Monday, 27 September 2010

Show you my wardrobe - Part four

Vintage 1930's cherry red crepe bias cut dress with rhinestone polka dots

This is the last Thirties dress I shall show you, in case it's all getting a big samey and you start dozing off.  I bought this hand made dress at a Hollywood estate sale for $150 in about 1994.

The dress is made of a heavy crepe with hand applied rhinestones.  They are clipped on with a metal circle on the inside.  They didn't have zips in the Thirties either so it does up on the hip with tiny hooks and eyes which are so well done you can't see them at all.

I never think about fashion I just buy things if I like them.  It was one of those dresses that ticked all the boxes, the colour, the cut, a bit of sparkle and the belt.  I knew I had to buy it the minute I saw it .

It came with two loose straps that you can sew back on if you wish.  They run from the bottom of spine in an upside down V up to the neckline.  I left it backless but I still have them.  The skirt fishtails out at the back when you walk.

The strap around the neck threads through the gathers and ties in a bow

The rhinestones aren't really sparkly instead they just catch the light now and again.  It has a little Art Deco buckle set with hundreds of rhinestones on a matching fabric belt.

What do you think?  Timeless? or dated?

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Make Do Style said...

Well considering I love the 1930's, red dresses and Hollywood the answer is timeless! xx

E is for Eleanor said...

Timeless, of course!

Crepe is my favourite material for vintage dresses, it is just so wonderful to wear. Such a lovely dress! x

skirmishofwit said...

Definitely timeless! What a beautiful dress. I love the colour.

FortyNotOut said...

It's utterly beautiful Christina... you were so right to snap it up. I love hearing about the detail of how it's made - some vintage pieces really are utterly timeless. Thanks for your congrats today on my paid writing job - I'm going to write a blog for a company thats very close to my heart. It all launches in a few days so will be able to say more then. Am just thrilled to have the opportunity! xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

I could never tire of your fabulous wardrobe, Christina. That dress is so beautiful and a wise investment, too. I love the Deco buckle. Totally and utterly timeless and I bet it looks amazing on you, too. xxx

Santa said...

Oh wow, that's even better than the last one! And VERY Joan ;-) I think if I owned that dress I'd never bother wear anything else.

Penny Dreadful said...

This is ABSOLUTELY stunning. And in such great condition too. Your wardrobe is truly enviable.

Simone said...

Timeless's just beautiful.

Don't you just love to imagine who might have worn it and where?

I bet you look amazing in it :)

Butterfly said...

Timeless & totally stunning. Serious dress envy he he xx

Tricia said...

So stunningly beautiful, you have a great eye - they are amazing finds. Are you saying that you've never worn these dresses? I don't know how you can resist.
Happy to see more. best, tricia

Tricia said...

So stunningly beautiful, you have a great eye - they are amazing finds. Are you saying that you've never worn these dresses? I don't know how you can resist.
Happy to see more. best, tricia

Em said...

Absolutely timeless - you have such a great eye.
Little distracted by your Steve McQueen post - YUM!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Kate, Ohhh good! I thought you'd like it xx

Dear Eleanor, yes it is and lasts much longer than other fabrics. Thank you. Just found your blog. I shall go back and catch up on some posts xx

Dear Miranda, It's one thing I've never gone off. The colour and cut are so flattering xx

Dear Amanda, I hoped it wouldn't date and I still love it.

Ahh! Well done that's brilliant! I look forward to hearing all about it xx

Dear Vix, oh, thank you! Lots more newer stuff to come, quite a few bargains, but none as good as yours. I got the price wrong, the dress was $150 so less than pounds. I think with this weather I might do coats next! xx

Dear Santa, bless you. I think Joan would approve, don't you? xx

Dear Simone, definitely! I'd love to know that. I've worn it to a few parties and people have asked where it's from xx

Dear Penny, I thought you'd like it! It is in very good condition but I think it could do with a specialist dry clean. It's glam but quite girly I think with the bow at the front xx

Dear Tricia, thank you so much. I only stumble across them now and again.

Oh no! I've worn all of it. I just have it dry cleaned afterwards or mended if necessary. I couldn't not wear them. I'll take some pics of more midweek xx

Dear Em, thank you very much.

I know!! He was SO hot wasn't he? xx

Jill said...

I think it's fabulous! Slinky and seductive...always timeless

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Jill, I'm thrilled you like it. I always like your choices too. It would look good on you xx

Alex said...

Clearly it's timeless! I adore all the close up details - I didn't notice all the rhinestones in the first picture as I was too busy admiring the bodice and that beautiful belt.

Calamity Jem said...

Dear Christina,
Totally timeless!
This stunning dress wouldn't look out of place at The Oscars or The Met Ball in my opinion.
It’s fabulously elegant & alluring…and the colour is spectacular!

Kate B said...

Promise me you have worn this?
In the words of FF you would look 'killer' in this.
It is stunning.
kate Bx

Alison Cross said...

Timeless, elegant...a survivor of a bygone era. It's gorgeous. Clothing this beautiful will never ever be out of date.

And you can show me as many 1930s frocks as you like!

Ali x

MyStyle said...

Hi Christina-as always, another stunning and beautiful investment piece, its truly gorgeous and I bet it looks so lovely on you too, thanks for sharing and hope you have a nice week ahead xx

Old Cow said...


I am liking your blog super much!

*Gasp even louder*

You are from DALSTON too!!

Young at Heart said...

Truly stunning.....never let that one go, I feel a house party in the Hollywood Hills coming on...... I bet the colour looks amazing on you too!!

Wildernesschic said...

Absolutely fucking gorgeous !!! What a fabulous dress xx

legend in his own lunchtime said...

Thanks for bringing a touch of glamour into my rather mundane life. I'm sure you would have done a MUCH better job of modelling that dress than the mannequin, HINT.

kerry @ miss power writes... said...

wow. what a beautiful piece of history!

i am loving your blog so much right now =)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Timeless. I love it!

Smashingbird said...

Absolutely timeless, I bet the red looks amaazzing on you. The belt is adorable.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Alex, you don't see them at first because they're not too shiny. It's a lovely design isn't it? xx

Dear Jem, I knew you'd love it. I must get it to the specialist dry cleaners because I think the colour will come up a little bit xx

Dear Kate, thank you! Yes I've worn on a few occasions and it's such a winner as it's so flattering xx

Dear Ali, I love vintage clothes and this era was one of the best in my opinion. I don't have much more Thirties pieces left as I'm always giving things away. Plenty more clothes to come though xx

Dear Sharon, this is one of my favourites. I'm trying to work out what 'section' to do next! Have a brilliant week xx

Dear Old Cow, I can't believe that's what you've called yourself! Thank you so much! Yes I live in Dalston. I'm off to check your blog out now. Thanks for commenting xx

Dear Jo, maybe I should have a Hollywood party? That would be fun! I'm keeping this one. The colour looks great on everyone I think xx

Dear Ruth, I totally knew you'd love it! And your colour too xx

Dear Legend, you're very welcome. I love a bit of glamour as you know. I will model some of them. My friend who's a photographer wants to shoot me so I may leave it to the professionals. I'll blog it when it's done xx

Dear Kerry, I know and so well preserved. Thank you, that's very kind of you to say that xx

Dear SB, you can't beat a bit of old school Hollywood glamour, can you? xx

Dear Becka, the belt is the first thing I spotted it was sparkling so much. I'm like a magpie, I'm sure you are too xx

Caroline, No. said...

Completely stunning. WOW. I love thinking about the lady who originally wore it! x