Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Just Juice

One of the healthier presents The Actor bought me is my Oscar Juicer. I use it all the time. I believe the amount of vegetable juice I have consumed (I used to go to the juice bar a lot) has stopped the years of smoking/parties/late nights taking it's toll on my 40 year old skin.

It's by far the easiest juicer on the market to clean, (a definite selling point for me). There's only one part that you need to take care with - you brush it with the toothbrush type implement provided. The rest you just run under the tap. It does everything, even wheatgrass. Far superior to the centrifugal juicers that spin round and heat things up, this is a proper cold press juicer that masticates the produce and retains the maximum amount of vitamins.

I'm told that if you eat a pile of fruit and veg, by the time it's gone through your stomach and been digested you will only get around 30% of the goodness. If you juice using one of these and drink within ten minutes you get 90%. A simple way to get your 5 (or more) a day.

Today I'm having fennel, celery, apple, papaya, cucumber, lime and ginger.

It really is amazing for your skin.

My favourite recipe is:

2 fennel bulbs
1 head of celery
2 apples - green or pink are better than red
4 whole kale leaves
1 lime
1 knob ginger

This makes two pints and is much more delicious than it sounds.  I used to use spinach until I read you can overdo the iron and kale or cavalo nero is more nutricious.

If I'm attempting a detox (most of the time) I add a tablespoon of Clean Greens Powder, Pukka do the best one at Fresh & Wild. This has all sorts of organic bio nutrients in, spirulina, wheatgrass, kale sprouts, sea plants, seed sprouts and other digestive goodies. A measure of this is equivalent to 10 portions of organic vegetables. You can get this in capsule form if you can't stomach drinking it.

Get yourself one here and save £50.


Wildernesschic said...

You have wet my appetite .. I used to drink a lot of juices living in Spain but in North Wales the nearest thing to a juice bar is .. kiora at the cinema :) What has always put me off ( as I did buy one before) was the space it took up and the cleaning . This one looks compact, Where do you buy them from ? and where can I get some good recipes. You look amazing a great advert

Wildernesschic said...

Sorry blonde through and through I have just noticed your link at the bottom thanks x

Christina Lindsay said...

Thank you. It certainly isn't down to looking after myself.. I researched it thoroughly and this is by far the best juicer on the market. It isn't cheap but there are deals to be had. I'll find you the best and email you. Like the Dualit toaster it lasts for a very long time. Parts are guaranteed for 15 years. That's a lot of juice! XX

mo said...

well its true
tina used to break dance kinda badly -

now she does back flips and looks like a young joni mitchell

juice up kids

mo morris (a mountain of one)

Timeless Chic said...

Have you tried red beats and grapes? It's great!
Love to see more and more people take the benefits of the raw food.


Christina Lindsay said...

Absolutely. More people should get into raw food. That sounds good, I'll try it. Thank you X

Frances said...

I've been thinking about investing a in a good juicer for a while. We had a cheaper one but it was no good. After reading your article I went to Pure Living's website yesterday afternoon and bought the one you recommended and it arrived this morning! I'm over the moon with it! xx

Lemons said...

Great tip! I really do need to purchase one of these. By the way, I love your blog! I am you newest follower.


Christina Lindsay said...

And I am yours.

This is definitely the best juicer on the market. Good to have a new blog friend! xx

Kate said...

Oh how I love reading your blog... I literally lose hours! I want all your juice recipes please, that one is fab! xx

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thanks for the tips, Christina. I'll check the juicer out. Easily cleanable would be a definite must. Otherwise, I'll stop using the darn thing. I'm lazy as hell.

Love you!