Monday, 3 May 2010

David Waddington's Birthday dinner

The Actor and I went to our very good friend David's Birthday dinner in the Oak Room at his restaurant Bistrotheque last night.  It was a very relaxed evening and it was wonderful to catch up with all our gorgeous friends.

Birthday boy David.  His Mario Testino T shirt says 'How difficult it must be not to be Peruvian.'  Quite.

Stylist and Editor-in-Chief of LOVE magazine Katie Grand and producer and Pulp bassist Steve Mackey. Katie's wearing Chanel and Steve's wearing Tom Ford

Wonderland Magazine's Grace Cobb

Fashion East's Lulu Kennedy

Giles Deacon modelling a fake moustache, there was a set of moustache's going round

Loewe's Keith Warren and Hazel Robinson wearing a Katharine Hamnett jumpsuit and Prada shoes

Photographer Lee Jenkins

International art curator Pablo Leon de la Barra who has an excellent blog Centre for the Aesthetic Revolution

Photographer Liz Collins and Giles, Liz is wearing Marc Jacobs

Katie Grand gives Keith Warren a new hairstyle

Club promoter and DJ Nathan Gregory Wilkins

Jane Hayward who designs McQueen's McQ line

We dined on a delicious poached trout salad with fennel, avocado, capers and crispy onions

Some excellent ham, salami, cornichons, homemade piccalilli and bread

Katie Grand, Liz Collins and Lee Jenkins

We were then given hammers and a crab each, I had forgotten to take pictures so Pablo Leon de la Barra very kindly emailed me some...

We made a right mess with the crabs and people were tucking their napkins into their collars whilst bits of crab flew all over the place.

Thank God they got rid of the tablecloths!  Look at the state of the place, it was carnage!

Tom had made some absolutely delicious macaroni cheese which went down so quickly even Pablo didn't get a picture quickly enough.  I think this dish should be on Bistrotheque's menu permanently.  Sometimes only white carbs will do.

Birthday cake - a dense dark chocolate truffle cake with clotted cream.  Yum!

Nicky Bradbury and her Giles dinosaur bag

Lots of people went off for a dance at Horsemeat Disco.  Being a bit of a Nana these days I didn't go, instead we popped back to Giles for a nightcap, as we were getting into the cab I spotted

Editor-in-Chief of Arena homme plus, Jo-Ann Furniss's gorgeous Azzedine Alaia boots

Thank you to David for a fabulous evening.
Happy Birthday my darling


Wildernesschic said...

Another fun evening by the looks of it with lots of fun and interesting people...Love those boots!
I love Giles lip attire and I love the colour of Lulu Kennedy's hair sending me on a colour search again lol xxx

Simone said...

So fabulous! I absolutely love your friend's Mario Testino t-shirt :)

Have a great week :)

Young at Heart said...

You truely are the coolest friend I don't have.......despite dining on cake and champagne myself, am soooo jealous!!

Belle de Ville said...

Great people know how to put on a party!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Looks like a great time. I love clotted cream, but do you know nobody makes it here in the States? It's been over 20 years since I've had any. I lived in Wolverhampton for a summer in 1984.

Love to you,


Dash said...

Christina, another fabulous evening, I am drooling over those boots!

I have finally managed to respond to the beautiful blogger award, that you so kindly awarded me. Apologies for taking so long, but I was working up some inspiration.

Smashingbird said...

Looked like a very fun evening, you could of saved me a bit of that delish looking cake!


thanks for the super blogging of my birthday party. Dont we all look so super. Shame i cant remember much after the starters! Got home at 6.30am.......


Anonymous said...

oh my lord - if this was a russ meyer film it would be funny - but sadly no.

Christina Lindsay said...

Dear Ruth, he always seems to find a moustache! I think my camera flash makes people's hair redder. There's a pic on here of me at Belinda's birthday and my hair looks ginger. There's lots of pics of Lulu on here for reference xx

Dear Simone, It made me laugh, I wonder if there are any Peruvian's wearing them? You too xx

Dear Young at Heart, I'll be your friend on here! I love reading your blog, you write so well. Wish I could! xx

Dear Belle, thank you. We've had rather too much practice! xx

Dear SB, would you like me to send you some over? I'm sure I could Fedex you some! Love back xx

Dear Dash, aren't they fab, I love Azzedine. I really enjoyed reading your answers. I find out we have more in common daily xx

Dear Smashingbird, I'll send you some when I send SB the clotted cream xx

Dear David, (Bistrotheque) Darling it was a marvellous night. You looked like you were enjoying yourself, as did everyone else! xx

Dear Anon, a Russ Meyer film would indeed be hysterical! xx

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