Thursday, 30 September 2010

Seven quotes for a Thursday afternoon - Part forty eight

"Do you want to be an artist and a writer, a wife and a lover?
With kids, your focus changes.  I don't want to go to PTA meetings"

Stevie Nicks
(b. 1948)

"Besides wanting to be an artist I wanted to be a movie star"

Patti Smith
(b. 1946)

Photography by William Gottlieb
Billie and her dog Mister, 1946

"There's no damn business like show business.
You have to smile to keep from throwing up"

Billie Holiday

Photography by Richard Avedon

"Audiences like their blues singers to be miserable"

Janice Joplin

"Tell me what you'd like me to sing.  I'll sing whatever you like,
after which I'll take a collection, if you don't mind"

Edith Piaf

"Musical people always want one to be perfectly dumb
at the very moment when one is longing to be perfectly deaf"

Oscar Wilde

Photography by Bob Gruen
Alice Cooper and Salvador Dali

"Marilyn Manson? He has a woman's name and wears make up.
How original."

Alice Cooper
(b. 1948)

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legend in his own lunchtime said...

Wonderful quotes as usual. I love the shot of Edith Piaf. She looks as if she is just about to rip a chunk out of the photographer' neck. An old friend of mine does a wonderful parody of "Non, je ne regret rien" called "Non, I have no courgets". You have to sing it with the accent of course. A possible antidote to George Formby:)

Wildernesschic said...

I love Alice Cooper .. and Dali what a wonderful photo and quote xx

Miss Peelpants said...

Most excellent. Stevie and Alice in particular...

Make Do Style said...

Oscar was such a wit!

Caroline, No. said...

As awesome as always. Thanks Christina. x

Sarcastic Bastard said...

The Alice Cooper quote is great. I'd never heard it before. My ex-husband hates Marily Manson. I used to ask him, "You liked Alice Cooper when you were young, didn't you? What's wrong with Marilyn?"

I dig them both.

The Billy Holiday quote and photo rock. She was my grandmother's favorite singer. Billy was one smart broad.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Legend, Ruth, Liz, Kate, Caroline and SB, thank you so much for your comments. Glad you liked them.

I was thinking of stopping at Part 50 as they're getting increasingly difficult to do in this format. I've used a lot of my favourites already. I'm trying to work out how to still do quotes but not seven that (sort of) go together xx