Monday, 27 September 2010

Steve McQueen - The King of Cool... and his women

"I live for myself and answer to nobody"

Steve  McQueen

I've always thought Steve McQueen was one of Hollywood's sexiest men.  His macho, smouldering good looks, bright blue eyes and raw sex appeal have always done it for me.  Given the chance I would definitely have gone there (if he was single of course).  Who wouldn't?  You'd never want to be his wife or girlfriend though.  Although he was very happily married for some time, he's not the type to be tied down.  Women clearly adored him and found him irresistible.  And he certainly was all man!

Steve McQueen lived life at top speed, he worked hard, played hard and loved hard.  He drank and smoked heavily, took "an heroic amount of drugs" according to his friend Terence McKenna.  At the height of his fame he was using LSD, amyl nitrate, smoking dope and consuming vast amounts of cocaine.

His sex life was legendary.  Known as The Love Machine he slept his way through Hollywood's most glamorous women and allegedly some of the men, including bedding all of his co-stars.  And then some.

One of his biographies claims he also had flings with Marilyn Monroe, Lana Turner, Judy Garland aand much older Hollywood stars Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.

Described as many things; Screen hero, rebel, sexual outlaw megastar, loner, gigolo, mysterious recluse, brutal yet tender and in the words of Jaqueline Bisset "the most beautiful, beautiful man".

To this day there hasn't been anyone with the same presence as Steve McQueen, although there have been a few imitators.  His devil-may-care attitude, athletic triumphs,  sexual charisma and unconvential lifestyle earned him the nickname The King of Cool.  And he most certainly was.

Photography by John Dominis
Steve and his first wife Neile

Photography by John Dominis

Photography by John Dominis

Photography by John Dominis

Photography by John Dominis

Photography by John Dominis

Photography by John Dominis

This set of photos were taken when John Dominis who was given unprecedented access to McQueen and his family in 1963.

Steve McQueen's women

Mamie Van Doren (early 1950's)

Photography by Ralph Crane
Gia Scala (1952-1954)

Ava Gardner (1955)

Neile Adams, married from (1956-1972)

Ann Margret (1960's)

Tuesday Weld (1960's)

Filming The Cincinatti Kid with Tuesday Weld

Sharon Tate (1960's)

Faye Dunaway (1968)

Filming The Thomas Crown Affair with Faye Dunaway

I watched this earlier today... God, they were gorgeous!

Jacqueline Bisset (1968)

Filming Bullitt with Jacqueline Bisset

Raquel Welch (1971)

Barbara Leigh (1971-1972)

Filming Junior Bonner with Barbara Leigh

Barbara Leigh lasted the longest of the girlfriends

Natalie Wood (1972)

Filming Love With The Proper Stranger with Natalie Wood

"I remember seeing him across the swimming pool and my knees were knocking.  He radiated such macho energy.  Men wanted to be like him.  Uptight society ladies and biker molls wanted to be with him"

Ali MacGraw
(b. 1938)

With Ali MacGraw.  Married (1972-1978)

Filming The Getaway with Ali MacGraw

"The best sex I ever had"

Lauren Hutton
(b. 1943)

Barbara Minty, married (1978-1980)

Further reading

Christopher Sandford's biography has rave reviews

From the woman who knew him the best and for the longest

Barbara Leigh wrote her acclaimed autobiography - a former girlfriend of Elvis it's titled The King, McQueen and The Love Machine.  I love it already... just from the title.  I'm off to Amazon to buy a copy NOW.  The reviews are great, this will be well worth a read.

"I believe in me.  I'm a little screwed up, but I'm beautiful"

Steve McQueen

Oh!  Wasn't he gorgeous?


little augury said...

yes,yes,yes. hard to believe he was only 50, what a life well lived and full. pgt

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Gaye, I know! It's sad he died so young. But didn't he go out with some amazing women! He very much lived life to it's fullest xx


There are tears in my eyes. Remembering all the wonderful films, hoopla...& my 1st husband loved Steve McQueen's macho-ness. He did the motorcycle scene himself, no stuntmen. He was like James Dean, here today gone tomorrow. Skyrockets. Burning brightly across the entire universe. This is so lovely, Christina.

Wildernesschic said...

I love Steve McQueen, he was, as you say all man. I didn't realise how many gorgeous women that he had slept with, Daniel Craig on testosterone .. xx

Vintage Vixen said...

Hi Christina, a life lived well. I didn't realise he had so many beautiful women, not surprising as he was so hot and manly. Definately a touch of him in Daniel Craig. xxx

Make Do Style said...

He is the best! Sandford's bio is good. My favourite is Robert Vaughan's stories of the Magnificent Seven - it was an interview on Radio 5 Live last year and the Steve McQueen stories were brilliant.

I know want to sit down all day and watch his films. xx

skirmishofwit said...

Such brilliant photos as always. Thank you!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Marsha, I love that women and men love him. One of my exes was mad on him too xx

Dear Ruth, I know! And I bet there were tons more that weren't famous. There was obviously a lot of testosterone! xx

Dear Vix, absolutely. You're both right Dan Craig definitely has a touch of McQueen about him. I've known Dan since he was at drama school and he is gorgeous too... And a brilliant actor. I think Dan's the only one that comes close though xx

Dear Kate, I'll check it out, thank you. I watched Thomas Crown yesterday as it was on Sky movies. I was quite mesmerised by him. I've always thought he had the X Factor! And was just downright sexy xx

Dear Miranda, thank you! I particularly like the ones by John Dominis and the first colour one which really shows up his eyes is stunning... I enjoyed finding pictures of the girls too. Hope you're well xx

Young at Heart said...

he had theeeeeeee sexiest mouth!! Need to go lay down for a Great Escape now......

Alex said...

I sort of want to disapprove of philanderers but crikey, you can't blame him can you? Look at how stunning they all are! There just aren't enough interesting film stars nowadays.

Alison Cross said...

*sigh* lovely, lovely.

As you can see, broadband back on - tons of stuff to catch up on! Was glorious talking to you this morning.


Ali (ex biker's moll and fellow SM fan!)

Simone said...

OMG, he WAS gorgeous....loved watching that video :)

Beautiful choice of photos Christina...of him and all the girls.

I hadn't realised he was quite so young when he died, how terrible.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

My mom put me on to him. Just from still photographs, as a kid, I thought he was really odd looking. You have to see him on film to get it. Don't you think? After I saw one of his films, then I understood his charisma.

He's one of a kind. Truly.

You have great taste.



Smashingbird said...

He was quite delish, what a line up of women too. I remember reading Pamela des Barres I'm with the band and her saying that she turned him down because he had short hair - crazy!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Jo, you wouldn't say no, would you? xx

Dear Alex, yes me too. But they were gorgeous and God! So was he. I don't think you can blame anyone in this instance xx

Dear Ali, ahh! You too. Look forward to meeting up. I love the biker's moll bit xx

Dear Simone, wasn't he delicious. Thank you. It was fun choosing the pictures.

I know he was very young. Live fast, die young... and all that. Such a shame though xx

Dear SB, I'm happy with him still or moving. I'm not fussy! Thank you my love, you too xx

Dear Becka, he was divine... And Pamela is totally bonkers for turning him down. She made up for it with the others though! xx

City Girl said...

Wow, I love Steve McQueen. What a (beautiful) legend! Great pictures and post. It's great to have found another London blogging lady too! Can't wait to keep reading :) City Girl x

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline Bisset was (and is!) the most beautiful of all Steve McQueen's women. Wish they did more movies together.

Some of these women had very tragic endings: Sharon Tate (murdered), Gia Scala (drug overdose), Natalie Wood (drowned, possible homicide). And Barbara Leigh has also had a hard life, losing her son, from a teenage marriage, to AIDS. Brave woman.

Anonymous said...

I've just finished reading a book on him. Not all of these women were his girlfriends or lovers. Some were just co stars.

I fell in love with him from just reading a book about him! But wouldn't want to be his girlfriend as he was the worst womaniser! Really sad he's gone ;(

Anonymous said...

Very nice pics, but you left out another of his women, Mary Wilson.. You know, from the Supremes.

Anonymous said...

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