Thursday, 29 July 2010

Breakfast in the garden

One of my window boxes

I had an accident with my new iPhone last night.  We were getting out of a cab and I managed to drop it under the car.  It was promptly run over by the taxi!!  It's totally knackered!  It still works but the screen is smashed to bits.  I can't believe I've managed to get my new phone RUN OVER!!  The last two met an untimely death, BOTH falling into a vodka and tonic, years apart too.  Unbelievable.

I took it into Carphone Warehouse and the chaps couldn't stop laughing when I showed it to them.  It has now been sent off to Apple.  Luckily I'm insured so will get a brand new one in a week or two.  I miss my iPhone SO much.  I was addicted to it within two days.  The Actor and I cheered ourselves up by staying up until 4am, chatting, drinking Jack Daniels and playing music.

I was woken at 10am by my gardener Tamsin who was at the front door.  Having a gardener might sound grand, but she only comes two or three times a year and sorts out all my messy shrubs, Japanese knotweed and tons of brambles that grow at a rate other plants don't seem to.  If you read my blog you'll know my gardening skills are fairly non existent, although I am getting into it.  It must be an age thing.  I've only very recently discovered what the lawn mower does.

Tamsin is fantastic and does lots of my friend's gardens; Giles Deacon, Stuart Vevers, Hazel Robinson are a few of her clients.  Today we decided I needed a bit of colour.  I wheeled The Actor out of bed to drive me up the road to the garden centre to get something for the window boxes and some more pots for the terrace.  The window boxes looked tragic. For the last few months they've contained the dead remnants of some winter pansies.  My old flatmate Sam came over last week and said *adopts dry tone and Geordie accent* "Oooh! the window boxes are looking nice!"

The Actor was feeling slightly worse for wear so I bribed him with the promise of a cooked breakfast, when we'd returned of course.  I only have a small cookery repertoire; risotto, spag bol, any Sunday roast, breakfast, sausages, mash and onion gravy, soup... does salad count?   There are a few more dishes I do, but it is pretty limited.

Here's the hangover breakfast I made him.  Apologies for the complete lack of plate appeal (I would have jazzed up the presentation a bit, but I only decided to blog it the second he was about to eat it).  He always has big portions so I couldn't exactly do anything minimal with it.  It looked so dull I plonked a couple tomatoes on it for colour.  He was desperate to tuck in but I wouldn't let him until I'd found the camera and taken a picture of it.

Hangover breakfast; 1 large mug of tea, 1 Bloody Mary, spicy scrambled eggs with chopped up fried things, toast and tomatoes

Spicy Scrambled Eggs (serves 2)
6 organic eggs
2 cloves crushed garlic
Good pinch of Maldon sea salt
Extra virgin olive oil

A generous amount of;
Black pepper
Celery salt
Red Tabasco
Green Tabasco
Worcestershire sauce
Chilli flakes
Cayenne pepper
Coriander seed

The rest
6 rashers unsmoked bacon
1 large red onion
1 box mushrooms
Cherry tomatoes
Red or green pepper (optional)

Fry the chopped onion, garlic, bacon and mushrooms in a little olive oil and butter.  Mix the eggs, milk and seasoning together in a bowl and microwave for a minute at a time, whisking every time you take them out until they are the consistency you like.  I've recently discovered that eggs come out much fluffier in the microwave than in a pan.

I think this is the first bit of cooking I've ever posted, although I'm not exactly sure I'd class this as cooking.  I'm no Delia, but it tastes great and the spices seem to work on a hangover.



Another talent you have...breakfast is the most difficult I think. One has to wake up in order to prepare it! xx's darling.

Karena said...

Excellent Christina! I am not very adept at impromptu breakfast as I don't usually eat it!!

Art by Karena

Wildernesschic said...

God that looks gorgeous !! I will be round xxx
So sunny in London too we are already in Autumn up here in the North xx

Alison Cross said...

Oh looks absolutely scrummy! If you know what the lawn mower DOES you are on the slippery slope to knowing How To Use It.

You must never EVER get to that stage or you will find yourself sweating up and down the lawn while The Actor watches you sneakily from behind his sun glasses :-)

Ali x

Sarcastic Bastard said...

You are a good woman to take care of your man, Christina. Breakfast looks wonderful.

Belle de Ville said...

OMG...that is the ultimate hangover breakfast!
Sorry about your iphone...but seriously, how funny is it that it was run over and still works.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Marsha, I think you're right it is the hardest, so many things that don't take long are tricky! xx

Dear Karena, I have to force myself to eat in the mornings. I try and make it easy by only using one pan! xx

Dear Ruth, I'll make you breakfast when you come and stay xx

Dear Ali, I've actually used it three times in the 13 years I've lived here, only because the grass was so long it was getting ridiculous. The Actor has been in charge of lawn mowing for the last four years and is very good at it. Who am I to interfere! xx

Dear SB, I try my best. He does normally expect a cooked breakfast although he's very good at taking me out too xx

Dear Belle, it definitely works. The Bloody Mary to start with is the main ingredient.

I know!! You couldn't make it up getting my phone run over. I would have struggled on with the broken glass but insurance wanted the handset back! xx