Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Supersonic Masonique

On our way home from Paris went to Terminus Nord, opposite Gare du Nour with four of our friends and had some amazing french onion soup and lots of vin rouge. I could have sworn we were on the 6.45pm train... It turned out we were booked on the 6.15pm, oops. So we'd already missed our Eurostar. The Actor was not amused. He was really looking forward to his dinner at Supersonic Masonique that evening. €150 (pissed off face) and two new tickets later we were on the next train.

On arrival in London we wheeled our cases into the loos at St Pancras (Oh, the glamour) for a quick change. I must have put on weight during our stay in Paris as I couldn't zip up my Gina python boots to the top. I'd have to style it out, it would be dark by the time we turned up anyway.

Supersonic Masonique is the brainchild of the super talented Bistrotheque boys, Pablo Flack and David Waddington. After the huge success of Flash and The Reindeer this is their latest pop-up restaurant. As part of the first London Restaurant Festival, Bistrotheque created a 50 seater, 3 night only dining experience at ANdAZ Hotel's Grade I Listed Masonic Temple, normally closed to the public.

The Actor and I arrived in Liverpool Street at the Andaz hotel and walked up the marble staircase to the temple. We were blown away by the room and the amazing atmosphere.

Bistrotheque Head Chef, the gorgeous Tom Collins

Hosted by Grand Master Jonny Woo
Cocktails & Truffle Popcorn From our brothers at the Ketel 1 Lodge
Sushi & Frozen Cognac From our French brothers at the Remy Martin Lodge
Taco Belle With kind thanks to our brothers at Partida Lodge, Tequila, Mexico
Seafarer Pizza As suggested by our brothers at Ruinart Lodge, Champagne
Kentucky Fried Quail As recommended by our Southern brothers in the Four Roses Lodge
The Big Mason From the Bistrotheque Lodge, Bethnal Green
Gin Slush Puppies
Cheese Toastie Suggested by the Ardbeg lodge
Hot Apple Pie & Ice Cream From the Chegworth brethern
Pink Champagne Candy Floss
The Supersonic Masonic Supper Club is proud to be working with: Ketel One, Ruinart Champagne, Ardbeg Whisky, Remy Martin, Four Roses Bourbon, Partida Tequila, and Bulldog Gin

The inspired menu was a fun take on fast food. Each course was served with a different glass or shot. We drank Martini's, Vodka, Champagne, red wine, Gin, Ardberg Whisky, Remy Martin, Bourbon and Tequila. Phew! What a list!

The nine courses began with some wonderful truffle popcorn and a flute of Champagne. This was followed by The Seafarer Pizza with a ceviche of fish and seafood, served with ice cold Remy Martin. The Taco Belle was accompanied by a shot of Tequila. The moorish Kentucky Fried Quail came in a bucket with fries and a special barbeque sauce laced with bourbon for an extra kick. Like we needed one... Everyone was getting a bit giddy already!

Kentucky Fried Quail served in a bucket with barbeque sauce

The Big Mason was a delicious gourmet beefburger served in a bun with foie gras and wild mushrooms, so good lots of people had seconds. I loved the gorgeously rich toasted cheese sandwich served with a shot of whisky. Gin slush puppies cleansed our palates and then onto pink champagne candy floss with a strawberry hidden in the centre. The hot apple pie and ice cream looked just like McDonalds but was far superior. The Actor had two. His excuse was he is 6 foot 4 and requires more food than everyone else.

It was a great turn out - Giles Deacon, Grace Cobb from Wonderland Magazine, Jo-Ann Furniss, Editor in Chief of Arena Homme Plus, uber PR Mandi Lennard, Fashion East's Lulu Kennedy, designer Roksanda Ilincic, Hazel Robinson, Marc Morgan from Grazia, Gallerist Pablo Leon de la Barra, writers Paul Flynn, Charlie Porter and Jake Arnott. I had a scream with the gorgeous Jeremy Lee, Head Chef at the excellent Blue Print Cafe.

We'd all consumed so much alcohol, everyone was extremely jolly. Jonny Woo was hilariously brilliant as The Grand Master. He whipped the crowd into a frenzy of foot stamping and table banging. I cried with laughter when he ran along the middle table with his trousers down, revealing leopard skin pants and knocking drinks and candles flying.

Later Jonny changed into full drag (photos to follow) and the temple was cleared. The Actor, Jeremy, David Waddington (dressed in a Louis Vuitton cloak that would be perfect for Halloween), and I stayed for a while and sang some show tunes before joining friends in a suite upstairs where there was drinking and (some particularly impressive) dancing... You know you you are!!...

A fabulous and very memorable night was had by all.


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