Sunday, 29 November 2009

Stuart Laing's 40th Birthday Party

The second 40th Birthday of the night was our great friend actor Stuart Laing's party at the Music Palace in Crouch End. It was lovely to catch up with so many of our fantastic friends and spend time with the wonderful Stu and Ali. We intended to leave when the party finished but were having such a good time we ended up going to an after party hosted by Dave Holland which was lots of fun. We got a cab back in the pouring rain this morning and went straight to bed. Popped out for a roast and now all we're good for is lying in front of the television watching Come Dine with Me, I'm a Celebrity (love George Hamilton, what a legend!) and The Queen on Channel 4.

Actors Simon Kunz and the gorgeous Daisy Beaumont

Actors Maime McCoy and Polly Maberley

Actors Benedict Wong and Chris Coghill played some excellent tunes

Actor Sam Hazeldine and our hilarious friend Dave Holland

Actors Neil Stuke and Dylan Brown

Actors Shaun Dingwall and Birthday Boy the amazing Stu Laing

Actor Colin Tierney.
This man was born to play John Lennon - casting directors please take note

 Actor Neil Stuke, who I hear is a great cook and is doing Celebrity Masterchef and Craig Kelly

John Simm and his beautiful wife, actress Kate Magowan. When I first saw John on stage, he blew me away

Ali Laing and Lizzie King

Actors Craig Parkinson and Daniel Mays

The fabulous Jake Maskall

Chantelle Flynn from Frost French and her partner Chris Saravia with Mr Chris Coghill in the background. I'm looking forward to seeing Chris's wife Lisa Faulkner on Celebrity Masterchef next week too.

Craig Parkinson, gorgeous Lou Burton who's a make-up designer and her partner Danny Mays

Neil Stuke and the lovely Bea Stewart-Wilson

Actor Dominic West - although he's done tons of other great work, most people will know him from The Wire

Dylan Brown and Kate Magowan

Jake Maskall and Stu Laing. Love you guys! xxx


Chic Mama said...

Looks like a great night!

Wildernesschic said...

Some great talented people here all in one room .. Helena will be so jealous !!! Dominic West .. oh god she will die ...
Looks like it was a great night x