Saturday, 30 October 2010

Dr Feelgood

Mrs Jones and I watched Oil City Confidential the other night and absolutely loved it.  I'd caught a little bit of the film when it was shown on BBC4 and knew it was right up my street.

I've seen director Julien Temple's films on the Sex Pistols - The Filth and The Fury, Joe Strummer and Glastonbury.  I liked all of them a lot but this I think is his best.

I didn't know that much about Dr Feelgood, a band that started in pubs in Canvey Island and ended up by 1976 being one of the biggest bands in Britain and selling out everywhere.  I would have loved to have seen them live as their energy is truly amazing.  They are a force of nature to watch.

We both agreed that there was something really sexy about the young Wilko Johnson (left) and Lee Brilleaux was a superb front man.

Oil City Confidential a brilliant documentary and and a wonderful piece of British music and social history.  I strongly advise any fans of rock 'n' roll to get a copy straight away.

Buy it on DVD HERE

Have a great Saturday xxx


Dash said...

I missed this, sounds just up my street too! I thought of you the other day whilst watching the Keith Richards interview, I will now have to buy his autobiography Xmas present for MG of course!

MyStyle said...

Hi there-wow, it certainly sounds a great film and I like the pics of them too!! Hope you are feeling better now, have a great day-so nice the sun is shining!! xx

Vintage Vixen said...

Dear Christina, you're right, it sounds just up my street. Julien Temple never fails to deliver. I remember buying "Milk and Alcohol" on vinyl when I was a teenager, loved their sound and had forgotten how cool they looked,too.
Have a fabulous weekend, I'm off for a pre-pub snooze on the sofa. xxx

Caroline, No. said...

TOTALLY need to check this out - looks right up my strada. Love Julien Temple's docus. x

Mondo said...

A great, great film - and filmed entirely where I grew up (not Canvey BTW), the interviews with Lee are filmed in what was my local pub The Grand - closed now.

I actually saw Wilko at my local train station last week, carrying his guitar like a gangster carries a machine gun..

PS I know the chap who worked with Malcom McLaren on his autobiography in '79 (still unpublished, but pending). I said if he sells the film rights, they should get Julien Temple to direct...

Harri Hara Laukkanen said...

Dear friends,

Dr. Feelgood has never stopped. Although there are'nt any original musician in the band, it still lives. One of my favour songs of today's Feelgood is "Gimme one more shot". That's rock'n'roll! And the old songs live of course forever.

Mrs Jones said...

What a lovely evening, Was spoilt with inspirational films. You never fail to blow me away lady.
i loved it.
Love You,

Penny Dreadful said...

Another one to watch! I do love docos about old bands, if nothing else for the grainy old colour footage, always lots of fun x

Whisky Lovin' Lawrence said...

I first heard them about 20years ago. I liked them, but didn't quite appreciate their brilliance. I regret not seeing them live & I regret not being able to see "Oil City Confidential" here in the USA. NO ONE has this DVD !!