Saturday, 31 October 2009

Phoebe's alternative Halloween @ Bistrotheque

Much fun was had by all last night at Phoebe Arnold's belated Birthday soiree. Phoebe's actual Birthday was last weekend but she was away in Rio with Katie Grand who was styling Fashion Rocks. Happy Birthday darling girl.

DJ Nathan Gregory Wilkins, Ponystep's Richard Mortimer and lovely Jeanna Ridout from FM Models

Stylist Jean Marc Masala and Mulberry's Jeremy Worthington Oades

Nicholas Espeche and Abena Robinson from Agent Provocateur. Abena's catsuit was stunning and the spiders in her hair are from The Magic Shop

Artist Dunstan James, studying at The Royal Academy

I had a good chat with New York Model's Duncan Ord

and Selvi May from Bill Amberg

Ali May, Director of Dirty Cheap Creative

Selvi May. Loving her and Ali's masks

Loulou Dudman looking fabulous

Super stylish Illustrator Yehrin Tong and Jody Hudson Powell

Phoebe Arnold and Neil Macey

Disco Bloodbath's Damon Martin

Bistrotheque owner Pablo Flack and Nathan Gregory Wilkins

Yours truly

Photographer Giles Price

Phoebe's amazing YSL shoes

Pablo Flack and Phoebe Arnold

My Giles shoes from AW06. I'm about 6' 4" in them...

Yet more shoes... Nathan's Margiela boots and dog tooth check lurex Comme des Garcons socks. My elderly camera hasn't caught it but they actually sparkle. Very jazzy!

Phoebe's Birthday cake

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Wildernesschic said...

Again loving your photos

Anonymous said...

tina -

you look like frrah fawcett in that pic

hot hot hot !!!

p.s) i wanna interview you for your blog

Anonymous said...

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