Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Pictures I love

Brigitte Bardot

Photography by Mario Testino
Kate Moss

What a great dog walking outfit

George Harrison
My favourite Beatle

I love this picture of Alice Ormsby Gore.  (Thanks to Bryony Temple x)

Pattie Boyd and George Harrison
Check out Pattie's eyes in this one

Hedy Lamarr
That is quite a hat

Hedy Lamarr
I love this headpiece from Zeigfield Girl, 1940

Tiara by Giorgio Sant Angelo, 1969

I love hats and headpieces so here's a little selection from the many picture folders I have squirrelled away all over my laptop.  I've been running around all day so no time to blog, but at least it's been lovely and sunny in London.  I hope it lasts.

I'm finishing a big interview I've done and there hundreds of pictures to sort through.  I hope it will be up in a day or so.  Have a lovely evening xxx


Wildernesschic said...

Gorgeous photos, I loved George the best too, he was the most handsome, also I loved "Something" it is one of my favourite songs xx

Alison Cross said...

I'm a George fan too. 'While my guitar gently weeps' is my favourite.

I don't suit hats unless they've got big brims, which means that I look like I'm off to Ascot most of the time. I can't wear these slouchy beany things, much as I would like to. I look like Compo in them - believe me I've tried :-)

Ali x

Belle de Ville said...

I was a George fan too.
And I kinda think that Pattie Boyd looks a little bit like you.

Vintage Vixen said...

Gorgeous images and fabulous hats, too. Looking forward to reading your big interview, Christina, wonder who it is! xxx

Kendra said...

george is my favorite, too. love that pic!

Simone said...

Love these photos Christina....Brigitte Bardot and Hedy Lamarr are just stunning :)


Another fab post. I love seeing all the photographs. xx's

Dash said...

Love these photographs, love floppy hippy hats.

That's Not My Age said...

The Verushka dog walking picture is my favourite - gorgeous!

Young at Heart said...

Fabulous, love a flopy hat, a French woman in the chapeau department of Harrods once told me I had an 'ed for 'ats.............

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Patti Harrison was so gorgeous. George and John were my favourite Beatles. I can't choose just one. My boyfriend is a Paul guy. It's a wonder we ever got together. Laugh.

Love you lots,


Rose C'est La Vie said...

Fabulous. I remember some of the 60s fashion images when they appeared. About five years ago, I saw Verushka at an art opening in New York but would prefer to remember her as she was here. She looked a bit raddled - but hey, who's talking?

PS Can't believe you've done so many great posts whilst I was away! Not quite able to keep up with the comments. Don't forget that lunch sometime!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Ruth, yes it has to be George on looks followed by John on personality. Love, love Something too xx

Dear Ali, it's a beautiful song. I love a hat although at my height and the way I dress sometimes I think I draw quite enough attention to myself.

Yes, the beany look is a tough one! xx

Dear Belle, I'm very flattered. It must be the big mad eyes!! xx

Dear Vix, ahh I really hope you like it. Please let me know. It's taking forever there's so many bloody pictures!! xx

Dear Kendra, isn't it great of him? xx

Dear Simone, ahh they were wonderful, so glamorous xx

Dear Marsha, I love an old glamour picture as you know xx

Dear Dash, ooh! me too. I lost my last one on holiday. I'm always looking out for a new one xx

Dear TNMA, isn't it a fabulous outfit! She looks amazing xx

Dear Jo, very funny. My drama teacher said I have a face for hats. I can wear dodgy old granny ones and somehow they look alright. I don't wear them enough though xx

Dear SB, you make me laugh! I'm with you it has to be George and John all day long xx

Dear Rose, it's that too much sun/handbag look that isn't great. And you certainly don't have that!

Absolutely, shall we do lunch in the next couple of weeks? It's a bit bonkers with Fashion Week but I'll come back to you with a few dates xx

Anonymous said...