Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Beautiful Blog Award part two

I was thrilled to receive a Beautiful Blogger Award from the wonderful Tania Kindersley at Backwards in High Heels, a writer of true brilliance whose blog I read every day.

I have to list seven things about myself and then pass the award on.

My love of glamour comes from watching old Hollywood films as a child
When I was really young I had a fascination with the Thirties.  I loved all the clothes and the decor.  I have an encyclopedic knowledge of old films as I watched so many and can name pretty much any actor or actress from old photographs.  I used to spend hours looking through old film books, which is rather odd for a young child.

My bedside table. There's are books piled all over the house .

I buy more books than I could ever read
I adore books and can't pass a bookshop or a charity shop without going in.  I try and limit myself now as I have so many.  I need to try and finish one book at a time.  I probably have enough for a lifetime's reading but that doesn't stop me wanting more.

I keep all the bits and bobs in an old Seventies cigarette tin.  With the lip balm of course... my other addiction.

I've never given up smoking
I started smoking when I was twelve, obviously I didn't smoke that much back then.  For the last four years I've only smoked roll-ups which has massively reduced my intake.  I've never even tried to give up.  I thought health or vanity may play a part one day but it hasn't yet.

I try to eat healthily
But I always cheat.  I love food and generally eat what I like.  I didn't really eat vegetables until I was ten.  Now I'm obsessed with eating vegetables and will eat everything apart from butter beans and marrow fat peas which I can't stand.  There's something quite hideous about tinned peas although I will suffer a tinned carrot in a cafe if there's no other option.  I also juice a lot which is great for the skin.  People think apple, carrot, ginger and beetroot is good but there's a lot of sugar in that so it's best to stick to mostly vegetables.  My favourite juice is fennel, celery, cucumber, kale, apple, lime and ginger.

I love quizzes
I'm mad on Trivial Pursuit but any type of quiz will do.  The old Trivial Pursuit Genus editions are the best as I think the questions are getting easier now.  The Actor thought I had memorised all the questions! so I responded by buying every single Trivial Pursuit game since the Eighties so that would be implausible.  I used to have a photographic memory, but it's not what it was anymore.

The Actor and I played Trivial Pursuit for twelve hours in one sitting on holiday.  He is ridiculously clever and annoyingly brilliant at all subjects.  I either know it or make a lucky wild guess.  My geography and science aren't great but I'm good on art and literature, entertainment and history.  He absolutely hates it if I beat him.  If I get into the centre first he'll ask me sport and leisure questions which I'm rubbish at.  Although I did once get "How do you make a Pina Colada?" as a sport and leisure question.  I can't bear Pina Colada's but I do know how to make one so I won!  He immediately challenged me to a game of Who Wants to be a Millionaire for money.  He wanted the million to be £1000 but I said I couldn't afford it so we made it £100.  I went straight round the board and won again!  Admittedly the £500,000 question was about a Jilly Cooper character, which was rather lucky for me!  He couldn't believe it.  He paid up straight away though.

I hate having my photograph taken
I think it's because I don't look the way I think I do anymore.  I pull frozen faces when a camera is pointed at me.  I have barely any photographs of myself as my ex-boyfriend accidentally burnt our house down in 1995!  I've tried to take one of myself now, which isn't easy as I can't seem to work out how to look into a mirror and a camera at the same time.

I met my boyfriend on a stag night
It was Andrew Lincoln's stag night. Andy is as divine in real life as he is in his films.  They started off in a bar around the corner from me and I knew everyone there.  I suspect they invited me as they wanted me to get them into clubs.  I refused to go for ages as I didn't want to be the only girl but they kept ringing and finally wore me down.  By the time I arrived all twenty nine of them were 'very jolly'.  The stag night had been organised by the Best Man, the delightful screenwriter Stephen Beresford, but the club he'd chosen would never have let that many boys in.  I ended up taking them to Fabric which had a huge queue down the street.  I lined up a group of them and asked the bouncer if he recognised any them (all of them were instantly recognisable from the television) he said "No, sorry.  But I recognise you!" which everyone thought was hilarious!  He let us all in for nothing and we had an amazing night.  We carried on back at my house and The Actor and I have been together ever since!  It's our fourth anniversary in May and I couldn't be happier. Thank God I didn't stay in!

I pass this award on to the following beautiful blogs

I was very kindly given this award before.  To see my previous answers and who I passed it onto, click HERE

I also did a post on the benefits of juicing, which I recommend to everyone. To see it click HERE


Wildernesschic said...

Great photo your hair looks fab !
I am the same with book and now I have a pile of DVD's by the bed incase I cant sleep I can watch on mad with head phones xx

snowy stylista said...

It was nice to learn a little more about you!! Loving the blog! e xx

Wildernesschic said...

PS Love Andrew Lincoln he is one of our favourite actors ( as in the royal our :) Loved him in "This Life" , "Teachers" and the Phsycic series ... As always Christina you have done this beautifully I bet the Labour party wish you were on their PR team :) xx

Simone said...

I think you may be the most glamorous and interesting person I have ever met!!! Your blog is amazing, I may be here some time!!!

Loved reading a little more about you. I too love old movies and glamour.

Really liked your post about Dalston - your house is are the other houses you showed photos of.

I have always had a crush on Andrew Lincoln, like many other people!!!

Thank you so much for the lovely comments over at my blog :)

Make Do Style said...

Fab answers and you look wonderful in your photo! made me rethink my morning apple, carrot and ginger combo - drat!! x

little augury said...

Christina , how lovely many thanks, and a thank you to HOBAC too, for helping me find my way over to Fashion's Most Wanted.Loved your Capote post. I will see what I can do in the very near future to share this award.pgt

Simone said...

It's so nice of you to think of me for this award.....however, I think that you and I found each other via Tania at Backwards in High Heels when she nominated both of us for the award, so I'm not sure I can accept it twice - or can I?!!

I think you mentioned to me previously that your boyfriend lives in Muswell Hill - and I had mentioned I am moving. I have lived here for around 15 years and love it so am still staying in the area just changing roads :)

Loved your "benefits of juicing" post - you have inspired me to retrieve my juicer from the back of the cupboard :)

Marcie said...

Congrats! You deserve it.


Christina Lindsay said...

Dear Ruth, thank you! I actually washed yesterday for a change! I wish I could find time to watch my pile of dvd's... Andy is fabulous. As for the labour PR bit, I'm not sure even I could talk Gordon Brown out of this afternoon's gaffe. He must be cringing xx

Dear Snowy Stylista, thank you so much! xx

Dear Simone, wow! I'm very flattered. Glad you like my blog, I feel the same about yours. Your choice of pictures is wonderful and would cheer anyone up.

Oh god! I did say my memory wasn't what it was! I did find you via Tania! It's up to you if you'd like to do the award again but I totally understand as you only had it two days ago!! I think of someone to pass it on to.

My boyfriend moved from one place to another around the corner. It is a lovely area. It's like going on holiday when I stay at his.

Do get your juicer back out, it really makes a difference and so much easier than eating all that veg! Make sure it's not one that spins round to get the juice out, they are mostly a waste of time.

Let me know what to do about the award, early senile dementia... xx

Dear Make Do Style, that's very kind of you. I'm sure the juicing helps. Do try my recipe, you can almost feel it working xx

Dear PGT, your blog is a joy and a delight! Thanks so much re the Truman post. I get a bit carried away and they end up so long! xx

Daniel-Halifax said...

thank you so much!

I can see from your answers that our tastes are VERY similar! No wonder I love your blog so much!

Girl In A Thunderbolt said...

Haha! I know what you mean about having your photo taken! I'm more than happy to go in close and capture the nostril hairs of my nearest and dearest, but I turn into a lump of lead when anyone points a camera at me!
Great blog!

Dash said...

Christina, thank you so much for the award. I love your answers, I can relate to all of them. I have to say that I know a lot of people who smoke roll ups for the same reasons as you and but I have never seen such a beautiful and immaculate stash tin.

Alison Cross said...

You look fantastic in your photo!

If that's you not looking the way you used to, you must have been absolutely Red Hot back in the day!!

I love your blog because it's incredibly glam and this post has been a lovely way to find out more about you.

Congrats on being a beautiful blogger ;-)

Ali x

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I, too, am a compulsive book hoarder. Laugh.

Loved your photo. You do have great hair.



Smashingbird said...

Thanks sooo much for passing it to me, but I just don't think I can think of 7 more things about myself which are remotely interesting or postable! So please do pass it on to another blogger.
I'm a quiz fiend too, but can never get my fella to join in as he says I'm too competitive, it's true, I can get quite nasty....

HOBAC said...

Thanks. This could take a while. Seven things... seven things that are: interesting, non self incriminating, not negative (or just plain mean)... This really could take a while.

Christina Lindsay said...

Dear Daniel, darling, great minds think alike! xx

Dear GIAT, I used to be alright but as I've got older I just can't bear it! I'm just as bad with editing friends pictures now though, especially as I often blog them xx

Dear Dash, it's the OCD (not really) but I can't bear bits and bobs and crumbs of tobacco everywhere so the old tin is perfect. Look forward to your answers xx

Dear Ali, thank you! I looked a lot healthier before. After 35 the glow in your skin completely goes and you start to see the ageing process a lot more, that's why I don't like having my picture done. You can do wonders with make up thank God! I've had no work done yet as my boyfriend hates it so I'm just putting bucket loads of face cream on and hoping for the best! Good to have found you too xx

Dear SB, there must be a helpline surely?! I can't stop. I think I'm missing out or something! Love xx

Dear Smashingbird, I totally understand! And I am so with you on the competitive thing. I start getting all mean about clues and stuff, you almost forget it's your boyfriend you're playing with! xx

Dear Hobac, It's my second time of doing it so slightly more difficult. I could have incriminated myself a lot more... Why don't you just write about seven things you like (which I'm sure will be fabulous!) if you don't want it to be about yourself? Look forward to your answers but I don't mind at all if you'd rather not do it xx

LouBoo said...

I am catching up - hello - and just to say a great seven things about you! I too had a juicing phase but didn't keep it up; must get back to it as its about a close as one can get to purity in a dirty world! Sounds like absolute fate with the stag night, how interesting and lovely. LB x

Christina Lindsay said...

Dear LouBoo, hello! Try and get back to it, I have lapses too but feel much better when I keep it up. Yes I think it must be fate, funny how things happen, isn't it? Great to have found your lovely blog xx

Tania Kindersley said...

Ah, you are so kind. And I could not be more delighted to see Backwards on your bedside table. Feel absurdly proud.

The most curious thing is that the delightful Stephen Beresford is my FRIEND. How astonishing it is that you should mention him. I adore him. How funny that we should meet through the meandering byways of the internet, and then find we have a real person in common.

(Tremendous Thursday quotes, by the way, esp the Cecil Beaton one.)


Christina Lindsay said...

Dear Tania, I bought Backwards when it came out, it was on my recommendation list on Amazon and I recognised your name from a long while before when I read Goodbye Johnny Thunders which I thought was fantastic. I dip into Backwards all the time and love it. I discovered your blog in October when I started blogging properly and I read a lot of your previous posts which are brilliant! I adore the way you write.

How wonderful! I don't really know Stephen but I am very close to three of the boys he was at RADA with. Stephen and I are friends on Facebook and I hadn't initially realised that you were the same person who left him delightfully witty comments that never failed to make me laugh. I don't think I've ever met anyone I don't have at least one friend in common with. I also adore Caitlin but don't see her much. Good friends do though, they all go on holidays with their children xx

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