Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Where I actually go to the cinema

I don't really like going to the cinema.  I think the last time I went was to the Trainspotting premiere!!  Well, actually it wasn't quite that long but I hardly ever go.  The Actor has only got me there twice in the four years we've been together.  Once he bribed me into it as he couldn't believe we'd never been.  He took me to see There Will Be Blood.  I'm not good at films that make me jump and in the very first scene a guys head gets caved in!  I spent quite a lot of the film hiding behind his shoulder.  The other time was recently when we took my dad to see Alice in Wonderland.  I knew I had to go as it was 3D.  It had changed a lot since the last time I saw a 3D film...

Since the last time I went to the Everyman Screen on the Green in Islington it has been completely refurbished and I loved it!  It has wide velvet seats, cushions, footstools, sofas, tables AND table service, food and a bar.  They were mixing up strawberry mojito's and serving pitta bread with dips and fantastic snacks and chocolate.  It was fully booked for the 8.30pm screening on a Monday night, I think we got the last seats.  They must be doing great business in there.

The cinema was built in 1913.  It now holds 120 people very comfortably

The Actor booked a sofa with footstool right at the front.  I felt like I was at home.  I was most impressed.  And it was air conditioned.

They serve cocktails, great coffee.  And organic Belgian chocolate buttons... so Islington!

He reeled off a list of films showing but I wouldn't commit to any of them so he booked to see Inception.  We both said afterwards we wished we'd gone for Toy Story 3 instead!  Leonardo di Caprio was really good, in fact all the cast were good, but it's a boys movie and there were too many guns, bombs and special effects every two bloody seconds for my liking.  

Before the cinema he took me for dinner at a lovely little Japanese which a friend recommended just along the road.

It's very simple and serves fantastic food.  It wasn't at all expensive unlike some of the other Japanese restaurants we go to.  I always cringe when the bill comes as some of them are so overpriced.  £8 for sesame green beans?... £25 for sashimi?  I think not.

I love Miso soup.  It's £1.50 here.  Even cheaper than Yo Sushi and tons better

We had Miso soup, edamame beans, chicken gyoza dumplings which were delicious, the freshest sashimi I'd had in ages, beef teryaki, chicken katsu curry and a large bottle of saki.  It came to £45 which I thought was really great value.

This film IS right up my street... Gainsbourg comes out on 30th July and I can't wait to see it. The Screen on the Green is so fantastic, it has completely changed my opinion about going to the cinema.  The Actor is delighted about that so we are going again at the weekend and will book another sofa.

Serge and Jane.  LOVE.


Belle de Ville said...

That movie theater looks fabulous...but anywhere with upholstered seats and cocktails works for me.
Also, I can't wait to see the Gainsbourg film.
And...when is The Actor coming out in his next film?

Smashingbird said...

I just found out about the Gainsbourg film, it looks amazing. I wish there was a nice cinema near me with sofas, the one you went to looks fabulous!

snowy stylista said...

Now if only all cinemas were so fabulous! These multi complexes are just so dull by comparisism. Sounds like a fantastic night out. Might just have to check it out.
e xxx

Alison Cross said...

Christina - I went to see Toy Story in 3D in Birmingham on Friday. I was actually SOBBING at one point (not the little tears that you can let slide down your face surreptitiously). Thank God they give you a few minutes at the end to get your face composed before the lights go up.

It's absolutely great - but then I was an total sucker for the other two films too!

Cinema looks wonderful - love old picture halls that have been preserved.

Ali x

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Belle, me too. I was really impressed with what they'd done to it. It is definitely the way forward, it made such a difference.

The Gainsbourg trailer looked fantastic.

I will send you a message and let you know xx

Dear Becka, doesn't it. I knew it would be up your street too. When you come to London next you should go, it's only at Angel Islington. I'm really looking forward to going again. I'll report back on the film xx

Dear E, you must! I loved it. I've only been to a multiplex once... What am I like? xx

Dear Ali, Oh God! I'd better take a box of tissues if I go then! I saw the other two on dvd. Isn't the cinema gorgeous. Everyman have done all their cinema's up like that xx

Make Do Style said...

I go to the Curzon at Wimbledon for a sneeky glass of wine and a film view but this is tons better!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Wow. That theatre is something. I love movies, but the goyfriend wants to go see Inception this weekend, and after seeing some of the reviews (including yours), I am not entirely thrilled.

Thanks for the tip about the Gainsbourg movie. I love him. Something to look forward to.




I love the actor, Christina...because of the way he takes such good care of you. Maybe one day we can see a photo, or you can just send one to ME of the 2 of you. I know you must adore him...after all it's been 4 years.

Young at Heart said...

the cinema for me is my number one comfort place....the moment things go tits up I head for the dark.....have been going to the screen for nearly 30 years now, have cried, laughed and fallen in love with various handsome boys in there and almost gave birth during a bout of hysterics during 'After Hours'.....although I do love a sofa cinema I have fond memories of the uncomfertable, seats without leg room and the musty, damp smell!!!

Wildernesschic said...

What a fabulous cinema .. God Christina I would be there all the time I love films and I love to see them on the big screen.. then the japanese mmmm...
I am looking forward to seeing Interception I love Leo he is a great actor and so handsome. You are lucky where you live for all these things xx