Thursday, 25 November 2010

I love Vintage Vixen

The lovely Vix has an excellent blog called Vintage Vixen.  Vix is an absolute inspiration as a person and for anyone trying to save money.  She buys all her clothes from jumble sales, car boots, charity shops and Ebay.  Vix has an amazing sense of style and I don't know anyone with a keener eye for a bargain.  Quite often she'll buy a dress for 20p and look totally fabulous in it.  I love her tales of going to the jumble full of Black Country grannies with sharp elbows.

This is what Vix says about herself on her blog "I'm Vix, a jumble sale-ing, car-booting, charity shopping, hedonistic hippy chick in love with life, India and vintage clothes.  Dressing is an adventure, never a chore.  I don't follow fashion and I don't care if I look ridiculous, as long as I don't blend in with the crowd.  A day without dressing up is a day wasted."  My thoughts exactly!

It doesn't just extend to clothes - Vix has furnished her entire house with things she's found, recycled or made herself.  She could certainly give Kirsty Allsop a run for her money.  Vix should do a show!  I never fail to be impressed by her creativity.

Vix rocking the hippy chick look.  She spends her summer at festivals and has long holidays in Goa in the winter.  Sounds perfect to me.

I love the sign at the front door of their lovely Georgian house

Here's Vix in her business-like look

This Jean Varon dress is beautiful, as are the patchwork curtains she made herself

Another amazing dress

I love this Sixties crimplene number 

Yet another gorgeous maxi dress

Someone who's never afraid of colour

This look is one of my favourites.  Behind is their camper van Gilbert.

Click HERE to visit Vix's blog - Vintage Vixen

Vix, I love you, you're fabulous and I love your blog xxx


Alex said...

I absolutely adore Vix and her blog. She's like you - one of the truly lovely people out there.

You've picked such a lovely series of photos. They really show her vivid sense of style and fun.

Roo said...

Hooray for Vix. Her blog really is truly fantastic

Vintage Vixen said...

Blush, blush! You are so kind and I'm thrilled to have found you, Christina. I can't wait to meet you in real life, you have a heart of gold. xxx

Penny Dreadful said...

This has put a big smile on my face. Can't say it better than Alex - you are both absolute diamonds xx

Make Do Style said...

Ah what a wonderful and truly deserved accolade!!

Simone said...

Vix looks AMAZING, seriously.....fabulous dresses. What a great sense of style she has :)

CameronPoe2409 said...

Will have to check out her blog, the picture are fab!

Mrs Jones said...

Hey Tina,
i love her too, what a brilliant women she is.

MyStyle said...

Hi there-what a gorgeous post, Vix is just a stunning lady, both in attitude, style and personality and really fabulous pics here too! xx