Monday, 22 March 2010

Style Icons - Bianca Jagger

Photography by Mike Lawn

Bianca Jagger was the winner of the 1972 Woman of the Year Hat Award. It's a beautiful hat! sadly there's no credit to say who created it.

I've always been inspired by Bianca Jagger's style. A true fashionista, socialite and style icon, she was a main feature at Studio 54 with one of her best friends Andy Warhol.  Bianca and Mick Jagger were an amazingly glamorous couple and went out a lot in the seventies.  Every designer wanted to dress her and she always looked exotic and wonderful.

Although I don't have her dusky looks, I love the clothes she wore; one shoulder tops and dresses, lots of fabulous things created by her friend Halston, the hooded and Grecian dresses, furs, sequins, turbans, chokers, stunning hats, silk kaftans and of course the legendary Yves Saint Laurent suits.

I have a few vintage Halston pieces which are brilliantly wearable and never seem to date.  My favourite is a tomato red Grecian one shouldered dress from the seventies.

Here are some of my favourite pictures of Bianca, in no particular order

That hat again with a gorgeous velvet suit, I must find out who made it

Photography by Eric Boman, March 1974

Polaroid by Andy Warhol

Photography by Richard Avedon, 1972

Now that's what I call a fur cape

Love the outfit but not the face on the stole looking at me

Wearing a Bill Gibb silk kaftan, 1974

With Halston.  I love this gold dress

Mick and Bianca's wedding, both dressed by Yves Saint Laurent

What a fabulous couple. I love Bianca's Edwardian look and Mick, for me is pulling off that satin shirt and white suit marvellously

Love the turban, sequin blouse and choker

What a beautiful couple

Amazing cheekbones

Love the one shoulder look especially a black top with a white skirt rather than the other way round

A very young Bianca and Andy Warhol polaroid picture

Out again with her great friend Andy Warhol

In that Halston hooded dress... see post below

Bianca's 30th Birthday at Studio 54

Arriving on a white horse caused a huge fuss and created so much press the club was well and truly on the map after this

A rare colour picture of Halston, Bianca and Mick at her Birthday party at Studio 54

With Mikail Baryshnikov and Alana Hamilton (Stewart)

Love, love, love this outfit

From white horses to white parrots and doves

With Halston wearing a beautiful Halston Grecian dress

Love this dress with the gold belt and leaf headband

At Halston's apartment in New York under a Warhol of Bianca

Beautiful in Halston

In YSL and chunky bangles with the ever gorgeous Jeff Bridges

White YSL tuxedo and aviators

Looking amazing in a classic YSL trouser suit and a bowler hat


Read my post on Bianca in red Halston HERE


Wildernesschic said...

Have always been a fan of Bianca. I love her White trouser suit, I always remember a photo of her wearing that and thinking, she was the most stylish woman ever!
Mick wasn't bad either :)

SR@MyStyle said...

Lovely pictures, I'd love to see some of your vintage Halston, I bet it's stunning!!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Ruth, she has amazing style and yes, what a gorgeous couple they made! xx

Dear Sharon, I've finally posted some pics... although I was rather worse for wear xx

Pandora said...

Just stumbled by your charming blog by accident, love the old photos.
Thanks for sharing.

Maria said...

She look amazing when she wear white suit.

Anonymous said...

Do you photos of your Halstons? What color is the Grecian one?

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I've just already Digg your blog, nice post you have there and how you preserve those amazing photos.

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Anonymous said...

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golosinavisual said...

She is fantastic!!

Maybe you'd like the post we've just don about her and Mr Jagger :-)

Cafe24 Fashion Blog said...

She's so amazing. :) She really catch my eyes. :)

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