Friday, 28 May 2010

A letter from Frank Sinatra

Love it!!  Well said, Frank.


Simone said...

How fantastic, I LOVED reading this Christina :)

I am huge Frank Sinatra fan, he is just the coolest guy ever - and a very funny one too at times.

Very wise words indeed....many of today's "stars" could read this and take note. Stardom is indeed earned over time, should be appreciated - and can disappear just like that.

Well said Mr Sinatra.

Have a great week-end :)

Wildernesschic said...

That was brilliant.. and such wise and true words.. not just for stardom but for any good period of life you are experiencing xx

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love both of these men. As far as i am concerned, George is the best living singer currently. I wish he'd work a little more and play less though. Oh well, it's his life. In some ways, George amuses me to death, and I do admire him standing up to the record companies.

Frank was, quite simply, a gem.

Have a great weekend, Christina.



Dash said...

Love Franks letter, says it all really, I do like George Michaels music especially Cowboys and Angels. Which is one of my favourite tracks. I seriously went off George Michael when I saw a documentary of him, I thought he came across very badly, just goes to show some celebrities just should not do interviews or documentaries!

Belle de Ville said...

I love that letter.
"Swing man" classic.

Caroline, No. said...

'Swing, man.' Awesome!

God, I love Frank Sinatra!


He was awesome. I was lucky enough to see in twice, once at Caeser's and the other in Houston, so up close & personal on the front row with all the friends & high-rollers. No one can compare to him.
Both the voice & the personality were gifts of his which most performers don't have, they have maybe a voice but no charisma. But I do love GM too. Wish he would perform more. xx's

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Yogchick said...

I am a HUGE George Michael fan and have always wanted to see the original letter, especially after having heard that it was recently auctioned off for no small sum. Thanks for posting. What a gem.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Simone, isn't Frank wonderful? I love this letter and I totally agree some of today's stars could learn a lot xx

Dear Ruth, absolutely! xx

Dear SB, love them both, who am I to judge? Luckily I don't drive xx

Dear Dash, that's a shame. I've seen him come across really well too xx

Dear Belle, that has to be my favourite bit xx

Dear Caroline, isn't it? Oh, me too. What a dude xx

Dear Marsha, how fabulous! Yes he had charisma in bucket loads. I've seen George perform and he was amazing. Bring back George live I say! xx

Dear Dog Beds? It's all great xx

Dear Yogchick, that's really interesting, it is quite a gem, thanks for visiting xx

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George Michaels music especially Cowboys and Angels, is my one of the favourite tracks. I saw a documentary of him it is awesome and full of interesting.

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