Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Early Madonna

Stylist Maripol and Madonna.  I love this polaroid of her

Madonna, 1979

I'm sorting out my iPod at last and have started to download all my favourite songs.  It's a lovely sunny day and I've been jumping around the house and garden to early Madonna hits this morning.  Here are some of her lesser known pictures.  I was a huge fan of hers in the Eighties and Nineties.  I haven't bought a Madonna album for years.  The old ones are always the best...


Make Do Style said...

Great photos and I did love her but now I've lost interest and I wish she was still married to Guy!

80 Black dresses that is wonderful. I'm so impressed. I love black dresses!

Simone said...

"Old" Madonna is definitely the best....Holiday, Borderline, Crazy for You, Into the them!

That polaroid is just gorgeous of her....her daughter really looks so like her, except with brown eyes!

Funny that you mentioned Screen on the Green....we are often go to the Phoenix at East Finchley but it is closed and someone was saying just last night we should go to Screen on the Green. I haven't been there for years, it looks SO NICE!!!!

Thank you for commenting on my "Eat, Pray, Love" post.....I am reading Joan Didion right now and am planning to read David Nicholls "One Day" next as everyone keeps telling me how good it is!!

Here is my summer reading list:

Enjoy the sunshine :)

LouBoo said...

Hi Christina - Madonna - now that is the way to my heart! But in the good old days - when my friends and I used to make up dance routines to 'Holiday' and sport bangles and crop tops with abandon! Thanks for reminding me of those heady days... LB x

Sarcastic Bastard said...

In the photo with Marisol, bitch's eyebrows are OUT OF CONTROL. Laugh.

Alison Cross said...

Simone - I just finished reading One Day and it was absolutely GREAT! And the book I've just started is Eat, Pray, Love - how weird is THAT?!

Christina - I have loved all Madonna's incarnations, but there was something special and quite unique about those early looks. Must dig out some Madge and get into the groove whilst gardening this avo!

Ali x

Girl in a Thunderbolt said...

Thanks for posting. Early Madonna is my favourite too. She had a soft feral quality, which I think she lost when she took to wearing pointed bras!

Wildernesschic said...

Fantastic photos I am also a huge Madonna fan, like Kate though since she had a lot of "pillow face" injections and moved on from our Guy I somehow am not as interested, I like the old Madonna best.. and even if she had wrinkles and bingo wings I think I would prefer her to the strange lady I see now xx

Simone said...

Me again!!

I have a quick question, should you choose to answer it....

Can you give me your top five Male Style Icons, dead or alive?

Thanks :)

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Kate, me too. I felt for Guy.

I love a black dress... as you can tell! xx

Dear Simone, they are all on the iPod plus Lucky Star, Dress You Up, Papa Don't Preach, Vogue, Express Yourself, Everybody, Like A Prayer, Burning Up, Justify My Love... there are a few others, I can't think now.

I have ordered Eat Pray Love and One Day. The last time I wanted to read a book again was believe it or not Liz Jones' two books. Have you read them? I couldn't put them down... for all the wrong reasons probably!

Off to check your reading list now xx

Dear Lou, ahh the old stuff is brilliant! Ditto the dance routines, crop tops and bangles... and a lot of lace, make up and rara skirts! xx

Dear SB, I have to draw mine in to make them bigger, I wish I had hers to start with. She looks beautiful in that picture, but I agree the eyebrows could do with a bit of a pluck xx

Dear Ali, I'm on it with the books.

I think disco gardenING parties are the way to go! I have a portable iPod player that sounds brilliant which we have out there on loud. The neighbours don't seem to mind luckily xx

Dear GIAT, you're right that is about the time she lost it. Loved how edgy she was in the early days and the music was amazing to grow up with xx

Dear Ruth, as ever I am completely with you on all of those points. Bring on the bingo wings instead of those odd wiry arms! I wouldn't mind her face at 50 though! I would love to know exactly what she's had done xx

Dear Simone, oooh! Male style icons... You know me, I can never choose five but I will reel off a list off the top of my head. For total cool it has to be James Dean, Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, oh! and Steve McQueen - what a man!... From music I would say John Lennon, David Bowie, Mick Jagger and of course Elvis. I also like Anthony Kiedis, Kurt Cobain, Liam Gallagher'slook. For old school style I would choose Cary Grant and Fred Astaire. Men now I would say Daniel Craig dresses really well as does Jude Law. I absolutely refuse to go down the David Beckham route. I would probably give Oscar Wilde a mention but then I am obsessed. I Hope this helps xx

shle896 said...

It's a shame that you haven't bought a Madonna album since the 90's because Music, American Life, Confessions On A Dance Floor and Hard Candy are some of her very best albums.. especially Confessions and American Life.

You really should give them a try because you have no idea what you are missing.

PinkJack said...

your icons are interesting....suprisingly traditional...not to demean them or anything , they're cool icons...i thought you'd have gone for some nu man in Dalston!
Guy Ritchie is probably a peasant and I can see why Madge left him. He's got a nice face and I'd shag him in an instant but having seen him in documentaries I think up close he'd be totally Neanderthal and insufferable.

Anonymous said...

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