Thursday, 25 February 2010

One of those days

I'm having one of those days today... I was woken up by the postman delivering some of my Ebay purchases as I ran up the stairs I caught a glimpse of myself in the hall mirror and I just thought God!  I look really old!!  Normally I'd have opened by parcels straight away and tried them on but I couldn't be bothered.  It another grey and dreary day outside and it was pouring with rain AGAIN.  I had no appointments so I thought sod it!  and went back to bed.

My friend who's a beauty editor told me a long time ago that we don't age gradually, it suddenly happens to you.  I've noticed over the past ten years I'll periodically look in the mirror and really notice my youthful glow disappearing more and more. Today I just thought I looked old.  I thought I'd got away with it until now and considering my lifestyle I've done pretty well.

I rode my horses every day until I was sixteen and rode a push bike everywhere.  Since then I've done barely any exercise at all (I'm thinking of getting a Stannah stair lift...), I don't think walking to the corner shop to get more booze counts somehow!  I drink what I like and eat what I like and I smoke, I used to smoke about forty Marlboro lights a day.  Now I smoke roll ups with filters now as The Actor hates straight fags, he's always going on about extra chemicals!  I don't think I've ever managed eight glasses of water a day ever.  I do drink vegetable juice but I've let that slip in the past month.  My friend Frances and I would force ourselves to make one everyday and take turns in getting the huge bags of fruit and veg the juicer requires.  I spoke to her earlier and we've made a pact that we will start again tomorrow.

I've partied more than anyone should in one lifetime and missed a lot of nights sleep.  My best friend and I worked out that at one point we stayed up for at least two whole nights a week, which means we stayed up for 104 nights longer than anyone else!! ...and had 104 nights more fun!  We figured that if it was boring we would have gone to bed but we had so much fun we stayed up.

I look after my skin, much more in the last five years.  Before I would get drunk and go to bed in my make up but I rarely do that now... although I must admit I went to bed in my clothes and make up one night last week after a fashion party!

When I got up again I had another look and actually it wasn't quite as bad as I thought but I can definitely feel a health kick (or something!) coming on.  I've avoided it this year as the last few months have seemed more depressing than usual and I've consumed tons more chocolate recently.  Luckily I'm not depressed just a bit flat.  My way of dealing with it is to go to bed and I always feel much better when I get up again.

I shall have a long bath with lots of products and put a facepack on then at least I think I'm making an effort towards the constant fight against ageing.

The Actor is totally anti botox, fillers or cosmetic surgery so that's not an option.  I have a few little lines above my eyebrows if I screw my face up but otherwise it's not too bad.  My cheekbones look less prominent and my skin looks less plump.  Looking after myself better would help I'm sure.  I'll keep you posted if I actually manage the heath kick, normally it's a lot of talk and not much action!

I finally opened my parcels and I've bought a lovely black marabou jacket with a waist and cuffs for £35 which looks fab on.  That cheered me up!

Today's quotes are about, you guessed it - ageing.  I was going to do more fashion quotes but I think everyone's fashioned out by now...

I wish I could just grow old gracefully, on second thoughts disgracefully sounds like much more fun! xx


Wildernesschic said...

Christina I really dont think you should worry, you look amazing. Imagine how I feel I am almost ten years older than you. Your friend is right it does just seem to happen over night. I think if you have a good and interesting life it keeps you younger, which I think you do. My friend doesn't drink, smoke, eat meat, or have botox ... she works out regularly and she is as boring as hell!!
But even she is now showing her age, it happens there is nothing we can do except die.
I am also debating in my case whether the old saying choose between your face and your behind, maybe slightly true... rather than fighting to be an 8-10 UK... maybe its more flattering to be a 10-12 ? and accept it xxx Loved this post
Ps I am with the actor on the roll ups always used to roll my ow, gave up four years ago.. it was killing me xx

Christina Lindsay said...

Ah thanks Ruth. You look great AND you have the right attitude. You just have to do the best with what you've got and get on with it! I am very lucky and have lots of fun. I just need to perk myself up a bit. Off to the hairdressers now to have a few highlights just at the front as I'm definitely looking dull, sallow and wintery at the moment. I too agree with Catherine Deneuve who decided to choose her face! Wish I could give up the roll ups but I smoke so much less now than I did. Looking forward to seeing you in March. Much love, C xx

Anonymous said...

im really sick i know when your not sick you can start worrying about ageing but your lucky to be alive and haveing a great time ,i cant go anywhere ,i think us women give ourselves a tough time about what we look like and i think women need a little bit of weight on as they get older i only found your blog but its good take care