Monday, 30 November 2009

Gorgeous George Hamilton

Gorgeous George c. 1960

"You're sixty six years old, you've finally got your head together
and your ass is falling off!"

George Hamilton
(b. 1939)

I can't believe George Hamilton has quit the jungle!!

I've really enjoyed watching I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, and George was my absolute favourite. He's always laughing, he's lovely, funny, very easy going and his stories are fabulous. I particularly like his relationship with Kim Woodburn which was a joy to watch.

He told Kim he doesn't need or want to win it, he would rather one of the younger ones (Stuart) won as he is at the end of his career and they are at the beginning. When he came out he told Ant and Dec he'd like Gino to win. I'm pleased about that as I really like Gino. I do absolutely love Kim and she would make a great winner.

On the plus side, the show has massively changed the public perception of him which is fantastic and well deserved. I'm sure he'll be very much in demand.

George starred in over a hundred films and TV shows, the most well known being Godfather III, Evel Knievel, Love at First Bite, Crocodile Dundee and Dynasty, but was more well known for his perpetual tan, his sharp dressing and his way with the ladies. Here is a gallery dedicated to 'Gorgeous George' and (some) of his women.

1964, Great coat

With Jeanne Moreau in Viva Maria which also starred Brigitte Bardot and directed by Louis Malle, 1965


George's record



Super tanned

Playboy George

Photograph copyright Patrick McMullan

With Joan Collins, Vanity Fair Party 2006

With Alana Stewart at the Academy Awards 2007

Below are women George has married, been in relationships with or dated.

George's Women

"I'll never date a depressed woman

I want to have fun!"

George Hamilton

Marilyn Monroe

Mamie Van Doren

Marilyn Monroe

Mamie Van Doren - so similar I had to include two images of each of them

Jeanne Moreau

Lynda Bird Johnson (The President's daughter)

Princess Soraya of Iran

Vanessa Redgrave

Sylvia Kristel

Topping up those tans! Alana Collins, the only one he married 1972-1975

Britt Ekland

Elizabeth Treadwell

Angie Best

Morgan Fairchild

Elizabeth Taylor

Joan Collins

Sharon Stone

Dreamball 2009
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
Barbara Sturm

George Hamilton and his girlfriend Barbara Sturm attend the Dreamball 2009 charity gala at the Ritz Carlton in Berlin, 17th September 2009.

I shall miss watching George!

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Wildernesschic said...

I have to agree I will miss the touch of class the Gorgeous George brought to the jungle.. Go he was a dude in his day .. and how Beautiful was Britt Ekland..If we only realised how lovely we all are in our youth. I am sure there would be fewer "issues".
Well it will have to be me future second husband to win Gino all the way x

Chic Mama said...

Ooo- has he, they're all quitting this year.
I've not really got into it this year, couldn't stomach all the bugs.
Wow, he's gone through a lot of women, all beautiful.