Thursday, 30 September 2010

The English weather

Photography by Camilla Akrans
Edita Vilkeviciute

This week in London it has rained relentlessly.  Either constant drizzle or absolutely chucking it down.  It sounded like someone was running a bath outside my window for most of yesterday.

I know the picture above is a spring picture, I just think it's really beautiful.  Now I'll have to accept that all my hopes of a late Indian summer have gone.  A couple of weeks ago I was sitting on my little terrace outside my back door having my breakfast in the sun, now Autumn is well and truly here.

My upstairs neighbour Chloe is having the windows painted (and whatever the bit under the roof's called - don't ask me).  A load of men turned up at 8am yesterday to put scaffolding around our entire house.  It's right across my front and back windows.  Thankfully they've alarmed it as the burglars round here will be in like a shot.  I now have another set of alarm controls to contend with.

I bumped into Chloe's boyfriend Barry in the corner shop late last night.  We were chatting and I said I wondered if the alarm actually worked.  He dared me to climb up the scaffolding and see.  Of course I did.  I was wearing Ugg boots and my pyjamas with a long cashmere coat over the top.  The alarm didn't go off... until I stood on the planks then the whole thing went mental, flashing lights and all sorts!  It was SO loud.   I had to jump down about eight feet into the front garden.  There's me trying to look athletic, styling it out like I knew what I was doing.  I'm lucky I didn't fall flat on my face!  I ran inside to turn the alarm off but I was laughing so much I kept putting the wrong code in.  In the meantime my house alarm started going off and the bloody things were deafening!  Barry thought this was hilarious and we were killing ourselves laughing at the racket going on.  Of course no one in the street took a blind bit of notice.

I shall miss eating outside and the warm evenings

This is London Fields the park at the end of my street.  There's a pub right in the middle of it.  Not that I go there very often you understand.  I don't think their Bloody Mary's are up to much.  I might have to go and show them how it's done.  The other pub round the corner makes a brilliant one.

Photography by Clive Arrowsmith
Kate Bush

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm talking about, but I thought it went quite well with the others.  Well, it has leaves in it and it's a fabulous picture of Kate.  I grew up with her music which I love.

I'm a winter baby and I really like the winter.  My favourite time of year is Christmas which I've started to think about already.  I love it SO much.  I'm going to have to keep a lid on myself this year as I won't have so much to spend... that should be interesting!  All you Christmas haters will be cursing me for mentioning it already!

I think I'll have to do my next wardrobe post on coats.  Thankfully it's stopped raining or I'd have to do it on waterproofs, not that I have any of course!  Can you imagine?  There's nothing more unflattering than a cagoule.  I'm not even sure how to spell it!  Let alone be seen dead in one! 

Actually I tell a lie, I saw one on Vix's blog yesterday which was by far the nicest one I've ever seen, Vix had made it for herself to wear to festivals.  I'd call it more of a matching hat and cape than a cagoule.  I can't even bear the word cagoule!  I remember those hideous ones that zipped up into a little bag that everyone had in the Seventies.  I'd rather get wet than put one of those on!  I had a bright red one and I looked like Red Riding Hood gone wrong.  A tall, skinny, lanky kid in a cagoule is not a good look.  My friend Jo lent me a hooded anorak, like a kids style one when I went to Latitude.  It was actually quite sweet, although I looked about twelve in it with the hood up.  Oh well, at least I didn't have to wear a cagoule!


Roo Paprika said...

Pretty images! I am a summer baby (in fact my Mum gt bought Kate Bush's 'A kick inside' when she was pregnant with me) but I feel like we hardly got any summer this year. My other half is currently over in California and they are just having an indian summer there now. Should I hang on to hope? Probably best not to really

Make Do Style said...

The alarm test is hilarious! Do you know there is nothing more disappointing than a bad Bloody Mary. I'm think celery salt is the only way to go.

Love the Kate Bush photo and btw you've set me off on ebay madness but managed to get brill Antik Batik sequin skirt for £29.99. I'm going to wear it a lot! xx

Young at Heart said...

Hilarious...nothing worse than bleeding ears ... so cold spent yesterday wrapped in a blanket writing as am refusing to put heating on till October.... why?... so pleased arm warmers were well received, may have to knit some for myself, will keep warm dancing around the sittingroom singing along to Kate's wonderful Wuthering I used to do in the artroom at school wearing leg warmers...dear God I bought The Kick Inside when I was 17!!!

Alex said...

The alarm/roof story is bloody hilarious. I'm still chuckling about you scrambling your way up the scaffolding.

Isn't that Kate Bush photo wonderful? She looks like a sort of sexy Green (wo)Man. I'm missing spring a lot. However... I am thoroughly excited about Christmas and have already started buying presents and planning making things. I just don't want to talk about it too much yet as it isn't technically even October and thus Far Too Soon. But what can you do? If I want to handmake things then I have to start doing it soon!

Alison Cross said...

That is SO funny! You climbing the scaffolding and then ending up with both alarms going off!

That would probably have been worth paying money to see lol!

I adore Kate Bush - got all her albums. Wasn't so struck on the last one, but in my formative years I wanted to BE Kate Bush; all flowing hair, bambi eyes and DANCING...*sigh*

Am now off to Vix to see the creation!

Ali x

PS - yes please to the coats post!

Caroline, No. said...

Ha, you nutter! I'm moving to Clapton in a month or so I think; is it really that burglar dodgy around there? Eek. x

Penny Dreadful said...

I adore Kate Bush, that is a lovely pic of her.

I have to admit to something dreadful: I have never had a Bloody Mary. Ever. I feel like I'm missing something special now.

I'm starting to look forward to Christmas too. We had a great party in the flat last year, very 50s with mulled wine and cocktail dresses and a Christmas tree with homemade decoratios. I can't wait to start planning one again for this year.

Vintage Vixen said...

I can just imagine you clambering up scaffolding in Pj's and Ugg boots, Christina. I cannot resist anything for a dare, either and always end up flat on my face and ripping something.
It's positively glorious here today, I felt a tad overdressed wandering around the car boot sale in my saluki fun fur.
I'm definately a summer person, the mere mention of Xmas has me hunting the internet for a cheapo flight quicker than me spotting a vintage maxi dress at a church jumble sale.
Love the pictures (as always) and so glad you like my creation. I'm not usually that clever. xxx

Wildernesschic said...

I love that photo of Kate Moss, I love all those photos I am a summer baby and it used to be my favourite time of year.. Now I think I like spring xx
Laughing at you being athletic in Uggs xx

Simone said...

Am laughing so hard at you scaling the scaffolding AND setting those alarms off....what are you like??!!
I'd be the one with two feet firmly on the floor saying "please don't do it!!" Too sensible for my own good sometimes!!

Loving the sunshine today....especially as when I go to the hairdressers it always rains without fail and today it didn't :)

Gorgeous photos :) xx

legend in his own lunchtime said...

So how come Barry didn't have his camera ready. That shot of you in PJs half way up the scaffolding would have been priceless.


It's raining here too, but then the sun returns & it steams. Your park looks like heaven. & I know you make great Bloody Mary's.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

The alarm story cracked me up. I would have done the exact same thing. Girl, one of these days you and SB are going to hang. There will be lots of alcohol involved.

I love you, buddy.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

And also, I DESPISE THE SEASON OF PERPETUAL DARKNESS AND FAMILIAL DESPAIR, as I refer to X-mas. I wish I could sleep straight through the damn holidays.

I am happy you enjoy it though.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Roo, I'd love it if we have a late summer, it's mad they've got a bit of a heatwave in California now... so you never know. Maybe you can go and visit? xx

Dear Kate, it's me all over doing something like that!

I totally agree. I always have a jar of celery salt in my handbag. People think it's funny, until they taste the Bloody Mary.

Ooh the skirt sounds great! I have a few of their pieces. You know I love a sequin! xx

Dear Jo, we're going to have to have that drink v soon. Yes he's very happy, I'm sure more work will be coming your way. Arm warmers sound like a great idea. I want you to make me some, we'll have to have a chat about it. In fact I'm very short of knitwear so could commission a few pieces if you fancy it? Oh yes, dancing around to Wuthering Heights and Babushka etc will definitely warm you up. It's October now, get that bloody heating on! xx

Dear Alex, you would have cracked up if you'd seen me! Especially as I had to pretend I was used to climbing up scaffolding so was showing off a bit pretending that I knew what I was doing...

Yes I love Kate, the pic is gorgeous.

I wish I could make things. You are as organised as me about Christmas by the sound of it. But I just buy stuff online and Ebay xx

Dear Ali, it was one of those hilarious moments! Typical of me to set both off!

I will photograph coats tomorrow if poss. I keep missing the daylight and my photography is variable at the best of times xx

Dear Caroline, I know! What am I like?

I think it's worse where I live because they think you've got lots of money. You will need good window and door locks and those ones that stop you opening the windows more than a few inches are advisable. I'll fill you in when I see you. Let's have that drink when you move xx

Dear Margaret, yes she looks great!

I promise if we ever meet I'll make you a Bloody Mary. I am an expert.

Your party sounds wonderful. I love it! xx

Dear Vix, Haha! Me neither. I don't think before I do stuff I just steam in.

Good luck with the flights. I bet you got some fabulous bargains, you have such a good eye, the grannies have nothing on you!

I do like your creation and the print, it is the best one I've seen xx

Dear Ruth, you would have pissed yourself laughing if you saw me! I love spring too. I like it all as long as I'm not out in it! xx

Dear Simone, it's exactly the sort of thing I'd do so I'm not surprised but my madness usually results in a funny story, thankfully!

I'm glad there's not been rain, I hate that when you've just had it done! xx

Dear Legend, that would have been funny! I don't think he takes his camera down to the corner shop and it all happened so quickly and was so bloody loud I just had to turn it off asap! xx

Dear Marsha, it's very nice in the East End you know. If we ever meet I would love to make you one of my special Bloody Mary's xx

Dear SB, absolutely! We must do that!! You let me know if you ever come to London. I bet you'd like Christmas at my house. It's totally stress free and I just watch films and eat xx

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