Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Where I go to a WI evening with a difference

My best friend Fee, designer Mrs Jones called me yesterday and said I had to come to the studio this evening.  She told me "The WI are doing something down here" I said "What THE Women's Institute?  Are you having a laugh?" Why on earth would I be up for that?  I haven't baked a cake since I was seven!  I didn't think the WI would be my thing at all, and of course I thought I was far too young!  Above is a picture of the sort of thing I was expecting.

How wrong I was.  Far from a load of old dears bringing Victoria sponges and jars of jam these girls turned up with bag loads of wine and not one of them was over twenty five!  This branch of the WI broke all the moulds.  They are known as the Shoreditch Sisters.  And what a fantastic bunch of girls they are.

Fee gave a talk and then left them alone to rummage at their leisure and try on whatever they liked.  The studio is like a giant dressing up box.  Everytime I go in there I ended up flying about in something.

They tried on lots of outfits, hats and accessories that are all for sale in the Mrs Jones Emporium.  It was loads of fun and I have to say that my opinion of the WI has been changed for good.

Here are some of the girls.  The rail behind them is full of old stage outfits alternatively known as "Pop star's droppings"

The girls get stuck into the Rosé and crisps.  Fee kept saying to me "Where are the cakes??"  But there wasn't a cake in sight

Betty even dressed up for the occasion in this rather fetching 50's style number

The fabulous art director and designer Fred Butler was there.  Fred is also doing an evening of making accessories with the girls.  That sounds like something I'd love to go to

There are shiny things to see everywhere you look
It's like being in a sweet shop

Rails stacked with a riot of colour and tons to try on

Elnaz wears Bros' old leather jacket which has been customised

Danielle wears a Mrs Jones suit

Tara in one of Ana Matronic's dresses

Tara looking fabulous in a headress

And a dress which Mrs Jones made after being inspired by the documentary My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Elnaz in a pom pom headdress

Tara in a sequin stage number and a snake headdress

Elnaz in a Feathersmith headdress and Jazz wearing another stage piece

Not to be outdone Betty pops on her next look - a dog-tooth ('scuse the pun) check coat with a fur collar.  Rather smart I thought.  Betty has also had a haircut so you can actually see her face now.  And she can see out too.

There were lots of laps to have a cheeky kip on and plenty of crisps to scrounge

This is the lovely Jazz who's the president of the Shoreditch Sisters WI with Betty who was absolutely loving all the attention (I was going to say lapping up but that was too cheesy!).  What a brilliant and fun evening.   And Fee has two new volunteers for work experience to boot.  Well, what girl can resist a bit of dressing up?

For all enquiries about the Mrs Jones Emporium or Mrs Jones designs please contact christina@mrsj.co.uk

To read my interview with Mrs Jones CLICK HERE

Shoreditch Sisters WI blog is HERE


Calamity Jem said...

Hi Christina,
The new gen WI rock!
How fabulous to be allowed to play dress up in Fee's studio...I think I'd feel like all my Birthdays & Christmases had come at once.
She's such an incredibly talented chick & I love reading her blog to see what amazing creations she's working on.
I love how Betty is joining in the fun too :)

Harley Accessories said...

In these post the dress are looking really very fabulous in all these there are so many things which is great. I like these blog to reading in these blog there are so many things which is great.


I have decided you Londoner's keep the best of London to yourselves. Why on earth have I never met you, you are so delightfully funny & creative I am dying. And, is that little doggie a Poodle? Like a royal Poodle, I mean, like my FiFi?
This is just so much fun!! The blue topper is ME!

Wildernesschic said...

What a fabulous WI .. You realise you are getting old when they are young.. I joined the Welsh branch to meet people, they were great fun, but guest speakers etc where in Welsh as the purpose is to keep the language going, not being a Welsh speaker, it was impossible for me.... also that is why I daren't write the name as I will spell it wrong..
Looked a fabulous evening, Betty looked cool as always.
Fingers crossed for my sky box today :) xxx

MyStyle said...

Hi there-how times have changed, this WI meeting looked a blast and what fun you all had. I must say Betty gets the prize for best dressed and most cutest, lol!! x

Vintage Vixen said...

Ohhh, Christina, that place looks like my dream location. I cant believe the amount of fabulous costumes, fripperies and fineries all under one roof. I don't think I'd ever leave.
The WI certainly does seem to have changed, there's not a trace of beige on tweed on any of the ladies.
I love how Betty is joining in the fun. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has to have been one of the most jawdropping documentaries I've seen in a long time. xxx

That's Not My Age said...

Oh I was just going to ask about Joe Strummer's daughter and the WI - but she's there at the end. Looks fab!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Jem, don't they just! I've left you a message at yours, if you'd like to come and play dress up you're welcome.

I love her blog too, she's so funny. Betty as per usual is muscling in on the action! xx

Dear Harley Accessories, thank you! xx

Dear Marsha, I've always loved dressing up and it's great to have such creative friends. Betty is indeed a miniature wire haired poodle with a rather short haircut at the moment. Yes the blue one is rather lovely xx

Dear Ruth, it was really good fun and they got right into the dressing which was brilliant. Betty's loving being able to see! Yes fingers crossed the Sky get's sorted! xx

Dear Sharon, they were coolest looking WI girls I've ever seen. Betty loves an outfit too xx

Dear Vix, let me know when you're in town and come in, you could a blog about it if you fancy it? No beige although Birdy did have a tweed jacket but she was doing a vintage look rather than just old!

Yes, wasn't it hilarious The Actor didn't want to watch it then couldn't drag himself away from the TV either xx

I love the fact every single person has mention Betty! xx

Dear Mrs TNMA, they were a fantastic group and Jazz is a great girl xx

Penny Dreadful said...

Wow, this looks like so much fun! The Mrs Jones suit that Danielle is wearing is amazing, and that headdress is out of this world. And an Ana Matronic dress, eeeee!

The studio itself is fab too - the floor is so striking, the whole thing looks like something out of a music video.

Mind you, I would have been disappointed there was no cake ;)

Mrs Jones said...

Hey love,

It was a funny evening wasnt it. I only said yes to it for the cake!
No jam no scones whats going on !!
Still the wine went down well. What a wicked bunch of girls. they can come again. that pic of Fred is wicked in the swing chair.
See you soon hon.
Jerusalum jerusalam......

Alex said...

Oh my word, I want to join! I'd love to be part of such a cool group but alas, I sense the WI round here is full of pensioners.

Being let loose in that studio looks like a dream come true! I can't stop looking at all the shiny lovely things. And the shoes!! I'm attempting a pom-pom creation myself but I think it's more likely to turn out as a necklace than a headpiece. Shall blog about it if it's successful.

ps - Betty is adorable! My friend has a poodle and it's just like hugging a big warm chenille cushion.

skirmishofwit said...

What a fun evening! I too never thought the WI would be like that!

Miss Peelpants said...

That looks like a ridiculous amount of fun!!! Nothing like that out here in the outskirts of London, really wish there was!

Rebecca Thomas said...

Hi, I just wanted to tell you about Dog Fancy Dress party at the Nelson's Head Pub E2 7DS, 23 rd of Oct from 2 pm - sounds like you'd enjoy it and such a laugh - loads of dogs in outfits!

Make Do Style said...

Brilliant! Waht fun - mind you I like a bit of jam making if truth be told.

Also Ruth was trying to say Merched Y Wawr! The Welsh version of the WI

Simone said...

This looks like so much fun - and no, no the WI members I imagined at all! I bet they loved it.

And Betty looks so fab :)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I dig Betty!