Monday, 26 July 2010

Fashion rewind - Atelier Versace

Some of you will have seen these pictures before.  I love fashion illustrations and it's always interesting to see the original drawings and the finished gowns.  This beautiful show stopping collection from Atelier Versace from 2009 doesn't disappoint.  The work that goes into each piece is amazing.

And it's something beautiful to look at on a grey Monday afternoon.

Modeled by Georgina Stojilkovic. Donatella's favourite couture model.


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hello,dear Christina!-)*

I saw you beautiful post and...a big pretty smile comes on my face!
Totaly in awe with these wonderful illustrations and these great creations of Versace Atelier!!!

I love fashion illustrations immensly much and love to do it too...
Thank you for share,

Wildernesschic said...

How fabulous such lovely sketches .. well sorry illustrations they are stunning and how wonderful to see the dresses that they became xx

Simone said...

Absolutely beautiful.....WOW!!!



It is all art. Just beautiful, C.
Seeing the illustrations makes one realize how much thought goes into the design process. xx's

Alison Cross said...

Divine! Gorgeous frocks - what a great way to get relaxed on a Tuesday after a looonng drive - am just imaginging myself in each of those dresses.

With sufficient underpinning, I could perhaps pull a couple of those looks off. So, I can't afford the frocks - but one can dream!

Ali xxxx

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Itin said...

I love all the designs!