Saturday, 26 June 2010

Me and Mrs Jones

Photography by Lee Jenkins
Me and Mrs Jones aka Fee Doran, taken for the Evening Standard in 2001

I'm having a bit of a life laundry at the moment and I found a disc of some old pictures in a drawer today. I have barely any photographs of myself as my ex-boyfriend accidentally burnt our warehouse flat down in 1995 (we were the top floor) the asbestos roof caught fire and flew off.  There was nothing left at all apart from the walls and the bed and sofa springs!

My brilliant friend Fee and I were inseparable.  We were such a double-act and used to make each other roll about laughing constantly.  She is one of the most hilarious people I've ever met and we spark off each other.  We had loads of fun and we went out all the time back then, there was always something going on.  I can't believe it's nearly ten years ago!

Fee's clothes had been worn by an amazing list of musicians.  At that point she was designing all the clothes for Kylie's videos and stage shows.  The pictures of us were taken for a feature on Fee in ES magazine called Me & Mrs Jones.  It was just after the hooded catsuits had come out and everyone wanted one.  I remember when Fee was fitting Kylie into hers - Fee is six foot tall, she'd be on her knees pinning  Kylie into it and Kylie would be the same height as her standing up!

Kylie in Mrs Jones

I was doing Fee's PR at the time.  We are both wearing Mrs Jones.  I'm wearing a white one-shoulder top with a huge gathered sleeve and a denim pencil skirt, which had a pocket with loops that held individual cigarettes and Fee is wearing a customised sweatshirt and harem pants.

One day we had to send a few pictures of the new clothes to someone in a hurry.  As there was no model available, I had to do it.  I was thinner then.  I'm not looking too happy about doing it either, I've got a face like a wet weekend in every shot.  All we had was a Polaroid camera so these are old photographs of the Polaroids.  I remember having to wear Fee's boots which were too big and having to stand in the drizzly rain at the end of her back garden with my hair going all flat, while she took the snaps.  I was the most rubbish model ever.  

I always loved wearing Fee's designs.  Fee and I used to wear the collection out a lot, the catsuits, string vest dresses and the silk flags, there were some great harem pants which were blouson to the knee and then went skin tight from the knee to ankle.  We wore those with tops which were the same as the hooded catsuits.  

Fee made me a fabulous dress which was orange, black and gold with one shoulder and it had an tattoo of a naked woman on.  Her bum ended on my bum.  I loved that dress so much.  I wore it till the seams fell to bits.

This dress is made from a Harley Davidson flag with a black leather collar and chain.  Fee used to buy the flags at Portobello market and make these dresses from them.  There was also a gorgeous Bob Marley one which sadly I don't have a picture of.

The dresses were really flattering and so easy to wear.

This dress is made from a Jim Morrison flag with a white leather collar and chain attached.

You'd have thought I'd have brushed my hair at the back for the photos!

This is the sample of the white leather tracksuit that Fee made for Kylie's Can't Get You Out Of My Head video along with the white hooded catsuit.  It had hidden zips everywhere.  Ms Dynamite wore this one for a video.

Kylie's white leather tracksuit with navy piping by Mrs Jones

Photography by Lee Jenkins
I seem to have my chin glued to her back in this shot.  And my hair!  That two tone look...

Update - My interview with Fee HERE

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Wildernesschic said...

WOW Great photos.. I love those dresses they are amazing, actually a friend wore a similar style to a lunch the other day it is a very flattering cut. I love that cat suit on Kylie always thought it was her best video ..and song xx

Dash said...

Love this post Christina, those dresses are wonderful, so simple and flattering and you look fabulous in them.

I agree with Ruth I thought this was Kylie's finest hour, she looked great in this video and the other one with the gold hot pants and the music was not bad either.

Looking forward to your post on your friend Fee.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend in the sunshine.

Alison Cross said...

Oh this is fantastic Christina!

You look absolutely wonderful (god, I seem to say that in just about every posting that I make on your blog!)

These outfits for Kylie are iconic - especially that slit catsuit - WONDEROUS!!

You look wonderful (jeez, there I go again!) in those photos. The flag frocks are such fun and very sexy too.

Can't wait to read your posting with Mrs Jones :-)

little augury said...

A very creative designer, always love to see taking the "found" and making it wearable fashion. Great pics and I think 10 years should be the rule in acceptance of ourselves in any photograph- You love pretty gorgeous! pgt

Anonymous said...

I love the clothes and you both look fantastic! the dresses and track suit really suit you!

laurakitty said...

It's too bad that you look so miserable in those photos as otherwise you look amazing! Those dresses are so well cut.

I remember well all the press on Fee Doran at the time so it is wonderful to hear your personal memories.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love the Morrison dress in particular. And I'd kill for your hair any day. Oh, and did I mention I'd kill for your figure, too? I would.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Ruth, ah, thank you. It's funny digging out old pictures. It's inspired me to do a bit of exercise though. I don't want bony shoulders again but I haven't moved for years, so it's about time I did something! I love the catsuit and agree she's never looked better than in that video xx

Dear Dash, the dresses are gorgeous... I might have to talk Fee into doing me a special order. Oh yes I liked the gold hot pants too! Hope you had a gorgeous weekend too. It's been absolutely boiling here xx

Dear Ali, thank you, you are so kind. It seems like such a long time ago now! The catsuits ae amazing. Fee and I used to freak the boys out going out in them! Interviewing her will be loads of fun. I have to pin her down first! Hope all's good with you xx

Dear Pgt, Fee always makes amazing stuff out of the most bizarre things. I love a bit of recycling too. And thank you for your lovely words xx

Dear Anonymous, aren't they fabulous clothes! I still have some of her designs which I love xx

Dear Laura, Haha! I think I was going for moody rather than miserable. I didn't really mind doing it but hadn't bothered doing my hair or make-up and it was starting to rain. I've never been great about having my picture taken. I used to pull silly faces or pout which looks ridiculous! But the clothes were wonderful to wear xx

Dear SB, It was one my favourites. Ah bless you, you're very kind... It was nearly ten years ago don't forget... Sending love xx

Rose C'est La Vie said...

Please congratulate Mrs Jones on Kylie's sensational white number with the hood and almost non existent legs. It gives my husband cardiac arrest and I'm pleased to love it too.

I don't know.. you and your designer friends! I've just looked at the Glasto post.

Anonymous said...

Holy Hotness Batman, you're a fox! Of corse the clothes are nice too. :)

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Rose, I shall do! It is pretty amazing. You are funny!

Hope you're well xx

Dear Anonymous, Haha, thank you! The clothes are fab xx

Anonymous said...

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