Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Giles Deacon's 40th Birthday Party

Everyone had a very jolly time at Giles' 40th Birthday party at Bistrotheque last night. After a long lunch at Harry's Bar in Mayfair the evening proceedings began at 9pm. We tucked into a buffet, all picked by Giles - Scotch eggs, hot dogs, scampi chips and mushy peas and platters of ham and cheese. To follow were rich dark chocolate pots. The booze flowed and lots of people hit the dancefloor while Giles and Nathan Gregory Wilkins DJ'd. What a start to the week! That's Tuesday almost written off...

Happy 40th Birthday darling, you've caught up with me in age at last!! xxx

The fabulous Giles and I

Bistrotheque's Pablo Flack with Actors Josephine Butler, Kate Simm and Daisy Beaumont

Marcus from Soho House, Ponystep's Richard Mortimer and Trino

Gary Mayoh and Natalie

Jewellery designer Toby Stretch wearing his own creations

Toby Stretch

The fabulous Daisy Beaumont and Kate Simm

Lovely Martha from Tess Management and her boyfriend Toby Stretch

DJ Nathan Wilkins wearing Giles' new Swarovski headphones

Gorgeous Jo Butler giving me a Christmas present!

Princess Julia

Style.com's Tim Blanks and Daisy Beaumont

Loulou Dudman

Fantastic accessories designer Katie Hillier

Marc Morgan from Grazia and Justine Fairgrieve from Relative MO

Gallerist Pablo De La Barra and Nathan Wilkins

Stylist Charlotte Stockdale and Giles - wearing his Birthday sash

Katie Grand and Victoria Young - love this picture

Angie Kurdash from Gina shows them how it's done on the dancefloor

Giles and I

Lovely David Kappo and Charlotte Stockdale

Julie Stokes and Hayley Richardson

The amazing Katie Grand and Charlotte Stockdale

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