Saturday, 20 March 2010

Beautiful Blog Award

Thanks so much to the lovely Ruth from Life, the universe and all that's in it who has very kindly given me this award.

The rules of acceptance are to share seven things about yourself and pass it on to seven other beautiful bloggers.

Seven things about me

1)  I'm addicted to Ebay. In it's early days I found some amazing bargains. I've spent a small fortune on there. Now I limit myself to a much smaller budget so I don't get carried away. I've furnished my house with antiques bought on Ebay. My sofa was £100. It was in perfect condition and is the most comfortable thing ever, I've always meant to get it recovered in pale gold velvet but never got round to it. It's peach, a colour I would never have chosen but it works in the room at the moment.

I buy most of my clothes on there too. I know exactly what suits me and what fabrics to choose so rarely make mistakes, although I have had the odd polyester disaster which has gone straight in the charity shop bag or if it's really hideous, the bin. When I do get something that doesn't work on me I give it to a friend that it will suit. I buy lots of dresses mostly in black, cream or red, I've gone mental buying jumpsuits, I must have about eighty of them in all different styles (but never clingy lycra!), tons of cashmere, lots of marabou jackets, stoles and shrugs in different colours and some fabulous nightdresses, silk pyjamas and dressing gowns that I lie around the house in but don't wear in bed. I've paid a fraction of the sale price for all of it. I never, ever sell anything on Ebay, only buy. I'm far too disorganised about posting things to be any good at selling.

Stella McCartney jumpsuit that needed a small repair, £80

Coco de Mer marabou stole, £75

Stella McCartney for H&M silk jumpsuit. I love these so much and they're really comfortable. I ended up buying three all from Ebay. Two in black (in case one wore out) and one in blue

2)  I don't own a single pair of blue denim jeans!  I used to live in jeans until I was about twenty then I just stopped wearing them and always dressed up instead. I do own three pairs of Joseph black skinny trousers which could be called jeans which I wear occasionally.  Usually when I remember to put on my MBT's to go walking because the MBT's are so hideous the "jeans" are long enough to cover most of them up!  I love shoes and have loads but I only have four handbags and normally only one I use until it starts to fall to bits then I'll buy another.

My favourite shoes by Christian Louboutin for Giles collection. They were a present from Giles.

3)  I've never owned an iron or an ironing board in my life and if you saw how awful my ironing is that's probably a good thing. When I was sixteen a boyfriend asked me to iron a shirt for him.  I deliberately made such a pigs ear of it he never asked me again which suited me! I used to joke that I can only iron pillow cases and tea towels as they were flat but in truth I can only remember ironing that shirt ever. I always have a good washing machine with a non crease setting then I hang things carefully or on hangers to dry. Anything else goes to the dry cleaners where my bills are shocking!

4)  I love interior design and organising other peoples houses. I've found lots of special pieces of furniture for friends, mostly on Ebay of course! I was going to start a business doing 'life laundry.' I've done lots of my houses and some of them have been serious hoarders. Helping people part with clutter they've hung onto for years but really don't need is very satisfying and they always feel so much better for it. I try and do it in a fun way and reason with them why they're hanging onto things. I go through every single cupboard, drawer, wardrobe in the entire house and reorganise it all (I tend to line things up in an OCD fashion) then often move furniture and restyle each room. All the things we get rid of I recycle or take to the charity shop. The last girlfriend I did sent me a lovely card saying "you have totally transformed my life" which was wonderful.

All furniture bought on Ebay over the years.  I was aiming for a tongue-in-cheek camp look!

Bed £300, bedside tables £20 and £30 each, silk pillowcases £20 each, all Ebay. Antique 100% lead crystal lamps a present from my Dad

5)  I've partied for England. From the age of fifteen I used to go out almost every night. I just missed the New Romantic scene but used to go clubs like the Camden Palace, the Wag, Limelight, Taboo and the Mud Club and spent a lot of my time in various Soho establishments. I did the whole rave scene, early days of Ibiza (when it was the best place in the world to party), tons of clubbing, everything from glamorous parties to underground techno and days and days of after parties. We'd often go out on a Friday and come in on a Monday morning, sometimes later. Overall I'm relatively unscathed from my 25 years of partying although I do often walk into rooms at home and have no clue what I've come in for.

I think I've worn out my batteries, I've slowed down in the last couple of years and since I turned forty I can't do more than one night. I've had the most amazing times and met the most brilliant friends and I wouldn't change any of it for the world. I have the most fantastic, funny, gorgeous and wonderful friends anyone could ever wish for and I adore them all.

DC10 the best club in Ibiza. It's at the end of the runway and the planes fly straight over the dance floor. It opens at 6am on a Monday morning

Taken from the DJ booth at DC10

6) I'm a TV addict and I love my nights in now. I have two Sky plus boxes, one in my TV room and one in my bedroom. They rarely have more than 10% of space left on them. I watch documentaries, history programmes and drama, I especially love period drama. I think I'm addicted to escapism!

I also love property programmes, anything to do with interiors or food, I love Masterchef and I must have seen every episode of Come Dine with Me. My friend Nicky is married to Dave Lamb the narrator who is brilliant and I think really makes the show. I always record Corrie, I think it's the best soap. I'll also watch crap like What Katie Did Next but only when The Actor's not around. He does like I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here which is a blessing and Celebrity Big Brother but definitely not Big Brother which thankfully I have tired of too.

Two of my favourite ever period dramas

7)  Nearly everyone I've ever been out with has been an actor with the odd musician thrown in. I can walk into a room with five hundred people in and still manage to pick an actor! In my early twenties I went out with some actors that were complete unknowns who have now become famous. An agent used to take the piss and say they go out with me then win an Oscar! (this was a joke, I'm not sure any of them have actually won one... a BAFTA maybe).

I don't know what it is about actors.  I like creative people and most actors are great fun, high maintenance but definitely not boring. The Actor and I have been together for nearly four years and he's the most amazing boyfriend.  When we met we had a five day one-night stand! A record even by my standards. He left for one night and came back and stayed for another couple of weeks. It was the year we had the heatwave, we bought a big blow up pool and sat in the garden for two weeks drinking cocktails. I'm over the moon I met him and he is absolutely the love of my life.

The Actor who prefers to remain anonymous on my blog. I took this on holiday in Sicily.

I give this award to the following blogs


Looking Fab in your forties said...

If only I could say my life were as interesting! and your beautiful home - wow!

Wildernesschic said...

I really enjoyed that .. I also love a period drama series, my favourite was he House of Elliot. Swop Ibiza 90's for Marbella 8o's and we are similar again:)
Where we differ is jeans... I must have at least 50 pairs my dressed up is often jeans,sometimes leading Miss Mayfair to ask would I like to borrow anything, whilst in London.. so I always pack a designer dress now LOL. I also love ironing ... I have to iron all my sheets etc etc. But I think both of those are as much iife style as anything. You have an exiting life and live in London... my little Welsh village already think I am overdressed as I don't live in tracky bottoms and a fleece .. looking forward to meeting up. Great Post xx

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there!! Thanks so much for stopping by with your lovely comments-I'm not too far from you, I live in Ilford. Love this post and I'm the same with 'Come Dine with Me'-Hubby and I adore Dave, he so makes the show. I'm also like Ruth, I'm an avid jeans girl, but I love dresses too! I'll add you to my favourite bloggers list, love your blog and what a gorgeous home you have!

Chic Mama said...

Oh I loved reading all about your fact I'm very envious. Can we swap? My life is/seems so drab and boring in comparison...stuck at home living in the middle of no where with five children! How am I going to write such an interesting list?
I'm with you on the ironing...although I own an ironing board and iron but someone comes and does it for me. I'm rubbish at it!
I love that all those actors owe you the thanks for their oscars!! What a great accolade. ;0)

Christina Lindsay said...

Mrs Fab, Ah thank you. I hardly go out at all now. Only for a Birthday party or something specific. I stay in most of the time. You've probably done loads of things I haven't, like having children xx

Ruth, God I wish I loved ironing! I used to love the House of Elliott, the actress that played the younger sister Louise is my next door neighbours sister. A fleece would be my worst nightmare! I like it that they think you're overdressed in your Welsh village I would be too although I'd probably give my favourite shoes a miss I can barely walk in them as it is! xx

SR@MyStyle, You've found some great bargains! I'm hoping Come Dine With Me this afternoon is one I haven't seen for ages. I do love jeans but for some inexplicable reason i just stopped wearing them. I think it's just laziness, it's easier to put on a dress or an all in one! I'll add you too. The house has only survived due to no children or pets although I've ruined numerous carpets due to parties... xx

Chic Mama, It was written in the past tense, I'm pretty boring now! I think you're amazing having five children. I'm sure it's really hard but also very rewarding. I have my freedom and lots of peace but I haven't done what you have. As for the Actor thing, it was a joke/piss take an agent used to say. I'm not sure any of them have actually won an Oscar! Nominated maybe. I should re-word that bit! xx

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I'm glad you are with such a good guy and that he makes you so happy still.

Love you.

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