  I love all my presents, I did extremely well.

I wore an black oriental velvet kaftan that I bought in Ridley Road market for £15.  They had them in purple, navy blue, burgundy and chocolate brown.  I think I might buy a couple more as they're so comfortable.

My first present was a donkey hat!  The Actor thought it would be funny for me to wear it while I opened my presents!?  Needless to say it didn't last long.  Personally I don't think it's working with the kaftan.  I'm trying to keep a straight face in this picture.  I asked him if there were any other animals he could have chosen and he said there were but they were all a bit boss eyed.  And the donkey was more relevant to Christmas.

He always buys me my favourite perfume Must de Cartier.  I love it and haven't found anything I like better apart from one by Le Labo which isn't available yet.  Liberty kindly sent me lots of testers but I've used them all now.

Some lovely body wash and body lotion from Space NK.

I love this Vogue Model book he bought me.

And this fabulous interiors book - The World of Madeleine Castaing by Emily Evans Eerdmans.

I watch a lot of period drama and have been wanting this box set for ages.

I'm a big Mike Leigh fan and there's lots here I've never seen.

Two boxsets from his sister.  I love this show.  David Duchovny is fantastic.

He bought me A Clockwork Orange as I'm the only person on the planet who's never seen it

A porcini mushroom risotto kit from Carluccio's.  I love risotto.  I might make it for him tomorrow night.

 Babyliss Big Hair from his mum.  I've heard these are great for big hair.

A modal three piece pyjama/loungewear set from his sister.  I wear a lot of modal which is made from bamboo as it's so soft.

A bag from Coco de Mer containing...

A vanilla and creme de cacao massage candle.  When I saw the name Lelo I thought it was a sex toy!  They make one in 18K gold if anyone has £1050 to spare.

And some gorgeous dark red silk knickers with bows.  Only a man would buy dry clean only knickers!

My surprise present - A Wii Fit Plus!!  If you know me you'll know I've never played a computer game in my life and I'm not big on exercise.  If it's good enough for Helen Mirren (who of course has been paid a fortune to promote it!)  Saying that I have heard good things about them so I really hope I get addicted and it doesn't just gather dust under the TV!  I'm glad he bought me the black one as it's much smaller.  It weighs about five stone - I'd get fit carrying the bloody box around!  I'm looking forward to trying it out.

I bought him this walnut box with mother of pearl inlay and a working key which was hand made in the 1870's

And a 1930's crystal ashtray

Here's a few more of his presents.  He was particularly taken with the SAD light being a summer baby he hates the winter and The Beatles box set.  And all the cashmere jumpers (bought on Ebay).

The Junior Officers' Reading Club was a present from Alex - he was chuffed to bits with it as he was going to buy it for himself.  Alex couldn't have chosen better.  I bought him Wonders of the Solar System as he's gone mental on anything universe/space related and I want to see John Bishop's DVD as I've heard good things about him and he always makes me laugh when he's on TV.

Alex bought me Ancestral Voices by James Lees Milne.  I love his books and this is one of the only ones I haven't read.  Thank you so much Alex xxx

My friend Frances bought me this book which is amazing for anyone interested in interiors.

And a pair of silk and marabou slippers from my friend Frances.  I have a long chocolate brown silk and lace dressing gown which is still in the dry cleaners.  My bill was £260 and I haven't had the cash to go and collect it yet!

Frances also bought me day and night cream which she's tried and thinks is great.  She's a product junkie like me.  My eyes were looking distinctly crepey (trying to pass them off as laughter lines isn't working) and I desperately needed some new eye cream.  I'm really liking this Anew Reversal by Avon and my eyes have improved in the two days I've been using it.

Here are some presents I bought for myself...

Derek Rose black silk pyjamas with red piping.  I have a thing for men's PJ's.  £55 on Ebay.  They're £299 on the website.

I bought myself this cream cashmere dressing with silk lining from Ebay for £120.  It's the warmest thing I own.

And these brand new cream cashmere slippers by William Sharp.  They are £150 in the shops, I paid £36 on Ebay.

I'm into granny chic at the moment.  This thick cotton nightdress was £8 on Ebay.

Cream embellished tasselled tunic by Antik Batik, £26 on Ebay.

Not exactly the right season for this but I could wear a vest under it...

I also bought myself some Neiman Marcus cream cashmere leggings for £15 although I had to pay a customs charge of £15 too.  A tan pair of cashmere leggings from Saks for £20 and a pair of brand new long sand Ugg boots from America for £80 which haven't come yet.  I can't resist a bargain.  I shall be completely skint for the whole of January!  As per usual.

I was convinced that I needed lots of warm clothes as we've had all the snow.  I had romantic notions of winter walks to the pub head to toe in cashmere.  Of course it didn't happen, but I'm prepared if it does!

We are going to see my lovely dad in the country straight after New Year to have another Christmas!

My friend Jo Butler sent me this picture yesterday saying "Check out this snowman and lady. Aren't they lovely?  I found them hanging out in London Fields in the snow."  Although I'm not sure the one on the right is a lady... there's something going on between it's legs.

I'm glad we had snow for Christmas, my street looks so much nicer in the snow.

It poured with rain all night last night so every trace of snow's gone now.  

I hope you're all having a fabulous break.  I shan't be getting dressed unless I absolutely have to xxx


MyStyle said...

Hi Christina-such lovely presents, received and given-I love your velvet kaftan, I must go and check these out at Ridley Rd market, very plush and decadent. Just love your black pjs and the Actor has some fabulous pressies too!! Good luck on Wii Fit, I'm not a fan of keep fit, more of a couch potato, lol!! Seasons Greetings, enjoy the rest of the week my dear! xx

Kate said...

FAB ebay finds!!!! xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

Hi Christina! How fabulous is that kaftan? Loving the donkey hat, too. I think you may have surpassed last Xmas's outfit. Dying to know what the Actor wore.
Such fabulous presents, you deserve every last one of them. xxxx

Santa said...

You're not the only one - I've never seen A Clockwork Orange either. I'm in no hurry to change that...

Penny Dreadful said...

Hi Christina, thanks so much for putting up the pictures - I love looking at other peoples presents. The Vogue Models book looks fabulous, and Mr D and I are both a bit jealous of the Dickens and Mike Leigh box sets. I really love the gifts you bought for The Actor, the ashtray and walnut box are so elegant. I bought Mr D a vintage pigskin cigarette case and silver plated cocktail shaker so we must be on the same mission to turn our men into 1930s gents! Hope you are still having a nice hol xx

Ruby Tuesday said...

Lovely pressies I love the inlaid box you bought the actor and the books that he bought you.
I have also got the wii fit a hand me down from the kids, I have not used it yet though. We must compare notes. Also I would love to know how good the "Big Hair" dryer is... Glad you had a super time xx

Ruby Tuesday said...

PS I also love mens Pj's and Californication.. Brilliant xx

Belle de Ville said...

What a lovely Christmas you and the Actor had. Isn't opening presents on Christmas Eve with a glass of prosecco so much more lovely than on Christmas morning?

Also, you scored some great swag! The books, the dvds, the sexy knickers! And that inlaid box for the Actor was such a thoughtful gift.

I gave socks (nice ones)and cologne to the current Mr. BHB. And my daughter and I cooked two fancy dinners, for him and his 25 year old son. That was about the extent of my gifting this season!

Your snowy street looks lovely.

Make Do Style said...

I love the kaftan - I've been searching all over for some wow ones and at £15 that is a bargain of wowness! Gorgeous chrimbo presents and self gifted ones!

I'm so pigged out it is gross, I'm sure it is because it has been so cold - no excuse now the rain has come! xx

little augury said...

such a gorgeous haul of presents! you've been very good I see. the actor's walnut and mop box is beautiful. Glad you got the Castaing book-I gave my niece one and she is already talking about adopting a chin strap in old age! I am a huge fan of the antik batik stuff too. a foot of snow for us Christmas eve and day. Your holiday looks golden and well deserved. pgt

Kitty said...

What a beautiful gift that walnut box is, so timeless. You're so like me in that you clearly find all the tactile pieces appealing. Too bad for me I can't wear the cashmere, oh to have a proper winter!

CameronPoe2409 said...

You received and given some lovely presents, glad you are having a fab Christmas. The snow has gone from Blackpool too now, quite glad as I nearly crashed my car on Christmas Day transporting our food for the buffet! PS I really want that Dickens box set, Our Mutual Friends is one of my favourites! xx

Helena Halme said...

What a chic Christmas and lovely pressies. Have a Great New Year too. Lots of love and any thanks for your support too. xx

Henar said...

wow, amazing presents, I love them all! And cute tree!


Helga! said...

Darling Christina,I love the donkey hat!
My,you have been thoroughly spoilt!!Just as you should be!!I'm quite jealous of your goodies!
So pleased you've been warm and snuggly and having a jolly pleasant time!
Love Helga!XXX

MilaneseGAL said...

Dear Christina, I love all your presents! My favorite us the Vogue Model Book.... I am sure you will do a wonderful post with it..... Cannot wait!
Ps I just got my copy of Auntie Mame, I wish we could watch it together and comment it. I will save it for the 31st. It will be fun watch it in the afternoon.
A big hug, M.

Jen said...

Oh man, look at all of these great gifts... someone must have been REALLY good this year!!! ;-)

Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

Daniel-Halifax said...

You got some awesome presents!

I can't believe you got a James Lees-Milne book. I've never read anything by him, but lately have been doing lots of research on him. What great edition!

Alex said...

Argh, how have I not seen this until now?? Dozy woman that I am.

Anyway, what glorious presents! I love the impracticality of those beautiful knickers - definitely not something a woman would buy!

The walnut box is stunning too. I'm such a fan of boxes and especially things like tea caddies and those amazing travelling dressing table sets.

ps - v. glad that the books went down well! You'll have to let me know what The Actor thinks of his. I'm sure you'll love Ancestral Voices - in my opinion it's the best of his diaries.

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