Wednesday, 29 September 2010

My interview with Janice Dickinson for LOVE

Last week I interviewed Janice Dickinson for LOVE which was great fun.  I didn't have as long as I'd have liked and Janice and I spent the first fifteen minutes outside smoking and chatting off the tape but in the twenty minutes I actually recorded we crammed a fair bit in!  Next time I'd like to talk more in depth about men though...

To read the interview CLICK HERE  If the link doesn't work I shall post it here with lots of pics tomorrow (Thursday)

I sent the people who do the website a folder of lovely old modeling pictures of Janice but they've only posted one old grainy one.  Never one to skimp on a picture, here's one of them above.  Doesn't she look gorgeous?


MyStyle said...

Hi there-thats a great interview my dear and isn't she so gorgeous and fun loving!! x

Simone said...

What a great read Christina, I really enjoyed it!

I loved her on "ANTM", she was the best and most refreshing judge for sure and she was brilliant in the jungle.....loved her.

I admire how she is a survivor too in lots of ways, she's come through some stuff and is now in a really good place - not to sound too therapy!! You know what I mean though :)

Some of her answers made me hoot, she really is something.

And how weird about her plastic surgeon - driving and tweeting?? I hadn't heard about that...eeek!

Have a lovely day! xx

Roo Paprika said...

Interesting lady. I've only seen her on CDWM and your interview give her a lot more depth than appeared on that programme. A great read

Vintage Vixen said...

Great interview, Christina.
Janice really does come across as a grounded and down-to-earth woman but I suppose she wouldn't have lasted as long as she has done if she was really as mad as the way she's portrayed in the media.
You really do put your interviewees at their ease but it's not really surprising as I imagine you are as warm, genuine and lovely in real life as you are on your blog and in the comments you leave.
Janice looks astounding, too. I really enjoyed CCDWM with her on. xxx

misslikey said...

great great. I love Janice!

Lela said...

Incredible! I think I love you haha.


Wildernesschic said...

I love JD .. both the model and the drink :)
She is gorgeous, but also seems a lot of fun.. you will love her book xx

Alex said...

Oh buggeration, the link won't work for me. Stupid antiquated version of Internet Explorer on the work pc! I'll check it out later from home as I can't wait to read it.

skirmishofwit said...

Terrific interview!

Penny Dreadful said...

Great interview, she comes across as very honest and funny. Love the down to earth beauty tips.


"Presently I’m dating Alex the fireman- slash-paramedic. He’s got a big hose!"

That made me snort with laughter, heehee.

Alison Cross said...

Great interview - as expected! She sounds absolutely top notch fun to talk to :)

ali x

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I think Janice is scary, but in the best possible way. I love her. Great questions, by the way.

Love you, too!


Make Do Style said...

Opps am I the only person to have watched her on everything! Well ANTM, I'm a Celebrity and her own programme of which the name escapes me. She falls into my mad but brilliant category. Look how beautiful she was and she's carved her own way.
Fab interview - you are the best!
I wish the tape had been rolling during the fag break! xx

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Sharon, yes she was great fun xx

Dear Simone, me too. She's never dull to watch! Such a shame about her surgeon, I know a lot of people who are constantly pinging, tweeting, whatever on their Blackcurrant's as I call them. People get so addicted to their phones xx

Dear Roo, as one of the biggest Come Dine With Me Fan's I'm sad to say that is the only one I haven't seen. The Sky+ failed to record that evening and I haven't found it on catch up yet. I'm keeping my eye on More 4.

Yes, there's lots more to her than all the larking about. Thank you. I have better ones I think, in my right sidebar most read posts - Christos Tolera is one and Fee Doran is the other I'd recommend reading xx

Dear Vix, I really liked her. I'd like to see her again. She gave me her home number.

You're lovely. Thank you for saying that. I hope I do. I'm just myself with people and I'm very what you see is what you get and I never judge anyone. People seem to open up to me a lot, which is fantastic. I love people and I'm really interested in their experiences and I always have a laugh with them.

I'm going to have to look online again for that episode of CCDWM. I saw a clip of Janice winding Callum Best up. Can't wait to see it xx

Dear Miss Likey, me too! xx

Dear Lela, thank you, ahhhh! xx

Dear Ruth, I'm with you on both! As usual. I'm looking forward to reading it, should be here any day now xx

Dear Alex, you can get to it at and then click on incoming. I hope you like it, it's not as in depth as my usual ones, as I said no time xx

Dear Miranda, thank you very much. Try reading the Christos Tolera and the Fee Doran one, I think they're much better. Hope you're good xx

Dear Margaret, that made me laugh too! xx

Dear Ali, thank you. Maybe I'll get more time with her when she comes back xx

Dear SB, she was bonkers when I saw her at the shows but fabulous when we were on our own. Love you too xx

Dear Kate, no I think I have apart from CCDWM which I will watch as soon as I find it. Was it the model agency one?

Ahh! bless you. There was some funny stuff during the fag break and a couple of bits I wish I'd left in... always the way xx

livethroughthis said...

love your interview. very candid.

if you're looking for CCDWM here is the link for you. :)

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear livethroughthis, you're an absolute star! It hadn't occurred to me to look on youtube.

Love your name by the way (I presume it's a nod to the Hole album?) Doll Parts and Miss World are my particular favourites. I've been known to blast them out at full volume of an afternoon, much to the annoyance of the rest of the street xx

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