Sunday, 28 February 2010

Lady Gaga, Issy Blow and Philip's lobsters

Whatever you say about Lady Gaga you have to admit she is one of our fashion mavericks. She's not afraid to wear the most extraordinary and outrageous outfits. Her stylist Nicola Formichetti constantly produces very original looks for her. I like it that what she wears is actually worth looking at.  I saw these pictures of her in the lobster creation and nurses dress this morning harking back in the 1930's when surrealist Salvador Dali featured lobsters in his work and collaborations with designer Elsa Shiaparelli.  Issy Blow caused a stir in an amazing lobster hat by Philip Treacy and a silver lobster necklace. Whether it's been done before is irrelevant, they make fabulous pictures!

Lobster hat by Philip Treacy, Latex dress by Rachael Barrett, Yellow hand by set designer Gary Card

Hat and Lobster necklace by Philip Treacy

Salvador Dali's lobster costume, only for the brave

Dali's lobster telephone

Issy Blow in the Philip Treacy lobster hat


Helena Halme said...

There is something about the lobster. It's decadent, dangerous and delicious.

Great pics.

Helena xx

Christina Lindsay said...

You're absolutely right. I love to eat them too. xx

Wildernesschic said...

Yes I was about to say ... great on them but I prefer my Lobster on my plate xx

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Lady Gaga is no Isabella Blow. She's not nearly as interesting a person. Not sure why, but I really dislike her.