Friday, 30 April 2010

Grace Jones private view

From Jeanette's we jumped in a black cab to Soho to the amazing underground venue The Vinyl Factory for  the private view of Stillness at the Speed of Light.  Portraits of Grace Jones by Chris Levine.  The huge rooms were lit with tiny coloured lights and UV to show off Chris's fantastic pictures, a lot of Grace's showstopping costumes from the last shows featuring the Swarovski crystal bowler hat that they fired lasers from.  They were hard to capture properly on camera so do try and go and see it if you can.  Lots of people bought prints that were going for an absolute steal at £100.

There were two vast rooms and a bar and we sipped vodka and tonic while everyone speculated whether Grace was actually going to turn up.  I had originally thought Grace was performing but after scouring the building I could find no stage.

I was thrilled to bump into a very old friend of mine, Wall of Sound owner Mark Jones.  It was brilliant to see Mark, it's been far, far too long.  He confirmed that Grace was already in the building.  I was dying to see what she was wearing!  Here are my snaps of a few of Chris Levine's pictures.

We looked at this laser for ages trying to work it out

Then we realised if you move your head really quickly to one side Grace's face appears out of the light. I tried to catch it, but this is one you really have to see for yourself.

The beautiful Daisy Beaumont

My great friends Daisy, actor Jake Maskall and his gorgeous partner Steven Williams

The wonderful Mark Jones.  Mark had a pack of cards with different words and phrases on which he held up periodically

'Is that it?'

The divine Annie Lennox

Club host Chrissy Darling.  That is some look!  When legendary photographer Richard Young saw him he said to me "Oh God!  What's my mum doing here?"

Mark Jones and Chrissy Darling.  Some lunatics thought he was Grace!  The card Mark's holding up says 'You Look Shit'

Artist Haluk Akakce.  Headpiece by Philip Treacy

My good friend, menswear stylist Ashley Elliott who lived next door to me for years and photographer Giles Smith

Chris Sullivan, I spent many nights in his club The Wag back in the Eighties and Mark Jones. The card says 'Fuck You.'  Then he invited Daisy, Steven, Jake and I to the after party.  We were going to go home but... you just have to don't you?

Gorgeous stylist Anders Thomsen.  Anders, I love you!

The fabulous designer Hannah Marshall who based her last collection on Grace

Then Grace appeared... Hundreds of photographers clamoured to get photos and the room was lit with flashbulbs.  Grace is one of our true superstars.  She has a jaw dropping presence that you rarely see these days.  Grace is a LEGEND!  She very kindly let me take a few pictures before the scrum ensued.

I love this shot.  Mask by Philip Treacy

Chris Levine and Grace.  I forgot to ask who her perforated rubber gloves were by.  The Issey Miyake shawl is fabulous

Grace and Chris patiently posed for a photocall for what seemed like forever.  Everyone went mad to get a picture.

She is amazing!!

Then a quick change of shawl and Grace gave a talk and read some poetry with great style.

Then off to the afterparty at MIA in Dean Street.  We ended up in a booth with Grace, Mark, her producer Ivor Guest and some of her crew.  Waitresses in bustiers brought out magnums of Champagne with huge sparklers on.  It was like a scene out of Footballers Wives, I thought John Terry would turn up any minute but Grace is far too cool for footballers.  I think Grace had been accommodating enough with all the photographers so I didn't take any more pictures.  It must get terribly dreary constantly having people shoving cameras in your face.

Fashion designer Sorapol

The fabulous club promoter Daniel Lismore - he looks amazing!

What a brilliant hat!  Daniel please let me know who it's by xx

Then onto the Grey Goose with some exotic fruit juice.  Bring on the hangover, but there was no way we were leaving.   And what a legendary night!

The Vinyl Factory
51 Poland Street

The exhibition runs until the 14th May and entry is free.  It's well worth seeing, the effects are stunning.  For a preview see the link below.


Wildernesschic said...

Oh Chirstina I love Grace Jones .. her style, attitude and her music. Have always thought she was amazing .. But through this post I also have a new desire Anders Thomsen... Well only to give me some style tips .. if I could stop gazing and listen xxx

HOBAC said...

I have just changed every shade of green imaginable. I think I need to lay down.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I am scared of Grace Jones, not that I have ever met her, but I can never get the incident when she was being interviewed by Russell Harty. Now I am really showing my age!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

That should have said "I can't get the incident out of my head" sorry, its early!

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-wow, what a night and what stunning pictures, it sounds like you had such an amazing time and Grace looks divine!!

Dash said...

What a fabulous evening, Grace Jones is amazing and other worldly, Slave to the rhythm is one of my favourite albums and always transports me back in time. Grace looks like she has some serious competition from Daniel Lismore, I am loving his headgear.

Make Do Style said...

Great reportage! Love the photos xxx

PS am off to get the ingredients for the fennel et al juice now!

Alison Cross said...

I'm with HOBAC - every single shade of green under the sun!

Fantastic event - really wonderful photos of La Jones.

The body suit fella reminds me of Leigh Bowery :-) Showing my age now LOL!

Looks like a fab event, captured magnificently. Thank you for posting.

Ali x

Jill said...

I love what Miss Daisy is wearing!

Christina Lindsay said...

Dear Ruth, ditto! She is phenomenal! And Anders is divine in every way xx

Dear HOBAC, I would have been too if I wasn't there. it was one of those unexpected nights... xx

Dear Mrs Fab, I'm 41 and I remember that very clearly but you can't hold that against her surely? it was in 1981! It's mad to think that was nearly 30 years ago, it doesn't seem that long. She's 62 in a couple of weeks. I think she's a larger than life character which I admire, I love her style and her music is essential xx

Dear SR, it was brilliant. She's a star, I'm very lucky to go to these things xx

Dear Dash, other worldly is an excellent way of describing her and totally agree Slave to the Rhythm is a classic. I'll find out where Daniel's hat's from xx

Dear Make Do Style, thank you very much. Oh I'm so pleased you're trying it. Please let me know what you think xx

Dear Ali, ah! thank you again. Yes CD is very Leigh Bowery as is Daniel Lismore. Both part of the new generation of 'club kids' inspired by the 80's. I'm putting a post together about Leigh at the moment, it's taking a while as so many people are contributing. I grew up in that scene. It seems like yesterday! Wish it was! xx

Dear Jill, yes Daisy pulls off that prim and proper look with aplomb. She has some great vintage dresses xx

MsHark said...

wow thats the kind of party I see about in the movies or on SATC! Hah. Really interesting and your friend Daisy IS completely gorgeous!

Thanks for a sneak peak into this world!


Girl In A Thunderbolt said...

*gasp* The woman is AMAYZING!

Anonymous said...

I know her stylist. He s a Brazilian guy called Leo Belicha he s the talent behind her style, really!

Christina Lindsay said...

Dear MsHark, Daisy is not only lovely she's also a stunner, thank you for your comment xx

Dear GIAT, she's quite jaw dropping! xx

Dear Anon, I know Leo, he's great. Pic of him here xx

Christina Lindsay said...

Dear MsHark, Daisy is not only lovely she's also a stunner, thank you for your comment xx

Dear GIAT, she's quite jaw dropping! xx

Dear Anon, I know Leo, he's great. Pic of him here xx

Simone said...

Cool, cool, cool......what a fabulous post, what a night!!!

I cannot BELIEVE Grace Jones is 62, NO WAY!!!!


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Annie Lennox is one of my idols. I adore her.

Christina Lindsay said...

Dear Simone, I know! She looks fabulous! xx

Dear SB, me too. She was delightful xx

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exclusive escorts said...

The CD is much like Leigh Bowery Daniel Lismore. Both part of a new generation of children inspired by the club in the 80s. I am putting up a total of about Leigh-mail at the time, it takes time, because so many people are involved.