Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween

I was about to run to the shops to get a load of sweets for the trick or treaters when The Actor informed me we are going out for a very late Sunday lunch.  Last year we had so many kids knocking all evening.  I wasn't at all prepared so I kept giving them a pound coin each.  It was getting rather expensive in the end.  I think sweets is better than giving them money for fags or whatever.  

Last night the streets were full of people in fancy dress.  There were some amazing outfits - one guy was dressed in a Victorian wedding dress, a tiara with a long veil and fake cobwebs all over him like Miss Havisham.  He was pushing another lad in a dress in a wheelchair.  It's definitely not normal around here.  I wish I'd taken his picture but my camera had run out of battery.

Have a very Happy Halloween xxx


Fashionistable said...

Frustrating when the battery goes on the camera. I would have loved to have seen this. I can imagine it though from your great description. I have always loved Halloween. We always celebrated it in Ireland, long before we heard about trick or treat. We would dress up and off we would go but our tradition was for money and we had a song too that went - Halloween is coming and the geese it getting fat, could you please put a penny in the old mans hat. If you haven't got a penny a hapenney (halfpenny) will do. If you haven't got a hapenny God Bless you. Not surprisingly this was also our fireworks night as the 5th of November was ignored. Hope you had a great evening. Xxxx

Vintage Vixen said...

Great picture, Christina!
Nothing very Halloweeny here, we were in the pub last night and some tiny kids came in with a bucket asking for money, no parents or responsible adult in sight and they couldn't have been older than five. No fancy dress, no masks or anything.
Jon ate all the sweets when he got in last night so we've had to hide each time the door's knocked. xxx

Fashionistable said...

Just wanted to share one more thing on this subject. I saw a programme last night which told us that the Halloween festival is Celtic in origin. It also reminded me of something I had forgotten...we used to make our Halloween lanterns out of turnips. It was only when the Irish moved to America that the pumpkin was used instead. Xxxx

little augury said...

smart actor.