Monday, 26 October 2009

Paris Continued

Drinking in a street cafe after the show with Hazel Robinson, Phoebe Arnold, Kate Linden, Marc Morgan, Sid Bryan, Annie Wilshaw, Jo and Dani. Annie is taking a picture of one of the Giles invitations, each person was given a different blow-up dinosaur! On the canopy is The Actor's pink pterodactyl which he was very attached to. He dragged it around for the rest of the evening til it burst.

We stayed in a lovely little hotel in St. Germain. We took over the whole place. I had such a great time in Paris but as the pound is so weak it was really expensive to eat and drink. €28 for two gin and tonics, €65 for two Croque Madame's, two miniscule glasses of house red and two espressos... I'll be staying in for the rest of the month!

The next evening seven of our group went to Le Dome in Boulevard Montparnasse, just along from La Coupole. A gorgeous art deco restaurant serving the best seafood and fish I have eaten in a long time. Nicky Bradbury organised it and they gave us a lovely private room. The Maitre D helped us order so we could try plenty of dishes. We shared a huge seafood platter, mussels in a light curry sauce, sea anenome, marinated and cooked in garlic and butter, which we all agreed was amazing, sole meuniere, monkfish, langoustine risotto and lots of excellent white wine. This was followed by the largest millefeuille I've ever seen. Le Dome is definitely worth a visit.

On our last day The Actor and I went to the Musee D'Orsay. The cheapest thing in Paris at €8. What an absolutely lovely place and it never seemed crowded even though it was a Saturday, plenty of space to see all the art and sculpture. The restaurant serves a marvelous tea.

The chandelier room was breathtaking.

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Helena Halme said...

That looks such fun. It's a tragedy about the £, I felt it in Rome too.

Wildernesschic said...

Bloody hell, at prices like that I would be very quickly broke :) Lovely photo . I love Paris

Christina Lindsay said...

Ah, it was lovely! shame it was SO expensive. It made London look cheap which isn't easy x