Wednesday, 31 March 2010

L'Artisan chocolates for Easter

I am a chocoholic.  There is always, always chocolate in my fridge, in fact I go into a mild panic if supplies run low.  Given no choice I will eat any type of chocolate but I favour very dark chocolate and I've progressed to 85% cocoa.  My corner shop is excellent (one hundred steps from my house... Yes I've counted) stocks the entire Green and Black and Lindt range. I used to sometimes eat four Wispa's a day.  I knew I had to calm down!  Now milk chocolate tastes too sweet and I'm convinced I can tell the vegetable fat/cocoa ratio (although I probably can't).

I've tried every fancy chocolatiers in London and my favourite is L'Artisan du Chocolat.  The Actor used to buy me boxes from their shop in the Kings Road but mercifully they now have a concession in Selfridges which is much nearer.  It's immediately to your right as you go down the steps from the food hall leading into the area that sells chocolate (strangely enough), fountain pens and stationery.

Their liquid salted caramels are amazing and all their little squares of chocolate-covered flavoured ganache are just superb, laced with all manner of natural oils and delicious things including orange, ginger, rose, banana, thyme, black cardamom, lumi (sun dried lime), chestnut tree honey, tonka beans, chili and on request, tobacco.

So rather than a big hollow hunk of chocolate these make a marvellous and much nicer alternative to an easter egg.  They do mail order I understand and 30 pieces in a very lovely box is £20.  I find it's a good option to go for their selection as it makes you try new flavours you wouldn't normally, with surprising results.  I'm yet to find one I didn't like.  If you want some excellent chocolate,  do give these a go.


Wildernesschic said...

God I saw these on my trip down .. so glad I didn't try them :) they look divine ... I need another chocolate addiction like a hole in the head ..Happy Easter xxx

Jill said...

A box of chocolates is dangerous for me. I eat the entire box. No matter how long it takes in a 24 hour period. Shameless, I know!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love carmels. Milk chocolate has become WAY too sweet for me now, too. I no longer enjoy it.

Love you lots.

Young at Heart said...

there is no better use for this ghastley weather than to hide under the duvet with an Audrey Hepburn boxset and the chocolate of your choice......looking forward to all those half price bunnies coming soon!!

sanjeet said...

they look divine
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